There are many expressions in life that need to be compressed like women’s tights and then discarded because most of the time they don’t seem to work.

The expression that is.

Women’s Compression Tights can work great. article, Line Break photo via

One expression that comes to mind is that it pays to do the right thing.

We hope that’s true and we want to believe that’s true but so often, nice people who do the right thing get completely ripped off by those who don’t and the villain completely gets away with it time and time again.

Keep doing the right thing though. Right?

Then there was a time an NFL Coach, other than Tom Landry, who was being interviewed was asked why he always wears a suit and tie on the sidelines.

I mean its football, not dinner at an exclusive restaurant or a board meeting.

He responded that a prominent player told him words to the effect, “To perform well, you have to look good.”

Okay, sounds like good advice.

What happened to the NFL Coach? True story.

He was fired because his teams won about 2-3 games per year out of 16.

So much for the look good theory. But hey, at his exit press conference…..he sure looked good.

So this whole look good and perform good theory does seem to work when it comes to women’s compression tights. article, photo via 2XU

They do look good. No make that great. And they seem to perform great as well.

Let’s visit the impressive site who comments, “In a sport like cycling, the fitter you get the longer and more frequent training rides tend to become. As such, it’s easy to forget the importance of recovery in making the performance gains you’re after. LineBreak products assist recovery through compression after exercise, reducing muscle vibration during sport and by helping with temperature regulation whenever they’re in use.  For me, they also help to create behavioral changes that improve these benefits further.”

As far as women’s compression tights go, the fabric and construction of the Women’s Tights provides a comfortable feel straight out of the packet. article, photo via 2XU

During your winter workouts, do you wear compression tights?

If you do, or if you are thinking about doing so, we have a visiting writer with some suggestions.

Lowdown on the Best Compression Tights for Women in 2016 article, photo via 2XU

By Singh Kumar Surojit   Submitted On November 29, 2016

Compression is the most in-thing among professional marathon runners as well as fitness-freaks. This ultra-tight fashion-worthy attire lets you get into shape in style. There was a time when I (and I’m sure there were many like me) who thought this was exclusively for guys. I always thought that compression shorts for men are made to protect their “assets” and prevent chafing of legs while running. However, now I have come to know they keep the muscles warm, prevent injuries and even enhance athletic ability.

Don’t worry ladies! You can now avail the cute looking designer compression tights for women.

You and I now have a world of opportunities in front of us while looking to add women athletic wear. The industry has really caught on and going by the choices being offered, it’s super-exciting for us. Let’s explore why and how compression has become such a big hit. We will also look at some of the best compression tights for women in 2016.

What the Research Says?

Way back in the year 2003, Journal of Sports Sciences conducted a study that revealed a reduction in the flexion angle. There was an increment in the skin temperature and it increased at a faster rate at the time of warm-up. There was also decrement in the muscle oscillation while conducting a vertical jump landing.

Well, if the above technical data was too much for you to consume then let me simplify it a bit: compression shorts actually increase “extension torque” and can even help the hamstrings control the legs while doing sprints. The garment even cuts down the impact force by at least 27% when compared with the pants worn by American football players. All this eventually leads to lesser injuries and better muscle control.

Yay! I have finally been able to put down my research in a simple way and explain things just like a pro!

If you’re still not convinced of the advantages offered by compression pants then let me reveal a few more benefits of using these shorts. The lower half of your body is provided with the nest possible support by these pants as they increase muscle stability and ensure better blood circulation to the legs. Thus, when you are running, these compression shorts can come in real handy.

How can you benefit by using compression tights?

During my search for the best compression tights for women in 2016, I came across several designer attires and this consisted of fully functional kits. Right from socks, tracks to shorts – there was an entire range of compression tights on the offing.

If you are a regular runner like me or even take up running as just a fun activity from time to time then you will probably try to avoid soreness and injuries. This is what compression tights actually accomplish for you. They tend to increase the blood flow to the legs and lower body parts, which prevents unnecessary muscle burnouts. Your legs too will not get chaffed after long hours in the park as the compression shorts will reduce the oscillations when your body hits the ground. Thus, friction between the two leg muscles too will be reduced thereby helping in recovery through better blood flow.

Recovery of the muscles is also quicker when you wear your compression shorts after returning from a long run. The compression attire increases blood flow back to your heart thus oxygenating your muscles and flushing out the excessive lactic acid. Result is a quicker recovery from muscle fatigue and helping you stay on your feet (literally on your feet) throughout the day.

You can now join the bandwagon and get yourself a pair of compression tights to stay fit in style!

Is it only for the elite athletes?

Absolutely not! You and I can all spare a little money on the best compression tights for women in 2016. Even if we are not running for the next marathon, we are runner nevertheless. Fitness experts around the world recommend the use of compressions for runners because longer running needs higher muscle contraction and compressions provide exactly that.

Can buying compression tights drill a hole in my pocket?

Well, these garments certainly don’t come with lower price-tags and are often found to be expensive because of their technical nature. The regular athlete garments come at a comparatively lower price but when it’s the best compression tights for women in 2016, you certainly have to cough up more.

It is extremely important that you try to check everything before purchasing the compression tights. Try out different brands and you’ll surely find one that suits you the best. You must ensure that the dress compresses all the right muscles and fits nicely onto your body.

In case you’re professional, it’s best not to wear it directly for a marathon. You must get acquainted with the compression garment and give a few trial runs before you actually wear it during a long marathon.

However, when you are investing a lot of money then why not invest in the best compression tights for Women in 2016. Here’s a list of 5 real good compression garment brands you can put your money safely upon:

CW-X Stabilyx tights

CW-X Stabilyx tights use technology similar to the kinesio-taping because those lines are there to support the muscles just at the right places. Greater emphasis has been given to the knees as the attire supports the knees aptly. The clothing is breathable and you can run comfortably even during the hottest days.

Skins A400 3/4 tights

This is better than the A200 and this company means business because it offers the best line for compression clothing. A400 is extremely light and the soft material is huge boost to compression. The wide waistband ensures a comfortable grip on your wait while the lower part sticks to the body in such a way that the tights don’t go up the legs.

2XU Elite MCS Compression Tight

This is certainly for the elite as it transforms you into a super athlete by providing the best grips at the right places. The key muscle groups are perfectly targeted and are mapped out on the inner parts of the thighs and legs. You get the elegant yet a sleek look – the mark of a true athlete.

Singh Kumar Surojit is an online marketing consultant. He has helped several companies in their online marketing efforts.

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