In our competitive female grappling world, we love variety.

Since we have a global industry, we can find variety around the world including right here in Northern California at

One example is the battles of new shapely girls like Dana and Dylan. article,

Here is their match description. article, photo

“Dana Vixen vs Dylan Fox is a cute curvy girl amateur wrestling dream. Both beautiful girls have a competitive spirit, have wrestled before but with mixed results. They often find themselves in battles with superior fighters. Now they are finally in a very competitive situation. The camera work is close up in an underground environment with many camera people. It’s exciting and erotic. At some point both girls are panting from near exhaustion. A tough fight from beginning to end.”

We love variety in our foods in general and our healthy fruits in particular.

The pink grapefruit is very popular and probably most often visualized.

Please visualize the white grapefruit as well. They both are good for us. article, photo via fragrantica

What is the difference between the two?

According to, “The biggest difference between white and red grapefruits is in vitamin A content. Red grapefruit has significantly higher levels of this nutrient. One cup of red grapefruit provides about 2,645 international units or 50 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. In contrast, white grapefruit only offers 2 percent of your daily recommended amount.”

Good to know.

They continue, “Although red and white grapefruits differ markedly in the amounts of some nutrients, in other cases they are essentially equivalent. All grapefruit varieties are high in vitamin C, and there is very little difference between red and white grapefruit in regards to this nutrient.”

Today we’re going to give the white grapefruit a little more love.

We have just the perfect guest writer to help us in that regard.

Creative Gift Baskets of White Grapefruits – Thinned Skinned and Delicious All Year Round! article, photo via Mehadrin

By Trevor Adheen

White grapefruits have a distinctive unique and invigorating flavor. In addition to having a high content of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients, they also contain the lowest amount of calories.

You get pure energy just from the natural sweetness of them as they have no sugar or preservatives and are 100% white grape fruit juice. Your family and friends will love your creative gift baskets from Indian River, Florida. The sweet delicious and tart flavor of these white grapefruits are well appreciated by those who have exquisite tastes. If you are conscious about your health, these are just right to ward off the flues and colds throughout the year.

White Grapefruits, known as the “Forbidden Fruit” circa mid 700’s, originated in the West Indies hundreds of years ago. The discoverer thought it was a hybrid between the pomelo and an orange. Growers in Florida brought it there in around 1840. When your creative gift baskets of white grapefruit arrive at your door, you can store them at room temperature for at least a week. For longer periods refrigeration is recommended. Put them in plastic bags in your refrigerator or you can also use a covered vegetable crisper.

These are best tasting when they are fresh off the tree. Just peel and segment or “peg” them, then place the segments in your mouth and with gentle pressure between your upper and lower jaws you will squeeze the juices and your mouth will be filled with the sweet juices. As they go down your throat you will savor the delicious tastes. The segmented pieces can also be added to fruit salads. You can also add them to other creative dishes in cooking and blend them in your favorite beverages and desserts.

White Grapefruits generally have a distinctive rich dark yellow to pale coloring and that will add to your decorative and creative gift baskets which you send to family and friends. Be selective in your choice of white grapefruit. Ensure that they have smooth, firm and shiny skin. Be sure to pick the ones that heavy for their size as they contain the most juice. Pass on White Grapefruits that are soft and or have dull or wrinkled skin. Ignore those that have deep folds. You will also observe that most White Grapefruits have a rich to pale yellow coloring.

Just so you know, some varieties of white grapefruit outer skin will “re-green.” This means that if the grapefruit stays longer than they should be on the tree, the skin get greenish color again. If this happens do not worry, the fruit’s flavor and sweetness are intact. You can get white grapefruits all year. The peak harvest is from January through April. Florida and Texas produces most of the supply of the winter crop. Arizona and California produce the majority of the spring and summer crop.

If you are health conscious, you would be reassured to know that White Grapefruits are very low in Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, and Sodium. They are an excellent source of Dietary Fiber and Potassium, and Vitamin C so the nutritional value is there.

In addition, many research and medical studies show that grapefruits in general and White Grapefruits help in reducing weight. This is an encouragement for anyone to eat as many grapefruits as necessary every day. This however, can be boring – to eat the same thing very often. So, you have to develop creative ways to consume them and other citrus.

Firstly, you buy them in bulk and divide up. Then, you must keep grapefruits in many places – at home in the kitchen, living room, lunch room, desk drawer, in your bag etc., so they are accessible for a quick snack whenever you need one for a quick boost. Put a few in your kids back pack too for break time. Place them at these locations so that they will not bruise easily. You can make a grapefruit jacket, knitted so that there is a button or hook to open it. This sack surrounds the grapefruit and keeps them from touching each other or getting banged up from moving around with the sack.

Secondly, you juice them fresh and carry the juice in reusable bottles. Freshly squeezed White Grapefruit juice makes a delightful drink. The nutrients and minerals will give you the desired boost of energy you may need at the end of a busy day. It is better to have fresh orange juice then drink other non-healthy caffeinated drinks or energy drinks. These can leave you more dehydrated and do more harm than good to your body.

And, you can so add freshly squeezed grapefruit juice to drinks like smoothies and yogurt mixes. The juice, being naturally sweet for most would discourage you from adding sugar or other artificial sweeteners.
Thirdly, you can make decorative salads. The grapefruit segments or pegs are perfect for adding to your favorite salads. They are delicious tasty, they make a very decorative and appealing appearance. They adds a slightly sweet and tart flavor for breading fish and meats-and various desserts and dishes

White Grapefruits can be consumed in various ways. The possibilities are endless to creating decorative salad designs and dress ups. Send some friends or family your favorite creative gift baskets of white grapefruit soon.

You creative gift baskets of white grapefruits will be highly appreciated.

The author is a Personal Development Counselor, PDC., and researcher in human behavior and herbal medicine. He has been helping people for over 30 years to maximize their true potential by conducting personal, and family counseling to those in need. He is an internet marketer and promotes all these services by developing information products available on the internet through e-books, DVD’s, CD’s email courses, etc. Choose your: Creative Gift Baskets Here [] and learn more about: Florida Oranges Gift Baskets [] of unusual oranges gift baskets of – ruby red grapefruit, tangelos, tangerines etc., for developing a healthful living style. You will make and impact in someone’s life when you send them this healthful basket of citrus. This article can be re-published in its entirety in any website/blog that have related content or ideas also providing that the resource box contents stays intact–absolutely!

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