One school of thought is that as soon as we are born into this very competitive world, along with our team (parents), we should hit the ground running and relentlessly race towards our destination to be positioned upon the global podium and accept the winner’s award with a professional smile that marks our tremendous success.

The gorgeous Germanic beauty Toni Garrn, a super successful, Super Model, not only received the memo but reprinted it on a billboard for all of us to see., article, Martin J. Kraft – Own work wikimedia photo credit

You see, we said “super” twice in the previous sentence because we did get Toni’s memo. She doesn’t just have one R in her name, she has two.

When you’re finished with your heavy breathing (we can hear it from here) we would like to relax and indulge in our German Princess fantasies.

Antonia “Toni” Garrn is a German model. In 2008, she got her big break in the fashion industry after signing an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein.

Toni Garrn was born Antonia Garrn in Hamburg, Germany.

When Toni was two years old, she moved with her family to London, and later to Athens when she was six. By the age of 10, she moved back to Hamburg with her family.

Her parents received the memo too and most important, acted upon it.

Toni can play classical piano, having taken lessons since she was the tender age of six.

When Ms. Garrn was 13, she was discovered during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in her hometown of Hamburg, and then signed with New York agency Women Management.

Let the games begin.

She then debuted on the runway at age 15 as an exclusive for the Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2008 runway show in New York. She then went on to be featured in the designer’s ad campaign.

Drum roll please.

In early 2012, she re-entered the Top 50 Models Women-list of the international modeling site, ranking in 20th place.

She was first featured on the list in 2009, eventually peaking in 11th place.

Now that is spectacular.

In 2014, she collaborated with the German denim label Closed and designs her own line of jeans. Proceeds from the sales of her Closed T-shirt, her “Toni” jeans for women are donated to a charity that focuses on the education of young girls in Africa.

Since June 2014, she is Plan International Ambassador for Because I am a Girl., article, photo via because I am a girl

Therein seems to lie an important message.

Even though you have great success in life, it is very important to lift up others around you and help them rise and race as fast as they can towards the podium of success as well.

Let’s sit and relax and watch Toni at her charitable work.

At the educational site, they share, “Toni Garrn’s Super Model Flea Market, now in its third year, is the most fun way to shop while benefiting girls’ education. Originally conceived in 2015 when Toni realized that she and many of her model friends had too many clothes as a result of the industry, Toni realized this opportunity to raise money was one not to pass up! Initially a one-day shopping event, it raised over $20,000 and Toni was convinced the best was yet to come. In its second year, the sale was expanded to a three-day shopping event in New York during NYFW, raising over $60,000.”

That is very heart warming and the good news is that Toni is further involved. The following speaks to her motivation.

“Model and actress Toni Garrn has always had a desire to see girls’ lifted up and empowered. From age 16, when she first sponsored a girl in Vietnam, to her student-activism days supporting school building in Africa, Toni has always known education is the key in breaking the cycle of poverty. By supporting girls’ education, we not only empower the girls, but also their families and communities, lifting up an entire generation.”

Toni emphasizes that herself. In an interview with Vogue United Kingdom she infused, “It will be great to talk to shoppers and explain to them where the money is going. By buying a jumper from Jourdan Dunn, or a pair of shoes from Kate Upton, they will be helping keep girls in Africa in school.”

Very inspirational.

It’s time to visit Toni’s hometown.

Hamburg is the second largest city and a state of Germany, with a population of over 1.8 million people.

The official name reflects Hamburg’s history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League, a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, a city-state, and one of the 16 states of Germany. Before the 1871 Unification of Germany, it was a fully sovereign state.

The city is a tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors, ranked 18th in the world for livability in 2016.

Hamburg is on the southern point of the Jutland Peninsula, between Continental Europe to the south and Scandinavia to the north, with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the north-east.

The New York Times summarizes it well. “Hamburg is a city defined by its relationship with two bodies of water: the Elbe River, bringing cargo liners and cruise ships in from the North Sea, and Alster Lake, which sits at its heart.”

Well said and having said that, since it is by a large body of water, we want to sample the cuisine. At they are happy to help. “Not only Germany‘s second largest city, but also one of the largest ports in Europe, Hamburg is full of contradictions and surprises. Located where Alster and Elbe meet, the city hosts an impressive restaurant scene, renowned for its diversity, creativity and high quality. Whether you wish to taste a delicious seafood dish or have an amazing international dining experience, the city’s eating spots will not disappoint you.”

The elite world travelers at Lonely Planet smile broadly, “Hamburg’s historic label, ‘The gateway to the world’, might be a bold claim, but Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port has never been shy. Hamburg has engaged in business with the world ever since it joined the Hanseatic League back in the Middle Ages.

Hamburg’s maritime spirit infuses the entire city; from architecture to menus to the cry of gulls, you always know you’re near the water.”

We also sense you know that you are near greatness.

Toni Garrn is a stylish and talented example of that.

Okay friends, now that you have Toni’s memo, it’s off to the races.

~ ~ ~