August 16, 2020,

We’re still not certain how much we love celery. The jury is wearing lime and still out.

Most of the time, especially as a kid, we blended it into salads where it didn’t have a starring role.

Ah, but with dip, celery seemed to sing and make us green with delight.

Celery is a marshland plant in the family Apiaceae that has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity.

Apiaceae or Umbelliferae is a family of mostly aromatic flowering plants named after the type genus Apium and commonly known as the celery, carrot or parsley family, or simply as umbellifers.

It is the 16th-largest family of flowering plants, with more than 3,700 species in 434 genera including such well-known and economically important plants such as ajwain, angelica, anise, asafoetida, caraway, carrot, celery, chervil, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, poison hemlock, lovage, cow parsley, parsley, parsnip and sea holly, as well as silphium, a plant whose identity is unclear and which may be extinct.

Celery has a long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves. Celery seed is also used as a spice and its extracts have been used in herbal medicine.

Be honest. How much is celery a player on your diet stage?

It should be.,,, articles, Polina-Tankilevitch

As shared by, “Celery is rich in vitamins and minerals with a low glycemic index. You’ll enjoy vitamins A, K, and C, plus minerals like potassium and folate when you eat celery. It’s also low in sodium. Plus, its low on the glycemic index, meaning it has a slow, steady effect on your blood sugar.”

Good to know.

We do love celery mixed with carrots to make a delicious juice.

The team at evaluates, “Celery contains impressive amounts of vitamin C and K, as well as folate and potassium, and studies show that celery may help to fight against cancer and liver disease, reduce inflammation (especially for brain-related diseases) and boost cardiovascular health.”

Research indicates that chronic inflammation has been linked to many illnesses, including arthritis and osteoporosis. Celery and celery seeds have approximately 25 anti-inflammatory compounds that can offer protection against inflammation in the body, says Healthline.


We are starting to like celery a little more.

“I love celery and people don’t use it a lot. Celery and flavors in that family – it really brightens and is refreshing.”…Todd English

About that juice. Where can we get some?

Any green company with the name Portland in it will get our attention.,,, articles, portlandjuiceco.com_

At they smile, “Our 100% Organic celery juice is made from one thing only: celery! We cold-press ingredients sourced locally, and the final juice is raw and unpasteurized.

Celery provides support for the digestive tract and cardiovascular system. The abundance of mineral salts found in celery makes it a powerful tool to flush viruses out of the body.  The naturally occurring sodium in celery can actually regulate blood pressure by cleansing the blood stream. Similarly, these mineral salts cling to toxins in your body and help draw them out.”

Makes us want to take a deep breath and smile too.,,, articles, portlandjuiceco.com_

The dynamic team at also express, “Why drink straight celery juice? The short answer: Because it works! Millions of people are enjoying the incredible shifts in their health since taking up this daily habit.

With just some celery and a way to juice it, you can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week. Celery juice has amazing health benefits.”

The more that we read and hear about celery juice, the more nutritious and beneficial it is sounding.

Here is a book that seems educational and tantalizing.

Across the globe, millions of people are experiencing the health-changing benefits of drinking sixteen ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning, a healing practice that was originated by Anthony William, the Medical Medium, decades ago.

As Anthony William shares in the video, “Celery by itself is so medicinal, it’s literally the undiscovered medicine of our age.” For decades, Anthony has been turning his clients on to sixteen ounces of straight celery juice daily to help with countless health symptoms and conditions—everything from autoimmune illnesses to digestive issues to skin conditions.

“Celery’s ability to break down and flush out viruses is life-changing news for anybody who has been told they have an autoimmune disease. Pathogens such as viruses, including EBV and shingles, are the true cause of the inflammation that’s mistakenly considered an autoimmune condition. Medical communities just aren’t aware of the real cause yet.

It effectively rebuilds the stomach’s complex balance and supply of hydrochloric acid. It also strengthens the digestive system by helping to heal the liver, which leads to an increase in bile production, easing constipation and bloat. Plus by lowering levels of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses and invaders such as fungus and mold, it leads to strengthened intestinal linings. Celery juice is one of the most profound ways, if not the most profound way, to restore digestive health. It is that powerful.”

It is worth checking out.

Another group has bought into the movement and have produced what many feel is a top notch celery juicer.

At they announce, “Hurom has brought to market its new Celery & Greens Slow Juicer, designed for juicing celery, wheatgrass, leafy greens and root vegetables like beets and ginger.

According to the company, the Celery & Greens Slow Juicer yields an optimal amount of juice while leaving no pulp residue inside. The company said its juicers are designed to minimize the breakdown and oxidation of fruits and vegetables so that juice retains more nutrients and fresh taste.”

Very enticing indeed.

We always meet the miracle drink and food pronouncement with a bit of skepticism and even hesitation and even here with celery, while it certainly is a very healthy natural source, some of the scientific claims still have not been verified. Just google celery juice. Both sides of the aisle have articles about celery juice.

Okay, more jurors are coming back.

Instead of lime green, they are wearing celery green.

We’ve decided to add more celery to our efforts to enhance our health and fitness lifestyle.

What about you?

~ ~ ~

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