Well, fans always root for the underdog.”………Maria Sharapova

DWW’s Simona like a movie actress who finds herself struggling to escape seemingly hopeless situations always commands our attention, arouses our senses and extracts a quiet, unsigned agreement to root for her.

If you could entice Simona to sit still for only a moment for a brief interview, I suggest that you offer to buy her a highly recommended steak dinner where the moist main course melts in your mouth. She might agree since steak is one of her favorite meals.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article – Wikimedia photo

The DWW team often performed in Vienna by the Danube River so this dining establishment might do the trick.

The regal site ritzcarlton.com beams, “Dstrikt Steakhouse is a farm-to-table steakhouse restaurant in Vienna for meat and local produce lovers. Guests experience an authentic local dining adventure enjoying the finest selection of Austrian meat cooked on a charcoal grill and served with delicious side dishes prepared from local products such as sautéed young spinach with braised garlic, cheese Spaetzle or purely enjoyed with Dstrikt’s homemade bread. Beer from local microbreweries is another highlight adding to the ultimate Austrian dining experience at Dstrikt Steakhouse. The unique selection of wine focuses on a hand selected range of Austrian wines.”

A feminine woman with shortly cropped often red hair, Simona is the type of girl that could be easily confused for the girl next door who just happened to try wrestling. That might be an accurate guess since most DWW maidens actually did start out as the girl next door who happened to try wrestling.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - DWW photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article – DWW photo

She’s been at this grappling game for quite a few years and as long as she doesn’t take on the elite like Petra, Luzia and Tiffany, she tends to fair moderately well.

So often we reflect our tastes in art and in the case of Simona it’s fitting that the richly talented and wide ranging actor Richard Gere is her favorite.

They do have something in common.

When watching Simona, while she gives her best efforts she often seems to find herself in contests where another feminine woman is getting the best of her and starting to dominate her. Simona continues to struggle and fight back but mostly her efforts are at a flat line.

Once I remember her being reduced to tears but typically there are very few varied emotions or comebacks in the script. In an alluring way, though not scripted, it’s almost as though she’s enjoying being slowly and erotically dominated often with timely leg curls, cross body pins complete with long leg struggles and soft irreversible school girl pins, Simona is on the bottom and the inevitable submission occurs.

If your pleasure is watching a very sweet faced, pretty girl get slowly overwhelmed by another beautiful woman than you won’t be able to take your eyes off Simona’s matches.

At times she has a way of making every woman around her appear to be more dominant and less feminine than her.

When her favorite actor Richard Gere portrayed Julian Kay in the 1980’s cult classic “American Gigolo” his character was charismatic and masculine yet incredibly handsome and stylish complete with boyish charm. Given the deficit of his role as a male prostitute, there was still a certain code in his behavior where you couldn’t help but root for him.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Paramount Studios  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article – Paramount Studios photo

Save his love interest, the beautiful and classy Lauren Hutton, Julian had a way of making virtually everyone else around him appear less attractive and even less appealing.

One of the greatest movie reviewers of all time, Roger Ebert provides his take on this cultural gem as well. “Julian Kay, the gigolo of the title, is played by Richard Gere as tender, vulnerable, and a little dumb. We care about him. His business — making love to rich women of a certain age — allows him to buy the baubles by which Beverly Hills measures success, and he has his Mercedes, his expensive wardrobe, his antique vases, his entr\gee to country clubs.

But he says he’s in business for reasons other than money, and we believe him, if only because he hardly seems to value his possessions as anything other than props. He feels a sense of satisfaction when he makes a middle-aged woman happy, he says. He seems to see himself as a cross between a sexual surrogate and a therapist, and the movie does, too: Why, he’s hardly a whore at all, not even counting his heart of gold.

The movie sentimentalizes on this point, setting up the character of Julian Kay as so sympathetic that we forgive him his profession.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Paramount Studios  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article – Paramount Studios photo

The whole movie has a winning sadness about it; take away the story’s sensational aspects and what you have is a study in loneliness.

Richard Gere’s performance is central to that effect, and some of his scenes — reading the morning paper, rearranging some paintings, selecting a wardrobe — underline the emptiness of his life. We leave “American Gigolo” with the curious feeling that if women weren’t paying this man to sleep with them, he’d be paying them: He needs the human connection and he has a certain shyness, a loner quality, that makes it easier for him when love seems to be just another deal.”

In watching the soft, feminine Simona wrestle against her more formidable DWW mates, it’s impossible not to root for her. The fact that she appears to not have pursued MMA training which would increase her odds are forgivable.

It’s easy to admire her persistence as she stays in the fight right up until the end. It’s tempting to want to protect her and save her in the role she at times excels in; a damsel in distress.

Be that as it may, give her what’s due. Mustering all of her feminine strength, she has won a few matches. Yet even when she’s the front runner?

We root for her anyway.

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