Bosom buddies that are supportive and go places with you that no others would, can make life a livelier place.

It can make for must see television.

Bosom Buddies is an American sitcom starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari created by Robert L. Boyett, Thomas L. Miller and Chris Thompson (Miller/Milkis/Boyett Productions)., article, CBS Television Distribution photo credit

It aired for two seasons on ABC from November 27, 1980, to March 27, 1982, and in reruns in the summer of 1984 on NBC.

The show features the misadventures of two single men, working in creative advertising, struggling in their industry while disguising themselves as women in order to live in the one apartment they could afford. Gender stereotypes and male/female interpersonal relationships were frequent themes.

The show became known for its quirky humor and its frequent use of improvisation, especially between stars Hanks and Scolari.

The series has since gained a large cult following due to the quirky humor and funny themes that the show brings.

That’s the power of bosom buddies.

When an athletic girl is heavily working out, her upper body can need a bosom buddy.

That’s what we would call it on TV but in the real world while a women is heavily working out, her upper body’s best friend could be a Sports Bra.

What Sports Bra is ideal for you?

The choices are endless and can range from good to exceptional and hopefully effective.

Choosing one can be challenging so we focused on one company with great reviews and a committed female sports attire history., article, photo credit

We find a very supportive welcome at “Hanes women’s clothing has the style, comfort and fit you’re looking for. From classic to sporty, nothing beats the comfortable fit of our women’s underwear. Perfect for the gym or just lounging, our women’s active wear includes tees, sweats, leggings and more. So if you want it all—comfort, fit and style—trust Hanes to deliver.”

It truly does sound perfect.

HanesBrands is a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday basic apparel under some of the world’s strongest apparel brands in the Americas, Europe and Asia, as well as in Australia and South Africa.

Founded in 1901, Hanes has a long history of innovation, product excellence, and brand recognition. In fact, nearly 90 percent of U.S. households have our company’s products in them. We revolutionized Tagless T-shirts and underwear, we invented the sports bra and the stretch-cup T-shirt bra, we were the first to advertise a bra on national television (Playtex), and we are innovating with ComfortBlend and temperature-control X-Temp fabrics and seamless Smart Sizes bras., article, photo credit

They proudly continue, “We are the world’s largest marketer of basic apparel. We sell bras, panties, shapewear, sheer hosiery, men’s underwear, children’s underwear, socks, T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and other active wear. In the United States, we sell more units of intimate apparel, male underwear, socks, shapewear, hosiery and T-shirts than any other company.”

Please think about this. Founded in 1901, Hanes has a long history of innovation, product excellence, and brand recognition. In fact, nearly 90 percent of U.S. households have their company’s products in them.

Based in Winston-Salem, N.C., Hanes is a member of the S&P 500 and is ranked No. 490 on the Fortune 500 list. The company has approximately 65,300 employees in more than 40 countries.

Very impressive.

Unlike most apparel companies, Hanes primarily operates its own manufacturing facilities. More than 90 percent of the apparel units that they sell worldwide and in the United States are manufactured in American plants.

Hanes has significant goals for reducing energy use, carbon emissions and water use and publicly reports its progress each year.

With this resume, wouldn’t you agree that Hanes seems like an ideal candidate to manufacture Sports Bras that are perfect for athletic women?

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of their Sports Bras.

  • Performance racerback sports bra brings style, shaping and comfort to your workout.
  • Cool DRI® technology wicks away moisture for maximum comfort.
  • Racerback styling gives you more range of motion.
  • Made with a touch of spandex for added shaping and freedom of movement.
  • Seamless construction minimizes chafing.
  • Wirefree.
  • Medium support.
  • Tag-free for itch-free workouts.

At a prominent customer loves their product. “Good quality stretch material with a lot of holding power for the girls. This bra hold me very secure…. I love the support. I will definitely recommend this sport bra to my bosom buddies.”

Sounds good.

Really looks good., article, photo credit

Now this suggestion is universal to any Female Sports Bra worth its salt.

At they advise, “A sports bra is a female runner’s most essential piece of gear: It’s like a soul mate that holds her up through good days and bad—and helps her be the best runner she can be.”

We can relate to that.

We can also relate to our visiting female writer who will provide you with more great suggestions on finding the right Sports Bra.

Please meet Claire Pearl.

Claire smiles, “I am a fashionista. I love to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and I love to blog about the latest fashion news. Modeling is a passion of mine and I hope to one day aspire to become a famous model. I currently work with several fashion designers and I am a petite lingerie designer. I hope to share some of my experiences in this industry and hopefully gain some insight browsing other articles.”

Fantastic. Our eyes and minds are wide open. Claire? You have the floor.


How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for Your Cup Size, article, photo credit

By Claire Pearl 

Women who engage in any type of fitness activity should wear a sports bra. In fact, even if you are doing some serious gardening, raking leaves, or washing the car, you will likely feel more comfortable if you wear this type of fitness bra. Yet with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose a fitness bra style that provides the comfort level and support you need. The following tips can help you choose a bra that is ideal for your cup size and active lifestyle.

Sports Bra Overview

Wearing a fitness bra is important no matter what your cup size. Sports bras prevent uncomfortable and even painful bouncing when women engage in fitness activities. “Not wearing a supportive and properly fitting bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage, whether you’ve experienced pain or not, and even if your breasts are very small.” The best bras for sport are designed to keep your bras in place as you move so they are not bouncing in various directions, causing you pain and possibly leading to breast damage.

Sports Bras for A-B Cup Sizes

If you wear an A or B cup, consider a halter-style fitness bra. This style may look too sexy to function athletically, but don’t let it’s sex appeal fool you. This “bra is surprisingly supportive for smaller sizes” (Source: Women’s Health, The Best Sports Bra for Your Body) in spite of all the skin it allows to show. Bras designed with comfortable jersey in razorback or seamless cut styles are also great for small bust sizes. Because they’re stretchy and available in so many colors, these jersey bras for sport tend to be extremely popular.

Sports Bras for B-C Cup Sizes

A compression bra is a popular style for women who wear a B or C cup. These bras function in a couple important ways. First, they provide contour without flattening your breasts. Secondly, they provide your breasts with the optimum level of support needed to perform any sportive activity. These bras are great because they conform to your shape while still providing that all-important support. Many women with B or C cups are also opting for bras that are designed with lightweight material that doesn’t trap sweat.

Sports Bras for D-DD Cup Sizes

If you’re a large-busted woman, you should look for a bra with a crossed back. These bras are great because they appear like an ordinary bra in the front, but their crossed straps in the back provide the added support that large-busted women need. Sports bras with venting material are also ideal for women with large bust sizes. They provide an extreme level of support, but their material is lightweight and vents, so you won’t feel so hot even while you are bound up in the bra.

Consider these bras the next time you shop for a new bra. You’ll love the support and feel of these bras, but more importantly, you’ll protect your breasts during your fitness sessions and provide them with the support they need to look and feel their best.


Women’s Health, “The Best Sports Bra for Your Body,”

Claire has been a petite lingerie designer for a number of years. Resources for this article can also be found at

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