A common belief in the elite sports world is that athletes have the ability to transcend the sidelines of their sport and have a powerful effect on larger issues if they choose to.

The beautiful female freestyle wrestlers who compete for Venezuela create hope amid great societal challenges in their scenic country.

On February 12, 2017 as reported in voanews.com, “Venezuela is so short on food that tens of thousands are going hungry or even starving. Its murder rate is among the highest in the world. Its economy is so crippled that the average shopper spends 35 hours a month waiting in line – three times more than in 2014.

Yet even as the country becomes increasingly unlivable, the socialist government is more entrenched than it has been in years. A sense of hopelessness has settled over what was once among the richest nations in South America, a belief that nothing will really change.”

There is a constant grappling match between fear and hope.

A star female freestyle wrestler leading the way of hope and inspiration is Maria Acosta.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo via United World Wrestling

On April 26, 2015, the important grappling leader unitedworldwrestling.org places events in perspective. “Canada won gold at the lightest and heaviest weight categories Saturday in Santiago to edge past Venezuela and capture the 2015 Pan American Championship in women’s wrestling.

The nations each finished with 58 teams points, but Canada’s pair of gold medals was the tiebreaker that helped push them past a Venezuelan side that earned medals in five of eight categories.”

María Acosta (born November 26, 1991) competed in the women’s freestyle 69 kg event at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in which she was eliminated in the round of 16 by Enas Mostafa.

She won the silver medal in the women’s freestyle 69 kg event at the 2015 Pan American Games.

For a country not used to standing on the platform and raising aloft trophies at the Olympics, this is a huge accomplishment.

You can observe her muscular style in victory on this video:


Quarterfinal FW – 69 kg: Maria Jose ACOSTA ACOSTA (VEN) df. Veronica B CARLSON (USA) by FALL, 3-7

Maria is so beloved that she even sells her T-Shirts.

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Betzabeth Argüello

Maria is join by Betzabeth Argüello who competed in the women’s freestyle 53 kg event at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in which she lost the bronze medal match to Nataliya Synyshyn.

Jaramit Weffer

More inspiration comes from Jaramit Weffer who competed in the women’s freestyle 75 kg event at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in which she was eliminated in the round of 16 by Annabelle Ali.

The future looks bright for female freestyle wrestling in Venezuela. It is after all a very scenic region of the world and the hope is that beauty wins out over politics and despair.

One of our favorite travel sites Lonely Planet adores Venezuela. “Spectacular Venezuela, home to some of South America’s most incredible landscapes, rightly has a terrible image problem at the moment. Hyperinflation has led to a dramatic drop in living standards and issues with the supply of basic goods, while personal safety, particularly in Caracas, is worse than anywhere else on the continent. And yet, visiting Venezuela is both possible and remarkably cheap, with dollars instantly making even backpackers feel wealthy. Safety is a serious concern, of course, but sensibly managed it should be no deterrent to a trip.

The rewards if you do go are frankly immense. Few countries in the world have this degree of natural beauty: Andean peaks, Caribbean coastline, idyllic islands, grasslands teeming with wildlife, the steamy Orinoco Delta and the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls. This is true trip-of-a-lifetime stuff, and right now you’ll have it pretty much all to yourself.”

A visiting writer agrees and is willing to take you on a journey.

A Beautiful Country With Varied Attractions to Visit – Venezuela

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo via YouTube

By Kervin Vergara  

Venezuela is a beautiful country where you can find different environments to travel and have a vacation experience quite rewarding. No tourist who comes to be disappointed Venezuela, on the contrary, has fond memories, beautiful and eager to come back again.

You have beaches, rivers, mountains, plains, valleys and many environments. First, in speaking of beaches, we mention the beautiful cays that are in the Morrocoy National Park, where you have beaches with crystal clear, warm, clean, beautiful, and likewise, you can meet the Los Roques Archipelago or Island Margarita. All these beaches represent the natural beauty of the country.

You also have mountain areas, such as La Cordillera de Los Andes, or the Pico Bolivar. Beautiful villages such as La Colonia Tovar, crowded very humble, friendly and eager to make your vacation in Venezuela are the most tasty. Another tourist attraction in mountain areas is the state of Merida, where you have many hills and interesting places, pretty, nice, very cold and very beautiful. Merida is a city with more development of tourism in Venezuela, because it has wonders that other countries do not have. It is a relatively small city, but has been growing steadily.

You can also visit Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is a world-class cosmopolitan city. In the west of the city, in the Libertador municipality, tourism is important in regard to the historic old city, the Cable Car Caracas, Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, the Zoos, Boulevard de Sabana Grande, among others. In the east of the city, especially in the municipalities of Chacao and Baruta environment is indisputable progress and modernism, European-style shopping malls, beautiful places, night clubs, etc. Also, the Parque Del Este, located in the Sucre municipality is heavily exploited for tourism.

South of Venezuela in the states of Bolivar, Amazonas and Delta Amacuro begins the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest and the world’s largest nature reserve. This area of the country has a great tourist value, because there is Angel Falls, considered the highest waterfall in the world, the savannah, rivers, jungle and the Orinoco river, forming a point of ecotourism has not yet actually been exploited, we need to promote the national government to make plans for this land in Venezuela in a crucial point for ecotourism in this part of the world.

The plains of Venezuela is the region with low elevations, dominated by tables, mountains, hills, pastures and lakes, the weather is hot and has a tourist reception average, but is an important site for rural tourism, covers most of Apure, Barinas, Cojedes, Portuguesa, Guarico, Anzoategui, Monagas and Delta Amacuro in these rural plains combine flora, fauna, and typical of the indigenous culture of Venezuela. The highest peaks of this mountainous region are achieved Venezuela in San Juan de Los Morros.

Venezuela is one of the countries that may have greater exploitation of tourism, because it has different environments: mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, plains, modern cities, etc.. I hope in Venezuela, welcome, friend.

Kervin Vergara invites you to visit our blog Tourism in Venezuela [http://www.tourisminvenezuela.com], where you will find information on tourist sites in Venezuela, and tips for traveling to this beautiful country.

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