Nothing happens without a sale and sales happen more frequently when you promote yourselves. article, photo article, photo

The marketing site says it well. “Promotion is any marketing activity that seeks to increase awareness & appreciation, make a customer emotional connection, and sustain top-of-mind consideration.”

In our women’s wrestling industry, one of the more lucrative departments of our business is the securing of sessions. If you have read our magazine before, what you have experienced is being a part of something that is commonly done; reading about competitive female wrestlers, but seeing it presented in an uncommon way; reduced eroticism and a 1,000 word article format.

When we research your profiles to write articles about you, one of the conclusions that we have drawn is that be it a company that produces events or you as an independent contractor; most of you seem to be fishing out of the same erotic pond.

To expand our industry’s options, Female competition International (FCI) is trying to influence you to pack some snacks, appropriate clothing, plenty of bait, ride along with us and with pole in hand we want to introduce you to broader fishing waters. article, photo article, photo

During the almost two year period that we have published, along with promoting you female wrestlers, we have written countless Advertising News Reports (ANRs) about major female friendly corporations like Bank Of America, Toyota, United Airlines, Kimpton Hotels, Wells Fargo, Macy’s, Hilton, Avis and many more global giants. Part of the purpose in doing so is to show the companies that support women’s rights that in the new world of women’s wrestling which is driven by clicks on the Social Media network as opposed to extreme violence or eroticism, it will be nice place for them to advertise.

As of this date, December 20, 2014, we are energetically working on our adverting rate card. We first began publishing Femcompetitor Magazine in May of 2014 and for two months received very few clicks but now that our well researched and hopefully creatively written articles have caught on, as of this writing we have soared to over 6,000 monthly post clicks and at least 4 times that in site visitors per month on our combined sites.

Simply put, even though still in our bib, complete with pacifier, it appears we are now on the global map.

We have many goals. Here are a few.

Our vision is to bring the stars of the WCWA Collegiate freestyle female wrestling world into to battle against the stars of the female submission wrestling world in dignified competition at the Dojo. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Please briefly view the articles ( Women’s Submission Wrestling At The Dojo/) or (  Female Wrestling At The Dojo – Innovation Evolution/).

The other major goal is to place our industry in a position where we unite. Please read (  Women’s Wrestling, The Case For The Big Three To Merge/). article, wrestlergirl photo credit article, photo credit

We have also written many dignified articles that promote the collegiate women’s wrestling programs and they in return have posted the information on their Social Media which drives our traffic. This is an example of that. Please read (  FCI Womens Wrestling » WARNING! TIGERS IN AREA/).

We want you to make more money so you don’t retire or leave the wrestling game early.

We have found out, just like what we read in the comments of the great DWW group who started in the 1990’s; the issue is not convincing women to wrestle each other. The major issue is having enough money and events to compensate all that want to. When compensated and placed in a dignified, safe environment, we have found that women from all walks of life love to wrestle each other. article, photo article, photo

FCI is now going to make you an offer that we hope you will be wise enough to take advantage of and one that you can’t refuse (violin music in the background).

You can contact us as much as you want to promote yourself or your non-nude women’s wrestling events as often as you like. You can focus on your sessions or mixed wrestling as long as it’s non-sexual in nature.

Since you are fishing in different waters we would like you to describe what services that you are offering, the highlights of your 2015 schedule even if it’s not firm so your customers can financially plan in advance and we suggest focus on the events where you think you can make the most money.

This is important.

Even if you have individual match shoots that you want the public to know about, that’s fine too. It doesn’t have to be at an event. It does not have to be multiple matches. article, photo article, photo

What we seek in return is that you write the very brief description or press release and send us at least three non-erotic jpegs, preferably fully clothed or conservative action shots where you have copy right ownership.

After the article publishes, we ask that you post it to your Social Media.

In our very early stages, even after we invested in writing a 1,000 word article to promote a wrestler or female wrestling company, afterwards we have emailed individuals who in a few cases have ignored us and did not post us on their Social Media. It’s most likely the last time we will write about or contact them.

Why? Because we’re being petty, childish and angry?


In all fairness it is essential to our business plan. Our primary customer will be the corporations. Our offer to them is to effectively deliver a primarily college educated female audience to their product in great numbers without ad pop-ups, videos that freeze the computer or say “click on this” and then go to the ad pop-ups and the like. Their message will stand alone.

An added benefit is that we have built our websites for readers, not for those who will bounce quickly.

We feel we are building a great product. article, photo article, photo

If a competitor will not post us on their Social Media they are not assisting our primary customer in reaching their audience. The new world of dignified women’s wrestling during this global cultural shift features the competitor that has a strong following on the Social Media. The competitor of the future that gets heavily promoted does not have to rely on youth and beauty that fades but instead it will be based upon her public charisma and Social Media maximization skills.

So we know this is all new to you but we can’t help you if you don’t use us. There are no tricks or gimmicks. It’s straight forward and free. Help us, help you. article, photo article, photo

We are small staff so we will only answer emails that speak to a female wrestler or company that would like to promote themselves. We apologize in advance but all other emails will be ignored.

If you are a female wrestler or producer of non-nude female wrestling, please email us at

2015 promises to be a great year for female wrestling around the globe and we hope to work with you in making the year an exciting, successful and profitable one.

~ ~ ~

Some may find other women’s wrestling sites erotic in nature. If you are offended by depictions of women wrestling in erotic situations, please exercise caution in visiting women’s wrestling sites. subscribes to news source, no affiliation.

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