Flowers enhance and punctuate the significance of the major events in our life from birth to marriage, holidays, graduations, illness, and finally death. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Flower symbolism began with a myriad of ancient religions. Flowers were originally linked to ancient deities including Venus, Diana, Jupiter and Apollo.

Mary Astell, born 1666, was an English feminist writer and rhetorician and advocacy of equal educational opportunities for women. Her life’s work earned her the title “the first English feminist.” article, photo article, photo

Speaking to the significance of flowers, Ms. Astell was once quoted as expressing, “How can you be content to be in the world like tulips in a garden, to make a fine show, and be good for nothing?

Yes we need to make our way in this world and see how far we can go.

See if we can be the epitome of who we are supposed to be.

Virag Kiss is a super star Hungarian Fitness Model. article, photo article, photo

Virag in Hungarian means flower and in the world of Instagram followers that can make a beautiful fitness girl with marketing charisma blossom.

Virag is in bright bloom. article, photo article, photo

Let’s meet our perfectly shaped Hungarian Fitness Star who like most flowers, looks beautiful, magical and inspiring.

Always wanting to improve herself, as of this writing, Virag is a college student. article, photo article, photo

At the informative site, they would like to introduce her to you. We will give them the honors. “I don’t think I have to introduce you to Virág Kiss. She is probably one of the most special and most known students of McDaniel Budapest. Virág is a senior Political Science student and she is a professional fitness model representing one of the biggest brands in the bodybuilding industry.”

In 2012, collegiate praise continues at where they delight, “Many of McDaniel students’ probably know Virag Kiss the sweet blond girl who graces some of your shared classes and a spot on the Dean’s list. The ever friendly Hungarian go about smiling girl next door, is surprisingly a superstar of many admirable parts. I set out to have a chat with her to see how the graceful lady is making all wonderful things happen in her life, especially after her winning the WBPF Fitness Model Championships this spring.”

Thank you. Now let’s listen to what a respected global fitness industry web site has to say about her at, “Virag Kiss is a Hungarian Fitness Model, Arnold Classic Europe Winner, Arnold Classic USA: 3rd place, IFBB European Championship: 4th place and a BioTech USA Sponsored Athlete!”


The sweet smelling garden of praise continues to grow.

Who better to fertilize her resume than Virag herself? article, photo article, photo

Here is what she has to say and after listening to her you can understand why she is so poppy popular.

At she warmly smiles, “I was born in Békéscsaba, on 27 December 1990. Sports have been an integral part of my life since my childhood. I participated in fitness competitions for six years; due to a serious injury, however, I had to stop competing. However, I’ve never given up my dream that I’ll be a champion one day, and I started to discover new territories.

I first hit the stage in the Fitness Model category in the spring competitive season of 2012.

The change proved to be a good decision: at the end of the year, I returned from Bangkok with a world champion’s gold medal. In 2013, I signed with the IFBB Association, so I entered my first international competition (Arnold Classic Europe) in their colors. The effort put into the preparation and the many-week-long pre-contest diet yielded results: I returned home from the competition in Madrid with a gold medal, too.”

Very impressive. Here are just a few of her many awards:

  • 1 March 2014 – Arnold Sports Festival, Columbus OH, USA.
  • Bikini Model -160cm 3rd place.  
  • 12 October 2013 – Arnold Classic Europe, Madrid
    Bikini Model -160cm 1st place
  • 6 October 2013 – IFBB Hungarian Championship
    Bikini Model -160cm 2nd place
  • 8 December 2012 – WBPF World Championship Bangkok
  • Model Physique -160cm 1st place
  • 26 May 2012 – WBPF European Championship Timisoara
    Junior Model Physique 1st place
    Model Physique -160cm 1st place

Virag’s exciting story is a sweet fragrance of what can happen when you are willing to make great sacrifices and garner community support.

It’s time to travel to a place that we have never electronically traveled to before.

It’s time to visit Békéscsaba.

Békéscsaba is a city in Southeast Hungary, and the capital of the county Békés. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

A warm and friendly place the city site welcomes us. “Let us stroll down memory lane and go on a virtual sightseeing tour of Békéscsaba, a place you’ll want to return to.

The name of Békéscsaba is of Turkic origins, the town name deriving from the Hungarian male given name. The environs of Békéscsaba have been inhabited since ancient times. A huge number of archaeological finds from the late Bronze Age attest to the Alföld (Lowlands) culture and the people of the Körös Valley in the area which was later to become today’s Békéscsaba. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

One of the most popular meeting points for both residents of Békéscsaba and visitors is the bank of the Élővíz Canal, which is lined with statues and along which one can take leisurely strolls. As a native of Békéscsaba, I still cherish childhood memories of cycling, climbing tall willow trees, collecting fragrant horse chestnuts and walking along the idyllic bank.

The city can also boast a rich architectural heritage, a fine example of which is the Lutheran Church, which is the largest of its kind in Central Europe.

Gourmets can also enjoy the specialties of Békéscsaba, where late October has become synonymous with festive days dedicated to sausages and combined with a fair and musical events.

Békéscsaba also hosts Hungary’s most popular beer festival, where mouth-watering delicacies also include barbecued pig’s trotters.

Békéscsaba’s rich cultural life has something to offer everyone in terms of leisure.”

Thank you Mayor Péter Szarvas.

Virag’s future looks shining and bright. If you want to get into fitness form, please follow her on Instagram at article, Foto: Vegh Zoltan article, Foto: Vegh Zoltan

As to her phenomenal continued success, in her online interviews she constantly speaks to hard work, perseverance, will power and vocation.

At they wonderfully explain why the Tulip is the national flower. Let’s listen in. “The core reason is that they were the sultan’s favorite and are available in excess amount throughout the country. They are available in almost every color and they considered White tulip as the sign of peace, Red tulip as the sign of love and yellow tulip as the sign of friendship, and tulips also symbolize the sign of wealth.”

With Virag, Hungary’s national fitness treasure, they have found the perfect flower as a global ambassador.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.