Two-time tennis grand slam winner Li Na has announced her retirement from the sport after struggling to overcome knee problems reported the news source

The article continues by among other things, sharing Ms. Na’s written statement. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

“Having the unique opportunity to effectively bring more attention to the sport of tennis in China and all over Asia is something I will cherish forever. But in sport, just like in life, all great things must come to an end.”

This is a sad day for tennis fans around the world that were fortunate enough to witness the epic battles and unpredictable victories that Li Na shared. She left us too soon.

When early retirement happens in the sports world it often leaves us with a void that cannot be filled. When Gale Sayers, one of the greatest NFL running backs ever to play went down with a knee injury and left the game too early, for those of us who loved football it was almost too painful to bear. The depth of sadness wasn’t just about missing his ability to side step tackles and race to daylight; it was also about how he did it. Watching him run was like watching ballet being performed at an elite level. He was so beautiful to observe. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

In the fully competitive women’s wrestling industry there have been many that came and went but in their short time here, they clearly had the potential to leave a true legacy.

Later we will focus on the women who left too soon from Europe. Today, let’s focus on the American and Canadian stars we wish could have stayed longer.

They were talented, scored big victories and before they truly could make a stretch run and build a stronger name and substantial resume in the industry, they were gone.

Mika Toughy

When I first saw Mika wrestle on video, she was this sexy girl with thick feminine thighs mugging for the camera getting ready to take on Stephanie Fox, a thin shapely feminine blonde with a few wrestling bouts under her belt. Mika was a force that day even encouraging Stephanie not to turn her back and in a fully competitive erotic show off, Mika was on the map. I was excited about her future matches and was elated when she took on Belgian champion Nadege at a live event and Cuban star Hurricane Havana.

Mika clearly was a talented wrestler but her future lay elsewhere and after about a few years, I never saw her wrestle again.

Sexy Starlitt article - Femwin photo article – Femwin photo

Sexy Starlitt was on my girl to watch list after she was invited to Robin’s backyard to take on the late beautiful journeywoman Stormee Knights. Ms. Knights was the veteran so I thought a newbie like Starlitt would be easy pickings. Not the case. She hit the ground running and ran her opponents into the ground having great success at the Covina event defeating Bany and in a long struggle with ring pro Kristiana demonstrated she could be a force.

Unfortunately as soon as the young rising star took flight, she was soon gone.

Laura Flair

We travel to South Florida for three girls I wish were still wrestling. article - flamingo wrestling photo credit article – flamingo wrestling photo credit

I always found Laura Flair to be super sexy and if she had wrestled for DWW she would be in the Big Sexy Girl’s division. Laura wrestled in South Florida for Flamingo and she took on many stars including Julie Ginther. Laura was an interesting case study in that her weight could really fluctuate. In one match she’s super thin and in another match she’s nice and plump like she was against Julie. Even though she competed in the safety of her Florida pond, her wrestling was solid and she was very enjoyable to watch.

All good things must come to an end. This ending just happened to soon.

Ginger Cross

We’ll stay in South Florida and reminisce about another shapely cutie complete with pistols stamped on her backside and that was Ginger Cross. I first became spellbound with her when she took on now super star Keri Spectrum when Keri was not quite Keri. In fact then she was Adriana. That version of Keri found herself in tough with lady guns and it turned out to be one heck of a match.

Ginger would also take on a well-known blonde named Charlie from the fantasy wrestling world in a back and forth fully competitive affair that made you salivate. It was when Flamingo made the decision to trot out their prize pony to meet Kristie Etzold who takes no prisoners or names for that matter, Ginger met a pro who wanted to prove a point. Hopefully that’s not what drove Ginger into retirement though we could understand and even sympathize if it did.

Jessica Thomas article - flamingo wrestling photo credit article – flamingo wrestling photo credit

Jessica only wrestled a few matches but won them all. The blonde Bostonian had an air of supreme confidence and a progressive tactical style that eventually trapped a future star like Bori and a sexy eastern USA newbie named Michelle Marino, which she dominated, in her web.

Jessica was statuesque, sexy, athletic, sultry and talented. We sure wished a beauty like that turned this great sport into a long time career. Gone but never forgotten.



It was a site where these really cute mid-western girls grappled in girl next door affairs. One of my favorites was a cute fresh faced blonde named Katie but my all-time favorite was the long brownish red haired trash talker named Alexis.

She could verbally slice and dice with the best of them.

Unfortunately once she left the safety of her mid America paradise she had trouble wrestling with the best of them, though she had her moments.

When she went to South Florida to show what she could do, for some reason the boys at Flamingo lined her up against a road warrior in Suzanne and to put it mildly about two minutes into that beat down I think some of us were ready to jump through the video screen and throw the mid-western princess a transporter. Talk about gator bait.

Then our fair haired sweetheart traveled to Europe to wrestle some of the fine ladies of AS Films or Beka production who sometimes featured a few girls from DWW. You have heard of DWW right? It was an outdoor affair and who else was there? Nadege. You know, Beatrice Goffin’s shredder. Fortunately for Alexis at that nice outdoor affair, Nadege watched from the sidelines but the Euro terminator that Alexis ran into had apparently been to DWW classes and passed with flying colors.

Give Alexis an A for trying and a trophy for courage. We love risk takers and for our fresh faced beauty it began to pay off.

When she traveled to England she wrestled at TPC, mostly fantasy matches but some were competitive and an improved Alexis did very well. Kudos for our American cutie as she finally backed up her bravado.

I miss Alexis. She truly had charisma and a short but fun career with a long list of matches. I just wish she was still currently active. She’s certainly young enough to learn MMA, sell tickets and conquer the new world.

As we begin to wrap up, let’s visit America’s very close and friendly neighbor Canada and scope out a girl who had the muscle to make it to the future fem vs fem hall of fame.

Cindy Huntress

Ben Geldreich Photography, Fans of Cindy Huntress photo credit articles, Cindy Huntress Facebook photo credit articles, Cindy Huntress Facebook photo credit

The Canadian raven haired beauty Cindy Huntress is still on the minds of many in the female wrestling community. Recently during a session, a female wrestler told me that Cindy is retired. That’s too bad. My introduction to Cindy’s prowess was when she mauled the European newbies closely associated with Fightingstyle. Femwin was also there and Cindy made it clear that she needed stronger competition.

I completely agreed with her that the girls at that event could not fight at her skill level. However there are many other competitors in the world who could. What puzzles me as I’ve searched high and low for Cindy Huntress FVF matches, I just can’t find any. Why didn’t she stick around to meet those very formidable challenges? Unfortunately we’ll probably never know but I sense her matches would be huge sellers. We should know. When FCI wrote an article on her (Powerful Cindy Huntress), she by far drove our highest traffic, triple that of any other competitor.

Cindy we hope one day you will make a full come back. articles, Cindy Huntress Facebook photo credit articles, Cindy Huntress Facebook photo credit

I have a question for those of you reading this.

Many women have come and gone from the competitive women’s wrestling scene. Most are completely forgotten. What is the difference between the ones we remember and miss as opposed to the ones we virtually never think about?

To answer that, let’s compare and see how this question is answered in other theaters because we believe no matter what the industry, the principles of life are universal.

Many did not like Muhammad Ali’s politics but what true boxing fan can say when an other world luminary like Ali left the game for several years that they didn’t miss and hunger for more of the highest quality boxing that he gave us?

I don’t watch boxing today. I haven’t for decades.

Once the great fighters like Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Foreman and Sugar Ray Leonard were gone, boxing just seemed like sanctioned barbaric brutality. When those legends fought, it was like an art form that kept you on the edge of your seat. You waited for months in anticipation of the big fights. By elevating the ordinary to the sensational, they gave us something we knew we couldn’t get elsewhere.

Important to society for certain, admirable that he is, honorable that his task may be; the reason the guy who works a safe job for 30 years, pays off his house and takes nice vacations is seldom remembered is because he never gave the rest of us something sensational that affected our lives. He never pushed himself to the maximum to find out what his passion was and give this important gift to us.

This is the power that a long term star possessed and gives to the world.

In the women’s wrestling industry there is no doubt in my mind that if the above American and Canadian women had stuck around longer, most would eventually be Hall Of Fame legends like Robin, Kristie Etzold, Beatrice Goffin, Judell Dulong and now Raquel of Seattle.

Some like Sexy Starlitt had the passion and the controversy that excites. Others like Cindy Huntress has the prowess but the bottom line, until Cindy takes on today’s global lawnmowers like Ariel, Raquel, Skylar Rene, Kara, Kassidy and others, we will never know how good she really was.

When they retire too soon, there is only one option left for the rest of us.

We can appreciate, speculate and reminisce.

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