Karine, DWW, Germany, Performed With Passion And Pride

It’s easy to love German women in virtually any thing they do from parenting to acting or our main love, sports.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - wikimedia photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article – wikimedia photo

The tennis world blessed us with the rich talent of Steffi Graf who won an incredible 22 Grand Slam titles. She was stealth, close to perfection yet during her playing days seemed to possess humility and a sadness only surpassed by her sweet persona.

Anke Huber was another tennis luminary who won 12 titles and finished in the finals of the 1996 Australian Open but after her career was over, as a fan, you came away with the feeling, given her talent level that she could have done much more.

In our fully competitive women’s submission wrestling industry, one of the now retired stars of the past who under the tutelage of Susanne shined brightly was Karine. She too was another German athlete who accomplished great feats but I felt given her passion and skills could have done more.

fciwomenswrestling.com article allyoucanfeet.com photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article allyoucanfeet.com photo credit

Let’s take a moment and appreciate what she did accomplish.

Following the pathway of Susanne, Karine was not really a one company woman but a traveler who lit up the skies and often visited DWW enough to be listed in their girl database, competed with Fighting Style in Greece who featured goddesses and other venues.

Her resume, comprised of the top talent of the early to mid-2000 period, speaks to her success. At DWW her matches spanned from 2004-2007. The list includes matches against Antscha, Bea, Bori, Anita, Viktoria M., Zambia, Lenka, Antonia, Monika, Laila, Dana and many more.

Her style could simply be described as aggressive complete with zestfully racing towards her opponent and surprising them with a vicious headlock.

Karine’s matches were full of energy, confrontation, controversy and sometimes blood. No laid back fantasy chick here. Everything was full throttle, all the time.

It seems to be the German way.

The match against Zambia is now legend. The two went at it with venom complete with chokes, hair pulling and kegs of anger. Once the match was over, Karine refused to shake her hand and you want to know something? While I truly believe in good sportsmanship, I would take the fierce passion of an aggressive grappler who clearly wants to win and hates to lose any day over someone who doesn’t care one way or another.

Here are some match descriptions from some of her producers at DWW.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - allyoucanfeet.com photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article – allyoucanfeet.com photo credit

We hope our customers will like her as much as we do. This was the first time in her life to have really tough opponents who knew how to wrestle. She was so excited and confident as she stepped on to the mat for her first match against Antscha. We thought Antscha, who has above average skill and about equal musculature, would be a suitable challenge for Karine’s first battle. Later in the day Karine tried her luck with Laila, who is more slender, but tall and very aggressive.

Then Laila’s sunny friend Dana took on Karine in a long thriller of classic beauty. Finally, Karine had a go at the much smaller Lenka. We think it’s unlikely you will ever find an hour of wrestling with so many pretty girls –they’re gorgeous! If you like honest, genuine international topless wrestling between stunning blondes with plenty of pride at stake, please don’t miss this great release.”

Once Karine ventured to Greece to meet the wrestling Goddesses she created more excitement and controversy.

When I visited Jackpin’s 2008 Women’s Wrestling Convention in San Diego, I was having a side bar with a female wrestler who had participated in the Fighting Style Greece Event and felt the girls there were not very good.

Okay, I thought. Maybe so. That’s one person’s opinion but I must admit I was influenced by the comment. When it was time to watch Karine take on Wendy, I reasoned with all of her DWW experience and being influenced by that earlier comment, I thought Karine was going to wipe the floor with Wendy. To my shock that was not the case at all. At one point it was so bad that while Wendy sat on top of Karine, she actually began to laugh and spar with the audience, gloating over her dominance.

Then came the punch heard around the world.

When it was time for Karine to match up against a curvy short haired beauty named Annett, the two went at it and Karine accidentally punched her in the face with a hay maker causing a break in the match.

She also took on American beauty Nikki Fierce. Here was a description of that match and yes you are right; there was more controversy.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Femwin photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article – Femwin photo credit

“Both Nikki Fierce and Karine had lost matches to the Greeks before this encounter and neither liked the idea of losing again. This was very obvious as the girls tore into each other with a vengeance, Karine seemingly treating the match as a street fight as she attacked her American opponent with extreme aggressiveness! Nikki appeared both scared and angered as she tried to use her superior wrestling skills to subdue her enraged opponent! The match ended just after the 5 minute mark when Nikki couldn’t continue after Karine gave her a nose (bleed)!” The match can be purchased at Femwin.

The producers at Femwin seem to capsulize Karine well. “Karine’s a German girl who’s extraordinarily fit and has a very strong and lithe body from years of Thai and kickboxing. In her first tournament at the Berlin Expo (September 2004) she quickly became a feared opponent, not because of her training or strength, but because of her extreme fierceness – this girl seems to have been born to fight!”

What I love in general about watching all of Germany’s sports is the passion of the participants where when finished, nothing is left on the field or mats.

I’ll take the personality of Karine any day over a competitor who lacks passion. She fearlessly crossed over into many sporting arenas from boxing to kick boxing, sometimes resulting in blood flow. Her kick boxing match against the formidable Khati was hard to watch. The match started off slow enough but began to heat up and at some point both girls were down on the mats after receiving a blow to the throat.

Our pretty German girl had a child-like face, a cute pony tail, a body void of fat and a spirit full of life. It’s performers like Karine that will always keep us addicted to the fem wrestling game and deeply saddened by the passing of time. At some point, all of the female wrestlers face retirement.

With Karine there was never a dull moment or mailed in match. Full of zest, passion, pride and talent, Karine is clearly one of the greatest German female submission wrestlers of all time.

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