Comradery, joint efforts, having each other’s backs, achieving shared great heights and important memories that will last a lifetime are just a few of the many reasons that suggest participating in team sports will bring deep meaning to your life.

What if you have a tendency to lean towards individual sports?

Important memories and great accomplishments can still be achieved as well as important life development skills too.

We will have a guest writer speak to that soon.

In our competitive female submission wrestling industry, we have myriads of beautiful Grapplers and Session Girls who participate in our great sport as an individual along with enjoying the benefits that go with it. article, photo article, photo

At the informative site, they are happy to express their opinion, “Individual sports are better than team sports because they teach athletes how to become self- reliance. The outcomes of the athletes’ respective sports relies solely on them and not the successes or failures of others. Individual sports allows for athletes to compete at the pace most comfortable to them. They also teach athletes to motivate themselves and adapt to a direct focus targeted on them.”

In our sport, you don’t always have to be a champion to be appreciated and remembered.

One such beautiful Czech Princess that we do appreciate who has given competitive female grappling a try is Kristi at Fight Pulse. article, photo article, photo

In the ultimate individual sport, Kristi has made an impression even as a constant underdog. Here are two of her matches and we’ll let the producers at Fight Pulse sit in the announcer’s chair.

FW-28: Jane vs Kristi article, photo article, photo

In her energetic, albeit painful, and ultimately exhausting, debut at Fight Pulse, Kristi faces the very aggressive Jane.

Jane, despite being new to wrestling herself, has already proven that she can fight with the best. Due to her unmatched speed and ferocity of her sudden attacks, Jane is truly a rough welcome for anybody. Can Kristi handle it?

We usually do not give new wrestlers aggressive and fast opponents in their first match, but it had to be done because of some last-minute changes in the schedule due to one wrestler calling in sick on our 10th of January shoot. Before the match one of the wrestlers that were standing by for her next match approached us in private and advised us to change the schedule again, since Kristi, she said, will not be able to handle such pressure. This happened because Kristi seemed timid, maybe due to her very kind nature and gentle manners, and not at all as the feisty wrestler type. But we decided to see Kristi in action before making any decisions. It didn’t take long for Kristi to find the fight in herself that we didn’t see at first. FW-28 ended up being a beautiful encounter that we were lucky to have set up and filmed.

We will disclose that Jane is dominant throughout the match, pinning down and submitting Kristi in scissors round after round. Kristi is caught off-guard by Jane’s attacks and gets slammed onto the mats brutally several times in the match. However, despite being winded by Jane’s fierce attacks, the amount of effort that Kristi puts out avoiding many of Jane’s pins and escaping her scissors several times, using only brute strength and determination, is what elevates this match to a whole another level.

In another match where Kristi is the clear underdog, she fights on.

FW-31: Akela vs Kristi article, photo article, photo

After facing Jane in her very rough welcome match to Fight Pulse (FW-28), Kristi is now facing an even more experienced opponent in Akela, who can be just as aggressive as Jane. If you have watched her first match you know that Kristi is a fighter at heart, and while she was outclassed, she fought out of many of Jane’s holds by sheer brute strength and power of will. She also learned a couple of important lessons in her first match. But will she be able to utilize her new experience to pose a challenge to Akela? Avoid the next paragraphs if you would like to remain unaware of the outcome of this match.

Akela controls the fight from start to finish, pinning down the newcomer round after round, despite her best effort to avoid pins, and scissoring her into submission time and time again. Kristi is a tough girl – she breaks her fingernail well into the fight and decides to continue with a bandaged finger despite being given the choice to quit – and she sure as hell fights her heart out, BUT has nothing else to put against Akela’s superior technique. Points are scored by Akela with a fantastic pace of 1 pin / submission each 70 seconds. Kristi does not hide her frustration and ultimately desperation from not being able to escape Akela’s pins and scissors. Almost after every round you can see the same picture: the newcomer catching her breath with disheveled hair, frustrated and desperate, and Akela confidently awaiting the action to resume.

Kristi’s brief wrestling story is an example of why individual sports can be beneficial in finding out who you are, where you are at and how far you need to go, which often can be masked in teams sports.

If you are a female grappler and have struggled early in your grappling career, please don’t give up.

The following brief article is written by a female writer who shares why continuing to participate in individual sports is very important.

4 Positive Benefits of Individual Sports

By Jody Murphy

Usually, when sports parents, coaches and league administrators talk about “youth sports” they are referring to team sports like baseball, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and so forth. Obviously one of the biggest benefits of being involved in a team sport is that a youth athlete learns how to be part of a team. Some sports parents and coaches might argue that benefit is lost if a child gets involved in individual sports (karate, tennis, golf, swimming, etc.). But if your child is more interested in an individual sport than a team sport, don’t despair! Team sports aren’t for everyone, and there are plenty of great things that individual sports can teach young athletes!

  1. Learn how to be self-reliant.
    While having a team behind you to help pick you/back you up is great, it’s also important to learn how to stand on your own two week. In an individual sport, the ultimate success of a youth athlete comes down to them and only them. If something goes wrong they can’t shift the blame onto a teammate, but on the flip side when they win they get all the glory. Individual sports teaches young players that they alone as responsible for their actions.
  2. Get comfortable being in the spotlight.
    During a singles tennis match all eyes are on the two players. Whether you like it or not, everyone is watching you and it’s hard to hide in the background when you’re the only one out there! Not everyone is born loving the spotlight, but individual sports can teach young athletes how to get comfortable being the center of attention. This skill comes in handy during school and (way down the road) business presentations!
  3. Motivation has to come from within.
    Obviously individual sport athletes still have a coach and excited parents, but at the end of the day those youth athletes have to be the ones pushing themselves to achieve. There is no teammate on the court/field with you whose energy you can feed off of, who can get you excited and pumped up to go-all that has to come from within. Intrinsic motivation has often proven to be more powerful than an external push, and when it comes to individual sports it’s all about internal motivation!
  4. It’s okay to learn at your own pace.
    Individual sports allow athletes to compete at their own pace, taking away some of the pressure to “catch up.” For instance, let’s say your 12 year old wants to start playing hockey. Chances are most of the other 12 year olds in the league have been skating since they were really little. Your athlete is going to be behind the skill level of his teammates, which can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, especially if they want to impress their friends. But say the same 12 year old wants to start playing golf-he will be competing against people based on skill level, not necessarily age. There is a lot less pressure to perform right out of the gate.

Whatever sports your child wants to play, be it a team sport or individual, we say give them a chance! There are a lot of great benefits to any sport.

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Thank you so much Jody.

Hopefully this is not the end of Kristi’s wrestling story.

The producers at Fight Pule have an encouraging message to her. “Kristi’s first wrestling match, is easily one of the most impressive debuts at Fight Pulse, in terms of how much of an effort she puts out. With this match Kristi immediately earned the respect of her fellow wrestlers, as well as the admiration of the production team. We are looking forward to watching her grow as a wrestler, and of course, doing our best to help her in her journey, if she decides this is what she wants to do.”

At Femcompetitor Magazine, we hope to see her again.

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