Secrets will forever be kept, and you didn’t hear it from us, but when you travel to the Southeastern United States you can go to visit relatives, see the sights, watch college football and who is kidding who? article, photo credit article, photo credit

You mostly go for the great food. article, girl article, girl

Smokin’ BBQ ribs, fried chicken, steamed crab, sumptuous oysters, fried yellow corn bread, tasty baked beans and so much more. article, girl article, girl

It’s why you go. It is the best.

And yet, you know what? There is something else that will be far more fun.

Having a session with a beautiful southern girl. Even if she is a transplant. article, girl article, girl

There are so many there, so like tasting just a little bit of each dish, we are going to provide you with a Southeast Session Girl Sampler.

Two Southern girls that stand out from the past that appear to be forever gone but not forgotten is Tori, the blonde super sexy frat girl who wrestled at Flamingo back in the day and Lady S who temporarily starred in the squared circle.

This writer was one of Flamingo’s top snail mail customers. I virtually raided their entire inventory. Their customer service was exceptional.

When I first saw promos about Tori, I had to buy. She was a complete girl next door newbie who took on a tightly controlled confident fighter in the dark brunette Lindsey.

Tori was not the only girl that Lindsey had dominated.

I knew Lindsey was going to win but I completely loved Tori’s sexy Southern dialect, sweet blonde hair, shapely body and gumption. article, flamingo wrestling photo credit article, flamingo wrestling photo credit

Like a hungry animal circling her prey, she constantly stalked Lindsey.

When she finally got her first submission after being dominated by Lindsey she screamed, “Bout Tiiiiiiiiiiime!” article, flamingo wrestling photo credit article, flamingo wrestling photo credit

Then she slipped out of tight cut offs and into an incredibly sexy black bikini.

Tori? You energetic sweet sexy frat girl, luv ya babe. Miss you too.

Suspect Friday nights in her college career were mighty fun.


Then there was Lady S. article, Southern Extreme Wrestling photo credit article, Southern Extreme Wrestling photo credit

First saw this curvy cute faced Southern girl when she met up against Candy Divine. Candy completely and thoroughly dominated her but I kept wondering who this fabulous curvy newer lady pro was?

Lady S would improve, played the back road southern circuit and made a name for herself and became a fan favorite.

She was one of my favorite shapely Lady pros too.

Always love memory lane.

Now for the present.

NATASHA article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

Our Session Princess is a Russian born beauty and we are happy to welcome her to America.

She would like to welcome you too. In English. article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

“Hi Guys!  My name is Natasha otherwise known as Russian Queen, 24 year old white female. I provide role playing, sensual wrestling, mixed wrestling, forced smothering, domination, scissor holds. I am athletic and strong and enjoy making men submit to me. I love to tease. There is nothing more pleasing to me than making you tap-out! Pain is Pleasure! I am also available for custom professional private videos. So shoot me an email and I hope to meet you soon!”

We are in agreement. We would love to meet her soon.

Currently Natasha sessions out of Charlotte, North Carolina and you can contact her at:

Mistress Talisin article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

Ms.Talisin sessions out of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

What a wonderful look. What a wonderful personality.

Her bio is impressive. “Talisin is a black belt in Taekwondo and also trains in Wuh Lum (Kung Fu Mantis Fist). She also has experience in the Pro Wrestling Circuit. She has some submission grappling training & is in the process of pursuing further training in ground submission martial arts. In addition, Talisin is an experienced Dominatrix. She is open for any type of fantasy work and truly enjoys defeating men. She has done some video work and is looking forward to obtaining a WWE contract. Talisin says “Thank you for the generous recognition and I hope to see you and others very soon”

She is deeply loved. Here are two reviews.

“Talisin was simply awesome. She is tall, strong and extremely good looking. I am 5’9″ and weigh 195 and she handled me with ease. During the match she broke two fingers, but simply put them in a splint and continued. Talisin has legs that go on forever and are extremely strong and flexible.”

Here is another.

“Talisin is very sexy and well built. She has an awesome personality and I felt very relaxed from the moment I met her.  Her strength and flexibility are amazing and she is well versed in different types of martial arts and will do the session any way you like.”

Thanks for the input. Good to know.

You can contact this princess at

JULES article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

We are going to travel at bit to Atlanta, Georgia which is always an invigorating experience.

Jules is worth the trip. We thought her name was Jewel because she really sparkles. Wouldn’t you agree?

She has sweet southern charm. Jules welcomes, “I’m originally from Tennessee, and I’m one of the few girls who actually wrestled in high school!  I love mixing it up with the guys – especially when I surprise them with my speed and strength.  I may be little, but don’t let that fool you.  After high school, I spent time in the Army and have trained in kickboxing.

One of the things I love about wrestling is all of the body contact.  I also love the feeling of being on top and conquering a guy!  You won’t have to worry about letting me win … I’ll earn it on my own.  I’ll play by your rules, but I also don’t mind if a few get bent along the way ;).  I like a variety of styles, and I am very flexible in designing a session that you’ll enjoy.  Of course it will be safe but it will be a lot of fun, and I promise you’ll leave happy that you decided to take the challenge.”

Impressive. She wrestled in high school no doubt in the singlets.

If you would like to wrestle her, she can be reached at

That was so much fun. Now it’s time to eat. We promised. Let’s do this. We will.

First, it’s time for some regional culture.

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. article,Wikipedia Ricky W. photo credit article,Wikipedia Ricky W. photo credit

Charlotte is the third fastest growing major city in the United States.

In 2014, the estimated population of Charlotte according to the U.S. Census Bureau was 809,958, making it the 17th largest city in the United States based on population.

Charlotte is home to the corporate headquarters of Bank of America and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo, which along with other financial institutions makes it the second largest banking center in the United States.

Flavor is as flavor goes and Charlotte is one flavorful city. Here to add some color is the fantastic global travel site, Lonely Planet.

“The largest city in North Carolina and the biggest US banking center after New York, Charlotte has the sprawling, sometimes faceless look of many New South suburban megalopolises. But though the Queen City, as its known, is primarily a business town, it’s got a few good museums, stately old neighborhoods and lots of fine food.”

You look like you are ready for some food. We sure are. Let’s eat.

We could write ten novels about all of the mouth-watering restaurants and eateries in the great city of Charlotte but two caught our attention and soon we think you will see why.

Is it just us or does craw fish from the south taste a little different than in New England or the West Coast? Maybe it’s in the water. article, photo article, photo

Our hosts smile, “Crackin’ Crawfish is a Louisiana-style seafood gig based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Owners Mike Nguyen and Michelle Tu promise some of the freshest seafood in Charlotte, with lobster, crab, clams, oysters and crawfish kept alive until cooked and served.

Much of the menu is a la carte. Begin by choosing from four categories of entrees. The main one is the specials: crawfish and seven other kinds of cooked shellfish, flavored with lemon pepper & garlic butter and seasoned, if you want, with various levels of spiciness from mellow to extremely crackin’ – so hot, it might burn your tongue! Fill out your plate with sides such as corn, potatoes, rice, sausage and Cajun fries.” article, photo article, photo

Let me make a suggestion.

After that, let’s go back to our different hotels, take a nap and build up an appetite again.


Okay, I’m up. Let’s go out for round two.

Look, I know the food we’re about to eat may not be great for the arteries in the long-term, but in the short-term, as we used to say in Texas (Aggie Land), it sure is good to yah.

Let’s have some great, drippy, sticky, yummy, BBQ. article, photo article, photo

Our host are full of Southern charm. “As far back as they can remember Ryan, his brother Jim and his dad, Namon, have dreamed of opening a restaurant. Through the years, any time a great family recipe came to them they put it aside hoping one day their dream would come true. Ryan grew up being compared to his grandfather, McKoy, and at the age of 13 he decided that would be the perfect name for the family’s restaurant. article, photo article, photo

Ryan went on to run some of Charlotte’s most successful nightclubs and restaurants, while Jim concentrated on the art of BBQ and perfecting the family recipes. After retiring from a successful career as a photographer, Namon decided now was the time to make his dream a reality. McKoy Register was known for his love of family, friends, good food and good times. He is the inspiration behind this concept. article, photo article, photo

What makes McKoys Smokehouse & Saloon in Charlotte different from the competition is they strive to make all their guests feel at home. Whether it be biker or banker, everyone is treated as if they’re a guest at McKoy’s home.  Best BBQ in Charlotte.  Swing by today for Good Times, Good Food and Good Friends.”

Hmm, (gently rubbing my stomach) if you make a decision to have an unforgettable session with one of these Southern Belles, I think you should session first, then eat afterwards cuz you’re gonna wanna git some sleep.

Lots of it.

Well we sure had fun and we hope that you did too. article, girl article, girl

Traveling to the Southeastern part of the good old USA to grapple a Southern Princess is some of the best BBQ for the soul ever invented.

~ ~ ~


Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.