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Shirin Behzadi, HFC, Helping Female Business Owners Succeed

May 21, 2019, Proof that the American dream is still alive and well is the massive number of individuals who desire to own their own business. Women, decades ago, once essentially banned from the club, are now becoming some of the greatest entrepreneurial change merchants. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the largest certi[...]

Aerie, Female Driven Shapely Lingerie Sales Are Soaring

May 14, 2019, Can men oversee a product adorned by women and guide it to great success? Yes. Victoria’s Secret is one example of sexy girl items and lingerie that soared, a company initially guided by a man. But, as women are energizing growth in various business industries and their numbers are increasing as entrepreneurs, it comes as no surprise t[...]

Kathryn Minshew, The Muse, Job Discovery In Uncharted Waters

May 11, 2019, Dwelling on old thoughts relevant to the past may hinder developing cognitive thought processes that focus on the future. What is the future in need of? New ideas. How do we create new ideas? The starting place is about what you consume. Just as the expression, you are what you eat, from a health standpoint can be a road map to the [...]

The New Shanghai Beckons You, She Is Financially Booming

May 8, 2019, The learning curve to understand China is as deep as the Grand Canyon, as wide as Texas and as neon gaudy as Las Vegas. It is a country that is broader, bolder and quietly more sensational than all of them combined, without possessing any of them. If you want to scratch the surface of what China is about, one of the most financially suc[...]

Ginger, Tastefully Beautiful On Actresses, Wonderful For You Too

May 5, 2019, As an added ingredient in so many food products from Ginger Ale soda to Ginger cookies, ginger is so powerful that even when processed it is still very good for you. Its taste is unmistakable. Less processed or close to raw, it is dynamite with various varieties of sushi. Despite what you may have heard, the more you eat it, the less[...]

Silvana Denker, German Shapely Model, Influences City By City

April 30, 2019, Germany’s Silvana Denker is a curvy model part-time. She is a beautiful shapely woman fulltime. Everyday. All the time. Anytime. Everywhere. She’s also a photographer too. And an activist. This girl is really busy. Travels the world as well. You should meet her. She’s working on some very important events and causes. All of [...]