Sessions for many customers are a long awaited celebration in beauty reserved for the lifetime experience library. Some wait for months in anticipation to grapple with their female wrestling star of fascination.

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When you scan the myriads of mixed wrestling sites and view the comments of clients who have received exceptional customer service, there are common accolades. Here are a few of the expressions.

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  1. She was not a clock watcher.
  2. She was warm and friendly.
  3. She knew when to turn up the intensity and then reduce it so no one gets hurt.
  4. She is interesting to visit with and is a great conversationalist.
  5. She was reliable and on time.
  6. She was flexible and very open to suggestions and reasonable.

There are plenty of others. Most of the time virtually all of the sessions go according to plan and exceed expectations. The question I raise to you if you are a female wrestler and professionally engage in sessions is what if things don’t go as planned?

How should you receive constructive criticism?

Why don’t we turn to a few experts who can provide us with some time tested, effective suggestions. Here are four ideas from the respected employment site

  1. Try to control your defensiveness. Fear of hurting you or having to deal with defensive or justifying behavior make people hesitant to give feedback to another person.
  2. Listen to understand. Practice all the skills of an effective listener including using body language and facial expressions that encourage the other person to talk.
  3. Try to suspend judgment. After all, in learning the views of the feedback provider, you learn about yourself and how your actions are interpreted in the world.
  4. Summarize and reflect what you hear.

I love this recollection found at the powerful business site “I once had a business partner who automatically asked, “Thanks but tell me just one thing you think I could do better” every time someone gave him a compliment. He knew that while positive feedback feels good, it’s the constructive criticism that can be invaluable”.

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A Motivational Coach and Speaker that often inspires me is Mr. Robert Chen, the founder of Let’s view what he has to say about receiving feedback. He takes it a step further and explains how you can get honest feedback by observation and self-analysis.

Pay attention to other people’s reaction to you

Instead of asking people to give you feedback directly, pay close attention to what they’re saying and how they act around you.

One great way to collect feedback about yourself is to jot down every casual comment others make about you. Once you have a long list of remarks, assess whether each remark is positive or negative. This will give you a sense of people’s general impression about you. The goal is to increase your ratio of positive to negative remarks.

Once you’ve collected enough of what people are saying about you, start observing how they react around you. It becomes easier to do this if you tune out what they are saying and hone in on their body language. They key is to note any differences in how to react to you versus how they react to others in general. Do they smile when they talk to you or are you usually met with rolling eyes? Actions speak louder than words but only if you’re paying attention.

Try this method both at home and in the office. It works especially well during group meetings where people are not aware that you are observing them. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn just by arriving early at a meeting and observing where people sit, who they talk to and their physical manner during these interactions.

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Monitor what you say and do

What you say and do is very telling of who you are. If you want to get your perspective about yourself, start by observing your words.

What are you saying to other people? What is the ratio of self-aggrandizing remarks to self-deprecating remarks? What are you really saying about yourself when you make them?

If you’re like most people, you compensate – what you brag about is usually what you’re weakest at and what you’re humble about, usually reveals your strengths. By being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you can decide on how you will improve those areas. You can also work on becoming less self-conscious about both.

After you consider what your speech reveals about you, take a look at your actions. How do you act around your boss, co-workers, friends, family, relatives and strangers? What differences do you see when it comes to different groups and certain individuals? Usually, your flaws at work will show themselves at home and vice versa.

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Pick one thing you know you can improve

Whether you’re observing yourself or others, take time to analyze what you see. During your analysis, be careful not to generalize behaviors. One person may act friendly towards you but it doesn’t mean they like you if they act even friendlier to everyone else.

Thanks Robert! We really appreciate that.

Okay female wrestlers. You know I love you all so much; so are you ready?

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As a customer, I’m going to give you some feedback and let’s try a test. Please apply the above suggestions while you read my one request.

I have had some great sessions and few (Except Cheyenne) have ever asked me for my email to follow up and let me know when they are coming to my city or similar to a thank you card, check in and let me know how much they appreciated the business and want to work together again.

After being in Advertising Sales for over 20 years, applying that was a bare minimum requirement to entice return business.

The other aspect of it is that it makes your professional association more personal. Many customers have choices and options where to spend their session dollars. I truly believe if you continually apply this simple suggestion with your customers it will increase return sales.

Generating revenue from sessions is the life blood of the female submission wrestling community. Being able to receive constructive feedback can turn questionable red into desirable green.

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