Fantastic and feminine in form, blessed with a pearlescent glow and masterful in tactics, Lilith of the Czech Republic has emerged as one of the globe’s most effective female submission wrestlers. article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

We’re ecstatic about her accomplishments, have chronicled her meteoric rise and highlighted many of her previous tactically brilliant victories.

Lilith, Wrestler Czech Republic, Painting Her Masterpiece 

As you witness her ascension, what’s revealing is that, despite her smaller frame, she has mastered the MMA techniques that have propelled her to defeat larger opponents. article, photo article, photo

This is emphasized at the great mixed wrestling site Alpha Catz who enlighten, “Lilith is a perfect example that size does not need to matter if you’re able to compensate with the level of fitness and endurance as she possesses and that power of a woman comes from her hips and not the upper body. Lilith is also very quick and flexible and due to intense pole dancing training you’re bound to get caught in her head scissors over and over only to be forced to tap out very quickly!”

As we can see from her match at Fight Pulse, Lilith is very adept at engaging males in battle as well.

Here is the match description. “David vs Lilith is one of the best mixed wrestling matches that I have ever witnessed. Both opponents are amateurs but are willing to do everything to win. They are of similar size, with a little bit of weight advantage on David’s side. But don’t let Lilith’s cute smile deceive you, she is a world class pole dancer and has incredible grip strength, as well as a very strong pair of legs.” article, photo article, photo

When enjoying Lilith’s battles, one her greatest assets is her speed in her MMA technique. article, photo article, photo

If you are a newer female wrestler wanting to improve your game, it’s one thing to learn and train in the Mixed Martial Arts, it’s another thing to master it with speed.

Please enjoy the thoughts of a guest writer who speaks to your need for speed.

Lilith would be proud.

The 7 Keys to Martial Arts Speed

By J Barnes 

Regardless of your martial arts style or method…speed is critical for success in competition and self-defense. Razor-sharp reflexes are often the sole difference between winning and losing a physical confrontation.

By accessing the seven keys to martial arts speed, you can maximize the benefits of your training and improve your skills for competition and self-defense. The absolute best vehicle for accessing the seven keys to martial arts speed is the Speed Loop(TM) training system.

The Speed Loop is comprised of the seven components of speed and their relationship to each other when applied in competition or self-defense. The Speed Loop training system is designed to isolate, transform, maximize, and integrate the seven attributes of martial arts speed, including:

  1. Visual Reflexes: This component focuses on the training methods that will increase your ability to spot openings and track movements. Exceptional visual reflexes allow you to recognize, track, distinguish, adapt to, and counter movements with precision and confidence. In the martial arts, visual reflexes are primarily utilized during long-range fighting. In addition, visual reflexes are critical to the success of world-class athletes in all competitive sports.
  2. Tactile Reflexes:  This component focuses on the training methods that will develop your tactile (touch) reflexes. With practice, you can learn to instantly feel what the opponent is attempting to do by quickly interpreting the direction of his body force. You must anticipate the opponent’s every move when you are in the grappling or trapping range. Ninety-five percent of all fights end up in close range. Be prepared!
  3. Auditory Reflexes: You can improve your auditory reflexes by enhancing your listening skills. It is important to react quickly to what you hear. In a situation where you must defend yourself against multiple attackers, you will more than likely hear the attack before you see it. If you have ever experienced blind sparring, or fighting in the dark, you know the importance of this attribute.
  4. Adaptation Speed: This component deals with your mind’s ability to instantaneously select the perfect action in response to an attack or opening. You should develop the ability to instantly select the most effective movements to use at any point during a physical confrontation. Highly developed adaptation speed will allow your reflexes to carry out the movement selection process automatically. With training, you will learn to respond quickly, accurately, and seemingly without thought.
  5. Initiation Speed: You must focus on the development of your explosiveness, once you have chosen the correct action to initiate. It’s not how fast you move, but how soon you get there that really counts. Your attack may be very fast in flight, but a slow takeoff will severely reduce your chances of effectively landing that attack on target. Train yourself to make your movements felt before they are seen by developing a flawless poker face and the ability to relax at will.
  6. Movement Speed: Movement speed is the ability to quickly transfer part or all of your body from one place to another. It is the speed that is most recognized by the public at large. In addition to genetics and body weight, your ability to contract and relax your muscles efficiently will determine your movement speed. Don’t be concerned with “demonstration” speed. Your training should focus on developing the “applied” speed that will help you overwhelm and subdue an opponent in seconds.
  7. Alteration Speed: During your training, be sure to engage in drills that will develop the safeguard known as alteration speed. Alteration speed involves the ability to quickly change directions in the midst of movement. Essentially, it involves control of balance and inertia. Through mastery of body mechanics, you can develop the ability to stop your movement instantly… just in case you initiate a wrong move.

In addition to the seven keys, you should incorporate speed hampering drills into your training for complete speed development. Speed Hampering is the ability to effectively slow down the opponent’s reaction time to your attacks. Having good speed hampering skills will enhance your ability to confuse, immobilize, and defeat an opponent.

By focusing on the maximum development of each individual speed component, your training will be more efficient and effective. This will help you develop superior speed and power in the shortest possible time.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Use the innovative Speed Loop training system and you can maximize your speed and power for MMA, martial arts, boxing, and wrestling. To learn more, visit

  1. Barnes has more than 20 years of experience in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and Wrestling. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller – “Speed Training for Martial Arts and MMA: How to Maximize Your Hand Speed, Boxing Speed, Kick Speed and Power, Punching Speed and Power, plus Wrestling Speed and Power for Combat and Self-Defense”

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