She was probably one of the most intense Virago wrestlers that few think of when they hear the names Grace, Yana, River, Amy O and Helen.

Lonnie didn’t wrestle long but when she did, her competitions were extremely intense.

She had the opportunity to wrestle at a few major events like when she met Stephanie at the legendary Robin’s event where the two Virago alum went at it with great intensity. The match can be purchased at Robin’s site Les Femmes Fatales.

Lonnie also had the great opportunity to travel to Europe and meet the female gladiators of DWW.

A lesson in humility and frustration was when she met Petra who virtually dominates everyone including the best wrestlers in the world. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

The more intriguing contest was Lonnie’s matchup against the Czech blonde bombshell super star Luzia. On paper, the scouting report would be due to Luzia’s experience, talent, ability to escape and high skill level that this should be Luzia’s to win easily.

That was not the case.

Let’s revisit the match and the atmosphere surrounding it.

Sometimes when you fail, it allows you the opportunity to grow more motivation and get more intense about your training.………Abby Wambach

A group of competitors from the San Francisco Virago group including Grace and Amy traveled with Lonnie to Europe to meet the DWW girls. While the veterans Grace and Amy struggled, surprisingly Lonnie’s match against Luzia was the firecracker match of the event.

There was electricity in the air and Luzia adorned in a white top and orange bottom was blessed with a body of perfection. Lonnie sporting a red top and bottom looked athletic, sexy and ready for battle.

The girls were introduced by Jeff the Ref.

The match began fiercely as both gladiators tried to secure a brutal headlock. Luzia engaged first and Lonnie fought her off as both rolled off the mats.

Once back in action Luzia trapped Lonnie in a body scissors and a voice from a Virago alum screamed out “Turn towards her Lonnie!” Lonnie would struggle and get the upper hand but Luzia held on to the scissors. Lonnie had Luzia flat on her back and thought that she had a pin and an audience member informed her, “You can’t pin her while she has you in a body scissors.”

Lonnie replied, “Gotcha.” She understood.

Drama usually has some sort of intense conflict.……Clint Eastwood

Now on top, Lonnie attempted to grab Luzia to try and body slam her to break the scissors. Luzia quickly responded by grabbing Lonnie’s ankles. Gaining control Lonnie tried to legally choke Luzia to gain a submission but Jeff saw it as an illegal choke and asked her to break it. Lonnie replied “I’m not touching her neck, I’m touching her chin.”

The beauties were allowed a break and went back to their corners. Looking at Luzia’s corner was like viewing a Danube high school reunion. There was Hana attending to Luzia as Denise and other former DWW Stars watched.

Now it was time for the second round.

The intense action picked up where it left off only this time Lonnie gained the advantage, applied a full nelson. A feminine voice screamed, “Get your hooks into her Lonnie!” After minutes of trying to escape, the great Luzia finally submitted.

The Virago crowd screamed wildly.

It took twelve minutes into the match but Jeff raised Lonnie’s hand to congratulate her for the first fall.

The third round began with a fury.

Lonnie thought she had pinned Luzia again and insisted that Jeff begin counting. She felt the count came late and the two girls rolled off the mat.

The third round action began again only this time Luzia snapped Lonnie into a wicked body scissors. Crunch! You could literally hear it. Lonnie submitted.

Now 14 minutes in the brutal match there finally was a second submission.

The intensity meter was now at an all-time high. Luzia and Lonnie attacked each other again, both being head hunters and almost slapping one another to gain control. Finally Lonnie did and something extremely unusual happened. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

She trapped Luzia in a side body head scissors where Lonnie sat on her face from the side and Luzia desperately tried to escape. She fought valiantly to remove herself. Luzia is the ultimate escape artist.

This time she couldn’t.

She submitted. It was over.

I mean, I love winning, but losing is a much more intense feeling.….Jennie Finch

Jeff admitted he had never seen a submission hold like that before.

For me, I’d rather have an intense experience than not.……..Joaquin Phoenix

It could be added that there was probably few classic matches like this one as well.

Lonnie hails from the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the aspects of San Francisco living is that it’s an intense city full of life and tourist activity everywhere. If you’ve never been to San Francisco’s Market Street coupled with the City Center you really should go if you love people watching, great shopping and intensity.

It’s a bee hive of electricity generated by people happy to be there. article, photo article, photo

Market Street is an important thoroughfare in San Francisco, California. It begins at The Embarcadero in front of the Ferry Building at the northeastern edge of the city and runs southwest through downtown, passing the Civic Center and the Castro District, to the intersection with Corbett Avenue in the Twin Peaks neighborhood.

Westfield San Francisco Centre is an upscale, urban Shopping mall located in San Francisco, California, managed by the Westfield Group and co-owned by Westfield and Forest City Enterprises. It is anchored by Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, and includes a Century Theatres multiplex, a Bristol Farms gourmet grocery store and a branch of San Francisco State University. It connects directly to the Powell Street transit station via an underground entrance.

After a slow start, it soon became one of the top performing shopping centers in the country. article, photo article, photo

Westfield San Francisco City Centre is the only indoor mall type shopping experience within Union Square. Located on Market Street at Powell Street, inside resides the two giants, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s as well as 6 levels in two conjoined buildings, of over 200 shops and eateries.

Having been there countless times that included family vacations I can tell you that it’s a wonderful experience to shop and people watch.

In a positive way, it’s always intense.

It was a very cathartic experience elevating Lonnie’s brief wrestling career. The Virago alum helped change the female wrestling world. So much about what they accomplished with skill, beauty and intensity will live forever in our women’s wrestling culture.

Thanks to competitors like Lonnie, our cherished memories about women’s wrestling past will never lose its intensity.

~ ~ ~

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