Social changes that catch us off guard often find us sitting down in a movie theater and we can’t believe our eyes and if we are parents, we’re extremely glad our young children were not sitting next to us. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

As time goes on, and society begins to lower its guard, what was once startling moves to uncomfortable and slide lands into grudging acceptance.

We’ve seen this occur in the film industry.

According to a 2004 article in the New York Times, “A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health has found that a decade of ”ratings creep” has allowed more violent and sexually explicit content into films, suggesting that movie raters have grown more lenient in their standards.”

They continue pointing to a study of 1,906 feature films between 1992 and 2003 which found more violence and sex in PG movies (”Parental guidance suggested”) and more of those elements and profanity in PG-13 movies (”Parents strongly cautioned”). It also found more sex and profanity in R-rated movies (”Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian”) than a decade ago. When you look at the average, today’s PG-13 movies are approaching what the R movies looked like in 1992.

The skillet is on the stove and slowing getting warmed up.

The canary is flying out of the cave.

Twerking is gaining in popularity around the globe. article, photo article, photo

For some it seems to be new, but for many of us, it seems like we’ve seen it before.

The hysterically funny 1990s TV Comedy, “In Living Color” had the Fly Girls who seemed to mesmerize with some form of twerking. article, photo article, photo

The NBA cheerleaders seemed to be twerking long before twerking was known as twerking.

What is twerking?

Proving that it has grinded its way into the mainstream, twerking can be defined by the Oxford Online Dictionary as, “Dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance.”

That’s a very upper crust way of saying “booty shaking” to primarily rap or electronica music.

The fun dictionary is a little less kind and in terms of the movement’s origins, less accurate. They snarl, “The act of moving, shaking ones butt, buns, bottom, buttocks, bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion. Basically a slutty dance. Derived from strip clubs.”

Originating in strip clubs?

Speaking to its origins, Wikipedia, always a reliable sources explains, “The dance move originates from West Africa (for instance the mapouka dance) and has been around for several generations. article, photo article, photo

The dance originally was not done with sexual intent until it hit the hip hop scene in America in the early 1990s, where it became sexualized as part of the hip hop industry performed by video models in rap videos.

In 1995, New Orleans-based rapper Cheeky Blakk recorded the song “Twerk Something!” a call-and-response dance song dedicated to twerking.

In March 2013, American pop singer Miley Cyrus posted a video on Facebook which featured her performing a twerking routine while wearing a unicorn suit, to the 2011 single “Wop” by J. Dash. The popularity of the video, along with parodies and responses made by fans, influenced the song’s re-emergence on the Billboard Hot 100.

It has spread to the four corners of the globe including Siberia.

Boasting more than 29 million views, Russia has some exciting ‘Booty Cuties’. article, Phatbootycutiesvideo Instagram article, Phatbootycutiesvideo Instagram

The informative site in August of 2014 reports, “Yelena Yatkina, 23, founder of Fraules Dancing Centre, Novosibirsk, has achieved amazing international acclaim, highlighted by the recent visit from American dancer Danielle Polanco, choreographer for Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez.

The international focus on Yelena’s school came after a video made by Zhenya Remizovskiy, which has now amassed more than twenty nine million hits on YouTube. You can watch Yelena and her students in this ‘nothing butt the best’ performance here.”

So with all of the twerking cuties all over the net, how do you decipher which girls are no more than electronic strip club imitators of fitness innovators?

There actually are some signs.


The MPAA (Movie Picture Association of America) has been rating movies since 1968.

How about Femcompetitor Magazine provide a booty shaking (BS) online video rating system.

If the indicators lean more towards strip club (SC) gratuity we’ll nudge it towards SC.

If the indicators lean more towards sexy but fitness regime (FR) we’ll nudge it that way.

We’ll rank in the importance of influence.

  1. When watching the video, if the girl is in a thong or panties, we don’t care if she’s shaking to Swan Lake, nudge it towards SC. Attire is everything.
  2. If the sweet heart in the video is shaking to music filled with profanity and strong sexual lyrics, even in coveralls, push it towards SC.
  3. Location, location, location. If the beauty is in a bar, strip club, her bedroom, alley or similar, we’ve got to nudge it towards SC.
  4. No matter the location if there are a group of males sitting around watching with their tongues hanging out, even up in the Penthouse Suite, it’s SC.
  5. If the camera man is acting like the candy man with lots of close ups focusing on the bottom, absolutely SC.

There’s hope.

  1. If our pretty girl in Yoga attire is bouncing in a modern gym to cool pulsating electronica, we’re becoming more open minded and tip it towards FR.
  2. If the shapely maiden is twerking along with a group of other women, of various ages and sizes, now we’re okay with it getting an FR rating.

Now mind you ratings are always subject to change but given the popularity, we think this might be a good starting place.

One thing is certain about twerking. It sure seems to bring a smile to the people watching it. Male or female. There are smiles all over the room. The other aspect to this phenomenon is that it’s hard to remain still when there is some great twerking going on. article, photo article, photo

Is twerking a fad? Maybe. But you know what? In terms of it becoming more mainstream?

I think I hear someone in the kitchen gently placing a skillet on the stove.

~ ~ ~