Eagerly participating in activities designed to attract beautiful women, possibly for mating, have been the calling of males for thousands of years.

In Greek mythology Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty.

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Legend has it the other gods feared that Aphrodite’s beauty might lead to conflict and war, through rivalry for her favors; so Zeus married her off to Hephaestus. Despite this, Aphrodite followed her own inclinations, and had many lovers, both gods and men.

What could make a modern day Aphrodite happy who is desperately desiring to be with child is if her male suitor eats lots of walnuts.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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As reported at the global news and information source dailymail.co.uk, “Men struggling to have children could boost their fertility by eating walnuts, a new study claims.

Scientists say that eating a walnut-enriched diet may improve sperm quality.

Research found that the nut reduces lipid peroxidation, a process that can damage sperm cells.

This form of cell damage harms sperm membranes, which are primarily made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Walnuts are the only tree nut that are predominantly comprised of these fatty acids – meaning they are uniquely powerful for replenishing sperm cells.”

Interesting. Just when you thought you heard everything.

As you might guess, consuming walnuts are beneficial in many other ways as well.

The well-respected group organicfacts.net share, “The health benefits of walnuts include a reduction of bad cholesterol in the body, an improvement in metabolism, and control of diabetes. Other important health benefits of walnuts stem from the fact that these nuts possess anti-inflammatory properties, aid in weight management, and help as a mood booster. They are also believed to slow down the spread of cancer.”

Other groups are ready to share as well.

According to whfoods.com, “The form of vitamin E found in walnuts is somewhat unusual, and particularly beneficial. Instead of having most of its vitamin E present in the alpha-tocopherol form, walnuts provide an unusually high level of vitamin E in the form of gamma-tocopherol. Particularly in studies on the cardiovascular health of men, this gamma-tocopherol form of vitamin E has been found to provide significant protection from heart problems.”

Many view it as a smart food. Here in part is why.

At draxe.com they engage, “Ever notice that a walnut looks just like the human brain? According to ancient wisdom, this is more than just a coincidence. Considering one of the biggest benefits of walnuts nutrition is the ability to support your most important organ — the brain — walnuts have now been scientifically proven to be a true “brain food” and a leader among all nuts.”

We now turn our attention to a well-informed female writer who educates us further on the benefits of eating walnuts.

Jobee Knight is the President of Nutrition Breakthroughs, located in Glendale, CA. She is a nutritional researcher and writer of science-based health articles. Jobee’s health and nutrition articles are designed to clarify and simplify what can sometimes be a complicated subject, and to help people increase their health, vitality and zest for life. Nutrition Breakthroughs provides the effective natural insomnia remedy Sleep Minerals II.

Now for her article.

Delicious Walnut Health Benefits: Advantages for Brain, Heart, Fertility

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By Jobee Knight 

Walnuts are perhaps the most famous tree nut of all and have been named the “Healthiest of all Nuts”. They are rich in plant-based fats and are a good source of the B-vitamins and many minerals. Even though walnuts are one of the easiest foods to eat, they are also a powerful weapon against chronic diseases. Walnuts can be eaten by the handful as a snack, or in salads, soups, vegetable dishes, baked goods or smoothies.

Due to their uniquely high amounts of healthy fats and potent plant chemicals, recent studies are publishing evidence that walnuts can reduce brain stress, lower cholesterol, increase fertility in men, reduce inflammation, lower the risk of diabetes, strengthen the immune system, and help with insomnia because of the natural melatonin they contain.

Supporting the claim that walnuts are the healthiest nut is a recent study from the journal “Food and Function”. The researchers evaluated nine types of raw and roasted nuts and they found walnuts to contain the highest levels and quality of antioxidants. An “antioxidant” is a substance in food or vitamins that neutralizes the harmful effects of oxygen in the body. These “oxidative” effects contribute to aging and disease.

English walnuts offer powerful benefits to brain health. A study called “Role of Walnuts in Maintaining Brain Health with Age” was published in the Journal of Nutrition. The researchers wrote that walnuts not only reduce the inflammatory load on brain cells, but they also improve communication and connection between the brain cells themselves – helping to maintain good brain health with increasing age.

For a healthy heart and long life, walnuts have been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and also extend life spans in general. Walnuts contain the amino acid l-arginine, which offers protective benefits for the heart. A quarter cup of walnuts contains about 1,130 milligrams of l-arginine. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reviewed 13 heart studies and found that the people eating walnuts benefited from a significant decrease in overall cholesterol and had major benefits in the quantity of antioxidants available to them.

Walnuts have been proven to improve fertility and reproductive health. The medical journal “Biology of Reproduction” conducted a study of 117 healthy men and found that eating around a half-cup of walnuts each day produced an increase in healthy fats in the bloodstream and greatly improved the health and vitality of sperm.

Walnuts can be a good sleep inducing food. Russel Reiter, Ph.D., a professor of cellular biology at the University of Texas says, “Relatively few foods have been examined for their melatonin content. Our studies demonstrate that walnuts contain melatonin, that it is absorbed when it is eaten, and that it improves our ability to resist oxidative stress caused by toxic molecules.”

Eating walnuts regularly can be a delicious and simple way to prevent disease and take advantage of their many health benefits.

Jobee Knight is President of Nutrition Breakthroughs. She has written nutrition articles and provided effective natural remedies since 2001. These remedies include the natural sleep aids and joint and pain relief products made by Nutrition Breakthroughs

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