October 24, 2019,

A lack of observation and perception creates a philosophical and riddle rich thought provoking question.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Or, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to see or hear it, did it really happen?

Intellectually we know that it did make a sound and it actually did happen.

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As we have learned, mystical questions like these can apply to real life.

The more troubling question may be, if we live our lives primarily alone and few are there to walk through the journey of life with us, did our life really happen?

Intellectually we know it did, but after we pass away, is it possible that few to no one will even know that we existed?

How many people die and it takes weeks to months before anyone actually realizes that they are dead?

Kristin Addis is a vibrant travel blogger who produces an exciting and well-designed site titled Be My Travel Muse that captivated us. https://www.youtube.com/bemytravelmuse

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During out research about her adventures, we were caught off guard.

What prompted us to ask these questions was this travel video while it lasts:


We thought it was us, but she admitted it herself, it came across that the presenter was profoundly lonely.

Fortunately it was temporary, but still, very penetrating.

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She received a lot of online flack for her honesty and Kristin seems to become artificially upbeat after her initial bout of revealing what was in her heart. Which we appreciated.

Male or female, is solo travel all that it is cracked up to be?

More importantly, if we travel our life pathway without strongly connecting with others, eventually will it be like we never existed?

In our experience travel is best when it is shared with close friends or someone that you love. Why?

With pictures and reminiscing it feels like it validates that you were here, meant something to someone else and had a profound impact on their life.

Yes we understand that with solo travel you get closer to the natives and can get off the beaten tourist trap pathway to really understand a foreign country.

For us however, if you keep doing that, who really cares?

In our business we have seen many photos of solo travelers and while we love the scenery, we find it hard to really connect with them as a person.

Once the photo is gone, so are they.

You look a little confused.

We love to go to the movies, so perhaps a trip there will help drive home our point.

Most of us have seen those crazy roommate movies like Single White Female where the emotionally unbalanced friend becomes obsessed with their fellow lodger.

No matter how beautiful the disturbed girl is and no matter the movie, what is the one thing that practically all of the female antagonists have in common?

They are very lonely.

When a famous actor passes away, why do you think it impacts so many very painfully?

In part it is due to how their films impacted us. It almost becomes as though we know them personally.

The American actress Sarah Danielle Madison (September 6, 1974 – September 27, 2014), is sometimes credited as Sarah Danielle Goldberg.

She was well known for her recurring role as Dr. Sarah Glass, the wife of Dr. Matt Camden on The CW‘s family drama 7th Heaven.

However it was her very brief role in the 2001 film Training Day that made her memorable to us.

She was one of the college kids busted for drugs, sitting frightened in the car as Denzel Washington, playing a corrupt cop, accosted them.

For us Training Day was a revolutionary trailblazing movie. It wasn’t just entertaining, it was how it made us feel, so from time to time we revisit it.

You can imagine our surprise when we discovered this beautiful young woman passed away at only 40 years old.

Our memories of the film remind us of the time period it came out and what was happening in our lives at the time.

Brief as it was, Sarah’s performance will always be a part of our lives and her death deeply saddened us.

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Would we feel the same way if she traveled a solo path in life to faraway places that we never heard of?

When Sam Shepard starred with Julie Delpy in the independent film Voyager it really got under our skin and made a beeline to our heart.

The film is about a successful engineer traveling throughout Europe and the Americas whose world view based on logic, probability, and technology is challenged when he falls victim to fate, or a series of incredible coincidences.

It is the scenes where he is traveling through the countryside of Europe with his beautiful young female companion coupled with the haunting music that captivated us.

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At the time, one person in our circle lived a very constrained life. He worked at a safe job that he absolutely hated, had heavy responsibilities in organized religion and was responsible for children in a marriage where he and his wife were not remotely on the same page.

He not only hated his job, he hated his life. Immensely.

The sight of Sam Shephard being free with no schedule and traveling through Europe with the feminine and gorgeous Julie Delpy made him wish that he could transport himself through that large screen TV, projecting a spiritual life desired, in the dark with the lights off, perfectly matched to soft sad music will deeply move him forever.

He will always remember what his life was like at the time, the people in his life, the house he lived in, the room he viewed it in and most of all how it made him feel.

The masterful Sam Shepard has since passed away.

Mr. Shepard had a brilliant and extensive A-List movie career, but it is his performance in the mostly unknown film Voyager that made our friend feel that, though they never met, they shared something important together.

We feel, life best lived is a shared experience.

At this point it is important to clarify something.

We love female travel bloggers who chronicle their experiences of going solo and sharing their global adventure with you. Their lives are truly meaningful and they add a valuable currency to people who have decided to travel alone on their adventure.

That is not what we are speaking of here.

It is the contrast between walking this sometimes odd and at important moments seemingly meaningless experience alone as opposed to preferably shared.

Our friend has traveled to many places alone and years later, it is almost as if he was never there. You certainly don’t know about it nor feel anything shared with him.

His concern was that if kept doing that for years it would be like, after he passed, similar to that tree that fell in the forest, while no one was around to see or hear it, did it really happen?

Did his life really happen?

As reported at theguardian.com, “Just one in four (25%) girls and young women between the ages of seven and 21 described themselves as “very happy” in the latest girls’ attitudes survey for the Girl guiding organisation – down from 41% in 2009.”

We researched all over the electronic landscape regarding this one and while there were many factors that contributed their state of mind, the one recurring theme was that they increasingly used the internet to try and connect with people.

As to the old fashioned way of meeting them in person.

Yes many of our traditional institutions of connecting like church, schools and villages are not what they once were and it appears that connecting with people and sharing our lives with them on a personal level is very vital to our happiness and sense of meaning.

It is worth the effort.

If we can increase our human connection with meaningful shared experiences, when our life tree falls in the forest…

It could make a sound heard around the world.

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