Making up her mind and changing her mind, well, interchangeably is a woman’s prerogative.

Having said that, when it comes to watching beautiful women competing in Tri Athlete Suits designed for various sports, we suspect it’s even hard for a man to make up his mind as to whether the Tri Attire is more sexy or functional. article, photo credit

The manufacturers at seem to lean towards the more functional aspects. “Race to the finish in the highest quality triathlon suits for women from leading brands. offers a large selection of women’s trisuits ranging from entry level women’s trisuits for beginners to the most aerodynamic, friction reducing racing trisuits for women worn by professional. Our one-piece triathlon suits for women include wide ranging features such as triathlon suits with pockets for long distance triathlon racing and training, lightweight aerodynamic women’s triathlon suits for experienced triathletes, women’s trisuits with front zippers or back zippers and much more. article, photo credit

Shop for women’s triathlon suits at and you will find the right trisuit to meet your tri racing and training needs.”

We’ve been there. Their website is worth checking out and they even have a chat option.

Focusing on the swimming aspect the informative site shares, “A tri suit promises to improve your comfort and performance in all of three triathlon events. When swimming, a tri suit can reduce drag while providing you with full range of motion in your shoulders to optimize your stroke. A tri suit is no substitute for focused training, but it may give you a slight edge come race day.”

The skin-skimming fabric used for tri suits reduces water resistance as you swim.

One of the largest differences between a Tri Suit and a one piece outfit is that the Tri Suit can enhance your bike racing, running and swimming ability at races.

We really enjoyed visiting article, photo credit

She’s up front that she wants her Tri Outfits to be sexy too.

“Enhance and intensify one’s vision of that synthesis of truth and beauty which is the highest and deepest reality.”…Ovid

Time for a meet and greet. “I have been a freelance graphic designer in the endurance sports industry since 1996. Aside from designing kick-ass race kits and product graphics, I can also help you take your brand to the next level with logo design, catalogs, advertising, t-shirts, event graphics and much more.

Fun clients have included; AVIA,, Her Sports + Fitness magazine, Kestrel, K-Swiss, GracedByGrit,, Pactimo, rykä, Tone It Up®, Triathlete magazine, Wattie Ink, World Triathlon Corporation, Zipp and Zoot (yes, this is shameless name dropping).

I founded Betty Designs in 2010 on the desire to fill a void in the women’s endurance sports market. Built on the concept that women can be both strong + beautiful, Betty Designs has blossomed into one of the most recognizable brands in endurance sports—keeping its edge with bold, playful patterns and graphics in addition to high-profile collaborations with top level athletes and brands.

Rooted in triathlon but transcending beyond with a full line of performance and lifestyle pieces for cycling, running, SUP and surf, Betty Designs continues to push the boundaries and remind strong + feminine women everywhere that #BadAssIsBeautiful.”

That’s pretty straightforward isn’t it? She really loves the whole skull and cross bones thing. article, photo credit

Why don’t we continue along the sexy lines since we majorly love sexy?

Please enjoy.

Tri Suits – Features to Look For in a Good Tri Suit article, photo credit

By Kate Christie

Tri suits are an all-in-one outfit that can be worn throughout every leg of a triathlon. Most tri suits are water resistant and designed to streamline the body in water as well as on land. They are made using advanced technical materials that dry very quickly on leaving the water and most come with a pad, or chamois, that improves comfort in the saddle on the cycle leg but doesn’t impede running.

If you compete in or are interested in competing in triathlon you will certainly need a good tri suit. Although what you wear in training is less important than when you are competing you should still train in a tri suit to get used to the feeling and to make sure it is comfortable and a good fit. The worst possible discomfort during such a long endurance race is chafing and unless you have the right suit this can be a real problem.

If you are just starting out and looking for a tri suit there are plenty of entry level suits on the market, at the lower end of the price spectrum. At this kind of level a suit should be comfortable and breathable, with an easy-to-use zip. It should not rub or chafe, and preferably have a thin chamois.

Most suits are made using material that is breathable and that dries rapidly once you’re out of the water and on the bike. At any level a tri suit should be a tight fit, but not too tight so that it becomes uncomfortable.

At the next level up, for those wanting to train and race more frequently, tri suits should be fully breathable and totally water repellent. You should look for one that has a fast-drying chamois and has mesh paneling. Some suits have pockets for longer distances, when you might need to stash an energy bar or gel.

Most tri suits fit under a wetsuit for the swim leg but bear in mind that if you are competing in a swim that does not require a wetsuit, pockets on a tri suit could cause extra drag in the water and slow you down.

Generally the more you spend the more technically advanced a tri suit will be. For top performance athletes who are looking for the most advantage from their equipment a good tri suit is imperative. It needs to be breathable but completely water repellent, thin, light and designed with speed in mind, with features such as flatlock stitching to prevent chafing, a thin chamois that dries quickly, easy-to-use zips, and leg grippers – these help to keep the suit from riding up as you cycle and run.

Tri suits are all designed with speed and performance in mind, but there are many different designs on the market, to suit all levels of athlete and different body shapes. Women’s suits are cut differently to men’s to suit the different proportions of women for maximum comfort and efficiency, and many have a built in bra to provide an all-in-one solution.

Tri suits are made using different materials, with various features, and with different distances in mind, but all can be worn during all of the disciplines throughout the whole triathlon. They make the transitions much easier and quicker as you can wear a tri suit under a wetsuit and do not have to change between disciplines.

Prices of tri suits vary depending on the number of features provided and the types of materials used, but at any level a good tri suit will improve your performance and provide comfort for the duration of the race.

For more information on tri suits [] and other triathlon products, training programmes and events visit []

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