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You can never get too much of a good thing and you can never have enough of a great thing.

For years Avon has provided women with wonderfully scented perfumes that seemed essential to the marriage of elegance, style and fragrance.

Their perfume products have been a very great find.

Avon Products, Inc, known as Avon, founded by David H. McConnell in 1886 is a direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. Avon had annual sales of $5.7 billion worldwide in 2017.

It is the fifth-largest beauty company and, with 6.4 million representatives, is the second largest direct-selling enterprise in the world (after Amway). Avon Products is a multi-level marketing company.

Times have changed and as often the case, the change merchant is the online marketplace.

As reported at the news and information source pymnts.com, in recent years Avon weathered some tough times, as direct-to-consumer beauty has gone online and digital.

Between 2007 and 2014 the brand’s sales plummeted, falling by nearly half. In 2015 Avon sold 80.1 percent of its U.S. business of private equity firm Cerberus for $170 million to focus on its more promising-looking overseas businesses.

To turn things around, understandably Avon had to make changes.

They’ve been investing in eCommerce technology and cost-cutting to the tune of $400 million by 2021 and a recalibration of Avon’s entire product line to put it more closely in line with consumer demand.

The goal is to remove the products that are selling minimally and cluttering up the catalog.

It is always helpful to introduce new products to discover which ones will increase sales.

Avon is the very proud parent of their new baby.

In early February of 2019, Avon expanded their Eve fragrance collection with the launch of Eve Truth.

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For a brand to gain global popularity it is recommended to use a beautiful star as a Product Ambassador. Avon found one for Eve Truth in the mesmerizing movie star Eva Mendes.

Her acting career began in the late 1990s, with a series of roles in B films such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000).

Ms. Mendes’s performance in Training Day (2001) marked a turning point in her career, and led to parts in the commercially successful films 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) and Hitch (2005).

Our beauty has appeared in several music videos for artists like Will Smith, and has also been an ambassador for brands other brands besides Avon, including Calvin Klein, Cartier, Reebok, Pantene shampoo, Morgan, and Peek & Cloppenburg. She has designed for New York & Company and is the creative director of CIRCA Beauty, a makeup line sold at Walgreens.

That is a sweet smelling resume.

The industry site perfumerflavorist.com shares their joy announcing Eves Truth’s launch, “Created by French perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, the female fragrance is a floral and fruity scent that features top notes of starfruit and pomegranate; heart notes of peony, gardenia and pink freesia; and bottom notes of velvet musk, amber and cedarwood. The fragrance will launch in Q1 2019 and will be supported by a digital marketing and advertising campaign, featuring celebrity Eva Mendes.”

As a beautiful woman, are you seeking a way to improve your perfume collection? Eve Truth appears to be a wonderful choice.

Now we turn our attention to the source as Avon expands upon the events surrounding their new pride and joy.

LONDON, Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Avon will expand its multi award-winning Eve fragrance collection this quarter, building on the success of what is already one of the top brands in the Avon portfolio. Hollywood star Eva Mendes is the ambassador of the Eve brand and the new Eve Truth Eau De Parfum will launch in Q1 2019 in the majority of Avon’s 50 countries worldwide.

Eve Truth is the latest premium, long-long-lasting fragrance from the bestselling Eve brand.  Eve Duet, the first fragrance in the Eve line up, won a highly coveted Fragrance Foundation Award last year. By building on this top-selling brand’s success Avon is hoping to increase its fragrance category market share. The bolstered collection will support Representatives in building their businesses, with a compelling fragrance and celebrity equity that will excite and entice customers with luxury at an accessible price.

Created by world-renowned French perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, who has over 10 Fragrance Foundation Awards to his name, Eve Truth will launch with the backing and support of a strong digital marketing and advertising campaign.

The captivating fragrance has been created to give women the freedom to be themselves. It blends delicate flowers, energetic fruits and sensual minerals – including living magnetite, the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on earth – to reflect the modern woman’s freedom to amplify her ‘true self’.

“I’m honoured to be the face of Eve Truth, which reflects women’s many layers and provides a full fragrance experience to embody the modern woman,” says Eva Mendes. “Sharing my truth with other women and asking them to share their truth with me is how I stay connected with the amazing women in my life.”

Tatiana Piccolo, Vice President Global Fragrance at Avon explains that fragrance is a key category for modernising the brand and leveraging the strength of Avon’s innovation. “We have a tremendous opportunity to build market share further and improve brand perception as we develop compelling consumer propositions like Eve Truth, to build Avon’s position as a global fragrance powerhouse.”

The fragrance launch is yet another step in the Avon transformation, as the business opens up to partnerships and strategic alliances to deliver on-trend, high-quality, accessibly priced beauty to all.

Louise Scott, Chief Scientific Officer, said: “The launch of Eve Truth is extremely exciting for our millions of beauty entrepreneurs and their customers because this really is a premium fragrance made accessible to everyone. We’ve worked with world-class perfumers and top-quality ingredients to create a beautiful scent that lasts.”

About Avon Products Inc.

For 130 years Avon has stood for women: providing innovative, quality beauty products which are primarily sold to women, through women.  Millions of independent Representatives across the world sell iconic Avon brands such as Avon Color and ANEW through their social networks, building their own beauty businesses on a full- or part-time basis.  Avon supports women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship and well-being and has donated over $1billion to women’s causes through Avon and the Avon Foundation.  Learn more about Avon and its products at www.avonworldwide.com. #Stand4Her

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