August 18, 2020,

Myriads of choices and options. It’s what makes life grand.

We desire what we want, in an abundance of flavors.

What makes having a choice enjoyable as opposed to overwhelming?

Yes, having too many choices can be unsettling if you have to make a decision in a very short amount of time.

An item that has been missing from retail stores, who themselves have not temporarily closed, are webcams.

People are communicating more than ever with loved ones and friends through the wonderful technology of the webcam.

Having said that, as one of our friends found out, if you made the decision to purchase a webcam, you had to do it quick before they were all gone. The question became, given that there are hundreds of models out there, which one do you choose in a short amount of time?

One of the few benefits of this sheltering in mandate and stay at home new normal is that we do have a lot more time on our hands. True.

Even if you are retired and used to go to the gym, now most of them are closed.

Time to work out at home. You have plenty of time. How do you decide which personal trainer to follow? You will have a ton of choices.

As reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is how Fitness Trainers and Aerobic Instructions are defined. They instruct or coach groups or individuals in exercise activities.

They demonstrate techniques and form, observe participants, and explain to them corrective measures necessary to improve their skills.

Here is an interesting tidbit.

This category excludes teachers classified in 25-0000 Education, Training, and Library Occupations. Excludes “Coaches and Scouts” (27-2022) and “Athletic Trainers” (29-9091).

Glad we got clarification.

So what are the current numbers? 308,470.

That is up from 267,000 in 2012.

Our friends, you now have a lot of choices. But, hey? You sure have a lot more time to pick one.

So how do we start?

We looked at some of the more globally popular ones since virtually all are streaming some sort of product and what we chose to whittle those numbers down were essentially their opening statements.

As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Jennifer Widerstrom is an American fitness model and personal trainer.,,, articles,

She appears as a trainer on the American version of the television series The Biggest Loser, replacing Jillian Michaels.

She also appeared on American Gladiators, as the female gladiator Phoenix, in 2008 for its second season.

Jennifer then participated in the 2015 documentary titled “Why Am I So Fat”?

Here is her opening statement.

“Your beliefs shift your biology. Period. Whatever you’re processing upstairs as your loudest voice will be physically processed through your bones to your skin. Real change begins when you recognize that YOU have the answers within you to change your life. Yup, you heard me. What you have been viewing as obstacles are actually opportunities to shift the daily tides in your favor. Your habits will decide your future, and together I will help guide you in building ones that keep you loving and living as the most real, significant, you.”

How do you like it? Obstacles into opportunities. We like that.

If you enjoy dance cardio but also like variety like mixing things up with a treadmill, this platform for the best streaming workouts could be perfect for you. Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser’s on-demand platform offers full-length workouts as well as short 10- to 20-minute ones, and levels of difficulty range from beginner to advanced.

Anna Kaiser is an American fitness professional, choreographer, and entrepreneur.,,, articles,

In 2016 and 2017, Greatist named Ms. Kaiser as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. She has worked as the personal trainer to Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Duff, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Anna co-hosted the television show My Diet Is Better Than Yours and had a fashion line at Target in 2016.

Here is her opening statement at her website. “Developed by Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser, AKT is a prescription based dance concept, deeply rooted in movement and positive energy. Fueled by positivity and a belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact, AKT is for all body types and fitness levels. With this positivity and combination of personal training and movement-based technique, AKT empowers members to become stronger in their bodies, minds, and communities – and they have fun doing it!”

Fueled by positivity. We sure can use that mindset right now. Good to know. What do you think?

How about just one more, because after all, too many choices can rattle the brain.

Jeanette Jenkins goes by title, The Hollywood Trainer.,,, articles, thehollywoodtrainer.com_

We’re pf ftp a really good start with that title.

Widely considered a Fitness Rock Star, Jeanette has worked with Pink, Alicia Keys, and Amber Rose, among other A-listers.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Please. Here goes.

“Jeanette Jenkins is one of Hollywood’s most sought after Healthy Living Coaches with over 28years of experience, founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer.

LLC.  author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan and creator of “The Hollywood Trainer Club” a Virtual Online Healthy Living & Weight Loss Club with everything you need to lose weight, get in shape & make healthy living a lifetime habit!

She is the creator of the internationally successful Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection with 18 DVD’s sold worldwide in 14 different countries and online and on her downloadable platform including Bikini Bootcamp, Power Yoga and CardioKickboxing.”

Very impressive.

Making fitness a lifetime habit. In it to win it for certain. We love that.

Okay, so we’ve narrowed down the choices for you and given what we’ve researched, these incredible ladies are just the tip of the healthy smoothie iceberg.

There are so many impressive fitness instructors to choose from.

Now that you have some top tier choices and options that only begs one question.

What are you waiting for?

~ ~ ~

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