June 20, 2020,

Optimizing personal satisfaction is one of the most important goals in life.


When you analyze your life categorically, depending upon your age, when it comes to your satisfaction with how things are going, where would you rate your happiness?

The main pathways of health, education, career, love, family, friends, faith, home and money are almost always on the list. How high upon the list and which order depends upon the individual.

How often do you take stock? How can you take stock?

Why not imitate a customer satisfaction survey because after all, in your life, who is the most important customer?

Every product or service is made for its customers. When you think about it, the product created is designed to either solve their problems or fulfill their needs.

View your life categories as your personal products.

Every day, you’re making an effort to improve your satisfaction in all of the above major categories.

Some survey’s we find annoying and rarely take them. Insurance and banking come to mind because what we expect from them is fairly simple.

With insurance we are virtually never happy because we hate paying for it without seeing anything tangible in return. As the expression goes, insurance is a terrible thing until you need it.

With banking as long as the agent is pleasant and gets our financial figures correct, that’s virtually all that we seek when we go into a bank.

As far as the long waits, we know that is not the clerk’s fault because typically that is because the bank has made a decision to keep costs down and not hire enough people. Why take a survey about something you know ahead of time they don’t really care about?

Our time is too valuable for that.

Let’s peer at a sample survey that we do take the time to participate in, especially since from time to time, we travel extensively.

For example, after you have stayed at a hotel you might receive an email with a survey similar to this one found at customerthermometer.com

Hotel Satisfaction Survey Questions

  • What was the reason for your visit?
  • Were you alone or in a group?
  • Why did you choose this hotel?
  • How did you book your stay with us?
  • Were the staff friendly and helpful?
  • Did the staff respond quickly?
  • Was your room comfortable and clean?
  • Did you eat at the hotel?

You’ve seen this type of survey before, true?

So let’s survey your life.

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Have you found love? Do you like your living situation? Your job? Are you making the type of money that you think you should?

The next typical question on your personal survey might be regarding how to improve the deficiencies. Often with this area is comes down to a time commitment.

The area of love can be a challenging one.

Maybe the most challenging since so much of it is out of our control.

Somehow we hope that it just happens. While we are going to college, walking down the street, showing up to a party, relaxing at a coffee shop or perhaps while at the super market.

Best wishes on that.

As the song goes, Love Takes Time.

The French rarely do romantic comedies similar to Hollywood but the film In Bed With Victoria takes a stab at it.

In Bed with Victoria is a 2016 French romantic comedy-drama film directed by Justine Triet. It was screened in the International Critics’ Week section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The talented actress Efira received a Magritte Award for Best Actress at the 7th Magritte Awards for her role in the film.

Victoria is a thirty-something lawyer who’s looking for stability and true love in her life struggling with her past. Her search is not evident but finally, she realizes the fact that love should not be always searched.

The film has it’s moments but ultimately we conclude that an effort should be made to improve your satisfaction in this area and from dating services to joining organizations where the type of person you think you are looking for is most likely to be a member, we advocate being active.

The purpose of taking a survey is to see how to improve areas that are not at the level that we like.

At least in the area of employment you can exert more control and purpose.

Is it possible at the company you work for that you can apply for a better position? Be pro-active.

In terms of making more money, sometimes the two go hand in hand.

The fact that you are even thinking about making an improvement is the first start.

Coming up with a plan is the next step and there, sometimes we need help.

Here are a few reads on the Good Housekeeping list that maybe should be on your list.

‘Girl Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis may be a good place to start. Love the title.

At goodhousekeeping.com they share, “In this New York Times bestseller, Rachel Hollis, founder and CEO of TheChicSite.com, identifies 20 lies people tell themselves to hold themselves back. Using her own (messy) life as a test case, she shows how to stop saying things like “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “I’m a terrible writer” to live a more joyful and productive life.”

So enlightening. We still desire more optimization.

Let’s look at money. We all want more of that. True?

Love this title as well. ‘You Are a Badass at Making Money’ by Jen Sincero.

Here is her thoughts, “Jen Sincero, life coach and author of You Are a Badass, wants to help women eliminate the obstacles that keep them from getting rich. And she should know: She admits she was once a poor freelance writer until she decided she wanted to make more money. “If my broke ass can do it,” she writes, “you can do it, too, no matter how rickety or hopeless you may feel right now.”

Now, please take a deep breath and think about your health. As many of us find out the hard way, once it is compromised, it can be so hard to get back.

An ounce of prevention is worth far more than 100 pounds of cure.

We want to keep living a healthy life for as long as we can. ‘How Not To Die’ by Michael Greger, MD just might the catalyst to enhance that possibility.

“Nutritionist Michael Greger, M.D., delves into the 15 leading causes of death in this country, and then prescribes foods to eat and avoid if you’re at risk for those conditions. He also includes a checklist of 12 items we should all eat every day if we want to live forever. (And who doesn’t?)”

Good question.

Okay friends. In terms of your life, how high is the needle on your happiness and optimization chart, category by category?

If you haven’t done so recently, maybe now is a great time to take a survey and answer those questions written by you.

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