Deserved or not, the British have been described by some as being a fairly reserved group, especially compared to the rest of us earthly inhabitants.

Eileen Guppy: the First Woman Geologist in the British Geological Survey article, photo found uk article, photo found uk

Having said that, when watching the UK Princesses wrestle in Germany at the great Femwrestle events, they demonstrate such passion that it becomes very infectious.

No reservations there.

We sure get excited watching them battle competitors from other countries and we found that when they wrestle one another on foreign soil, they actually seem to compete more passionately than when the face one another in the mother country.

It make us as fans wish that they would wrestle in Germany more often.

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.”… Yo-Yo Ma

There is a new British Maiden and Session Girl on the horizon and we dream that one day she will wrestle in Germany as well.

Big Ben is chiming. It’s time to meet Bambi. article, photo article, photo

At the respected UK female wrestling site they make a passionate introduction.

“Her name is Bambi but don’t be fooled. This lady is named for her looks not her strength! Bambi has an athletic background. Her sports were track and field, excelling in 100 meter sprint. She used to run for her county.

Bambi loves learning new things and been able to better herself. Training and fitness allows her to do this. She has always had a passion to wrestle and to fight. It is in her genes, her grandfather wrestled professionally!

Our newest star is still a novice, but she looks forward to learning on the job here at Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio. She has been dedicated with all her other disciplines, and it has paid off. We are confident she will achieve great things with wrestling too.

This lady confesses to always smiling, especially when she has a man at my mercy.

In Bambi’s own words:

‘Favorite hold: neck scissors. Best body parts: legs and shoulders Best facial features: hmm all I guess. Aren’t you spoiled?

I do have some boxing experience. One day I hope to fight professionally and aspire to ladies like Venom, she is a true athlete.

I’m also very fun and really enjoy wrestling.

I’ll look forward to tapping u out! And hearing the infamous words: Bambi I submit!”

Just look at that feminine muscle. Isn’t she gorgeous? With those muscles she could do well in Troisdorf. article, photo article, photo

Here are three matches where British Girls squared off against one another and after purchasing two of the three, we are comfortable to express that their performances ignite passion.


If you love watching curvy models walk down the street, especially in tight blue jeans, we’re certain you are going to love this big sexy girl match. In the UK, on certain sites, this would border on a fantasy match. Not in Germany. The Femwrestle events almost always encourage the girls to bring their A game. This is one very erotic and intense match. article, photo article, photo

Desiree is a pleasant surprise and the English journey fighter Thunder was surprised as well, though we are not sure how pleasant a surprise it was.


When we researched Femwrestle’s inventory and saw this match on the schedule, we had to purchase.

We know and love Shay from way back but we weren’t sure what to make of Ultra. Lets’ just say we are very ecstatic about what we saw. article, photo article, photo

This is a match where these two British Maidens meet for the first time. It’s worth the wait. We purchased and this in one long grueling battle.


Mystique has evolved into such a formidable force that whomever she wrestles should bring their A plus game and most of the time even that is not enough to defeat the slender UK Champion.

Scorpion has evolved into a very tough wrestler as many of the Czech girls have found out the hard way.

These two English Princesses really go at it and don’t understand what half speed means. article, photo article, photo

Their passion makes England proud.

Wow. Those were exciting.

If you decide to attend a Femwrestle event, where would be a sensational and tasty restaurant to take a break?

We looked for a restaurant that is passionate about their food and we found one.

Please meet The Restaurant Adria.

At they set dining place mats and the welcome mat too.

“We are passionate about quality and freshness!”

“Since 1973, the name “The Restaurant Adria” in Troisdorf for full dente hospitality. article, photo article, photo

Opposite the train station on the way to Troisdorf City, the traditional home of Saracevic family.

In addition to Mediterranean specialties we offer a high-quality international cuisine with seasonal dishes. Succulent Argentinian steaks from selected cattle, lamb from New Zealand, tasty dishes with game fish and poultry and of course a wide selection of fresh salads complete our daily offer. Rounding out the epicurean specialty course by selected wines and fine digestives. article, photo article, photo

We can accommodate parties up to 40 people. article, photo article, photo

For visitors and exhibitors of trade fairs in Cologne, the restaurant has become a secret. The proximity of Cologne, with its excellent transport links and renowned hotel accommodations in Troisdorf worth the visit.

Let yourself just once spoiled by our team. We are looking forward to your visit.”

What are satisfied and well-fed customers saying about them?

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”… Howard Schultz

 At the wonderful travel and review site, Trip Advisor, the praises and delicious tummy rubbings are evident.

“I often travel to Troisdorf for business and this has become my “standard” restaurant. The food is always good and nicely presented, the portions generous, and the price quite reasonable. One negative point is that the menu hasn’t changed a bit in the last 9 months, however every week they offer a few different seasonal dishes (presented on a blackboard).”

“For people enjoying a well-served meal plate, this is a very good address. I tried it during the asparagus season and the menu was full of plates with this nice vegetable. I had a grilled salmon with asparagus and I did not regret it! I saw the mixed grill plate and it was looking great!”

What a passionate combination. Watching British beauties compete hard and then enjoying a memorable meal with the locals.

This is an experience that should ignite your passion. The UK girls often do.

~ ~ ~


Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.