April 21, 2019,

Everyone should see a therapist.

That is the gospel according to the beautiful statuesque Swiss tennis star Timea Bacinszky.

She has seen one herself and is forthcoming enough to talk about it.

A lot. During interviews. Like she is still in therapy. Or needs to see another one. Which she herself professes that she needs more of.

Therapy. And interviews.

Which makes for a great cerebral discussion.  

She loves to talk. And talk some more. During interviews. And after interviews.

Which makes you wonder, was she this talkative before or after therapy? No doubt during.


And hey, we love it.

She makes for a wonderful interview. Did we already say that?

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, Australian Open photo credit

In English or French. She’s fluent in both so when she plays in England or America she can sit down with an English speaking therapist or when she is in France, she can relax with a French one.

When you view her tennis career you might surmise with the many ups and downs she has endured, it would send anyone into therapy, physical or mental, probably with multiple tennis personalities.

Timea is trying very hard to settle on one personality. The winning one, which at times has been very dormant or absent.

Timea Bacsinszky is a Swiss professional tennis player who has won four singles and five doubles titles (winning Timea personality) on the WTA Tour.

A former top-10 player, Ms. Bacsinszky reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 9 on 16 May 2016.

As of January 14, 2019, she was ranked 145 in the world (struggling Timea personality).

As of May 20, 2019, she is ranked number 100 in the world (surging Timea personality).

She had her breakthrough year in singles in 2015, winning a career-best 15 consecutive matches spanning two titles, and then reaching the semifinals of the French Open, the first time she advanced past the third round of a Major. She also reached her first Premier Mandatory final at the China Open and became the first Swiss female tennis player to be ranked in the top 10 since Martina Hingis in 2007 (Swiss Miss Timea personality).

She once again reached the semifinals of the French Open in 2017. She also reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in 2015, and of the French Open in 2016.

Those are incredible numbers and perhaps the best part, she has earned over $6,505,288 in prize money (luxury shopping Timea personality).

We love all of Timea’s personalities and most of all we love watching her play.

Okay, a little fib.

We love looking at her as much as we love watching her play.

This girl is absolutely gorgeous.

Okay, this time the truth. We love watching her more than we love watching her play. She is incredibly tall, tanned, blonde and extremely good looking.

With a winning personality and a great sense of humor.

We’ve been to therapy.

A lot.

It tends to inspire you to tell the truth.

Ms. Bacsinszky, who first picked up a racket at age 5, was pushed hard to succeed in youth tennis by her father, a tennis coach from Romania.

According to an online source, she has stated that she resented him for this and remains estranged from him, though she still developed a passion for competitive tennis.

Hmm, she’s made over $6 mil and she can’t stand the guy?

We know what you are thinking but we are too classy to say it.

What we admire most about Timea is her fighting spirit. It is not how many times that you get knocked down in life, it is how many times that you get back up.

Timea suffered a serious foot injury in the spring of 2011, requiring surgery and a long recovery.

She returned at the Fed Cup the following February then used her protected ranking to play several WTA tournaments. She also played a number of ITF Women’s Circuit events. However, she decided to skip the Olympics for personal reasons and soon took a hiatus from tennis altogether.

Not one to just live off of her substantial winnings, Timea ended up working in restaurants and bars while preparing to attend hotel management school.

Drunk or sober, as a customer sitting at her bar, we sense that she was extremely easy to talk to and make you smile. Maybe bare your soul to.

Like you would to a therapist.

Soon something would happen that would spark her desire to play again and give you a free drink, possibly the whole bottle, before she quit the bar.

In May of 2013, Timea received an email, stating she was eligible to compete in that month’s French Open qualifier. With no practice and having to take time off work, she drove from Lausanne to Paris; she lost her first match but felt her passion for the game reignited.

On her way back, she would need the help of a great coach who in some ways are therapists.

Thus she hired Dimitri Zavialoff, former coach of compatriot Stan Wawrinka, and committed herself to reviving her tennis career.


Let’s change that and try again.

Thus she hired Dimitri Zavialoff, former coach of compatriot Stan Wawrinka, and dedicated herself to reviving her tennis career.

Okay, that sounds better.

Her gradual return to the WTA Tour reached a big milestone at the 2014 Wuhan Open when she upset No. 4, Maria Sharapova, in the third round. A few weeks later, she won her fourth career doubles title.

The incredible talent was always there, she just needed the passion and desire to match it.

2015 would be a huge breakthrough year.


Let’s try that again.

2015 would be a huge comeback year.

Our Swiss star began the year in Shenzhen, upsetting No. 4 Petra Kvitová in the semifinal before losing to No. 3 Simona Halep in her first WTA final in five years.

She then reached the third round of the Australian Open followed by back-to-back titles in Mexico at Acapulco and Monterrey, beating Caroline Garcia in both finals. As a result, her ranking rose into the top 30 for the first time. She continued this good form at the Indian Wells Premier Mandatory, defeating No. 8 Ekaterina Makarova in route to the quarterfinals where she lost to No. 1 Serena Williams, thereby ending her win streak at a career-best 15 matches.

By any standards, that is impressive.

What you will love most about Timea is her honesty, incredible sense of humor and very winning personality. Her interviews are infectious and you absolutely want to watch more.

Her internal beauty far exceeds her physical one.

Remember, we’ve been trained to tell the truth.

She is a philosopher too and this second time around she is making it very clear that she realizes that, at 29 years old, she is on a time table. Timea does not want injuries to decide when she retires.

She wants to leave on her own terms.

At her vibrant website timea-b.com she inspires, “She pushes back her limits on a daily basis to try to improve her game more and more, to get better on the court, and to find solutions for every situation she is in. This is what she does and will do, no matter what. Limitless.”

Her play at the extremely competitive 2019 Australian Open was brilliant as she made it to the third round. You can enjoy her entrance with the 2016 French Open champion in Garbine Muguruza here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YggVRu9evEk

Her popularity around the world has endeared her to fantastic sponsors like Babolat racquets and Asics clothes. She previously had her apparel supplied by Lacoste and her shoes by Nike. She is also an ambassador for Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

We hope Timea plays for a long time. Her two fisted down the line shots are mind bending and amazing. She has the ability to light the courts up with her big serve.

From our view, when Timea is at the top of her game, no one is more entertaining to watch.

For us, as passionate fans of women’s tennis, watching her compete is by far the best therapy around.

~ ~ ~