Susan Strong was an exceptional entertainer blessed with beauty and charisma.

If you close your eyes and visualize a statuesque perfectly shaped brunette, with soft facial features, full lips, vibrant dark eyes and looks of Great Britain, would you like to watch her wrestle another feminine woman in real competition?

Of course you would.

Since that little exercise is now completed what you’ve just done is recreate one of the most popular female wrestlers from the 1990s in Ms. Susan Strong. article - photo credit article – photo credit

This writer first viewed Susan standing against the wrestling ropes on those famous light colored TPC mats getting ready to take on a sexy girl positioned for battle on the other side of the ring.

The announcer would say “Wrestle On” and with a tight smile on her face, Susan would stroll to the center of the ring, proving that women are truly a work of art and then get down to wrestling.

Mostly Susan engaged in the fantasy realm but when called upon in front of an audience as she did when she faced the always tough Ria Klein, Susan could gamely compete as well. article - photo credit article – photo credit

Some of her contemporaries during that time period that she grappled were Lisa Marie, Stacey Lane, Kara Fox, Jodie Lee, Anna Michaels, Luna Winter, Angela Scott, shapely Kelly Blair, a newer girl named Gisela and many more.

One of her most impressive matches was when she easily defeated an always steady Anna Michaels.

That was my introduction and here is another one shared at her site “Susan’s first match was a private apartment style wrestling bout against English strong girl Maggie who is both experienced and heavier than Susan. Talk about jumping into the deep end!

Maggie was rated No 1 by TPC and top 3 in Europe among women wrestlers. Susan showed in this match although a novice she would always make her opponent fight and would not easily submit.

Maggie proved to be too strong, experienced and very fit as she sapped Susan’s strength and made her submit with some punishing holds.

A loss? Perhaps… but Susan certainly shows she’s game!

Susan Strong started wrestling in 1991 for T.P.C. and quickly became a very popular fighter.

In fighting trim, Susan was 5’9″ – 130lbs – 36c-25-36 with curly brown hair.

Over the years Susan wrestled in all styles from full competitive, catfights, erotic and mixed matches. Always in the top 3 of female fighters for TPC Susan never refused to face any opponent, she traveled extensively in Europe and the USA for matches, some in front of and audience and others in private.

Susan has faced top females and always would give 100 per cent. Her opponents respected her for the determination she showed even when outclassed or outweighed by her opponent, this character won her many fans worldwide.

On this site see some of the best Susan Strong classic matches.”

When I used to purchase Susan’s matches from Phil at TPC, the company listed an address in Dereham, England. Female Competition International makes every effort to educate our readers about the global world that showcases women’s wrestling competition. Part of the reason we will highlight a city or region and its history is to give you a feel for that part of the world. In our research often we have had our eyes opened and learned so much as well. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

Let’s now visit Dereham.

Ever with an eye on the world, Wikipedia shares, “Dereham, also known as East Dereham, is a town and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. It is situated on the A47 road, some 15 miles (25 km) west of the city of Norwich and 25 miles (40 km) east of King’s Lynn.

The civil parish has an area of 21.51 km2 (8.31 sq. mi) and in the 2001 census had a population of 15,659 in 6,941 households. For the purposes of local government, Dereham falls within, and is the center of administration for, the district of Breckland. The town should not be confused with the Norfolk village of West Dereham, which lies about 25 miles (40 km) away. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

Since 1983 Dereham has been twinned with the town of Rüthen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is also twinned with Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf, France.”

The world famous educational source adds, “East Dereham is an agricultural center, producing farm equipment and containing flour mills.”

What I also enjoyed was looking up the local newspaper which takes a very folksy approach in a small town sort of way in reporting the news. Here is an example of how it reaches out to the locals to participate in expressing their views. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

“Do you have something to say or ask about your area? The Dereham Times has teamed up with to give you a place to voice opinions and share practical information and advice with people living nearby.

The local social network connects you with your neighbors so you can swap recommendations, alert people to important news, discuss the things you love about Dereham, and have a little grumble about those you don’t.

It’s like chatting over the garden fence but with lots of neighbors and at times that suit you.”

Like most female wrestlers, Susan traveled the world and here is what another reviewer, had to say about her.

“Susan Strong was a well-known and noted free-style wrestler. Although never contracted to the BWA, Sue did make a few appearances from 1989 to 91 for Action Promotions. Sue never felt comfortable in the Pro Rings and didn’t make much headway in that particular scene. However, she took on some noted opposition when allowed to use her Freestyle Amateur prowess in the rings, and with surprising results.

Just as Sue found it difficult to adapt to Ring Wrestling, a few well known Pros fell victim to Sue`s own brand of grappling which was totally different.

Sometimes she wrestled under the name `L.A. Sue` drawing notice to the fact she had wrestled in the USA.”

Whether you reach a lot of people or have a profound impact on a few people, their memories of you are your afterlife”….Greg Graffin article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

As you can see, many of us deeply appreciated Susan’s wrestling and her superb ability to entertain. We say this often but it always holds true. During that time period I saw so many Susan Strong matches that I thought it would go on forever but of course it never does. One day it always ends and there is a deep sadness because you know it will never be repeated. Life truly is about enjoying the moments and cherishing the competitors like Susan who make them so special.

As of this writing Susan has retired to New Zealand.

Female Competition International would like to humbly take a moment to wish her happiness in her new life and express thanks for the beautiful way she entertained in the former one.

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