Captain America Civil War, is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The blockbuster film held its world premiere in Los Angeles on April 12, 2016, and was released in the United States on May 6, 2016. The film became a critical and commercial success, grossing over $952 million worldwide. article, photo article, photo

Research indicates that some of the scenes were filmed in Iceland and Siberia.

The female submission wrestling industry has a beautiful young woman named Siberia who says that she loves Female Action Heroes and in our world, given her fighting abilities, has become an incredibly sexy Female Action Hero in her own right.

And what an action figure. article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

She’s statuesque, has the feminine muscles, fitness, mat smarts and the big sexy girl look down pat.

No wonder.

Siberia loves to Box Fit.

Box Fit? What is that? article, article,

According to the enjoyable health industry site, “BoxFit is a low impact, high-energy workout that incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning, functional and circuit training with an emphasis placed on boxing. BoxFit is the best stress buster and fat burner around. It is considered one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today.

BoxFit combines a cardio workout with a conditioning workout to help you increase your fitness and stamina, lose weight and tone up all at the same time, making it one of the most effective ways to exercise.”

Hmm, Siberia looks so sexy in those wrestling wars that she could be a BoxFit spokesperson. I Want Fit Box sells clothes online.

As far as the action hero thing, she says it better with personality. At the engaging mixed wrestling site she fist pumps, “I’ve always liked female action heroes – the kind that kicks serious ass, like Mortal Combat girls for example. I took self-defense classes several years ago and took my first interest in grappling then. I love the feeling when I have the guy subdued in a hold and we both know I have him trapped at my mercy. Boys deserve to suffer!”

Wouldn’t you loved to be trapped at this gorgeous girl’s mercy? article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

The leadership at Alphacatz agrees. “Siberia scissoring squeeze is deadly. Her pole dancing background gives her whole body every day workout and when she wraps those python thighs that are so used and trained to constantly wrap around and squeeze a tiny pole around you, its game over!”

A product of Brno in the Czech Republic, she has impressed the female submission wrestling video producer Fight Pulse as well. They smile, “Siberia is a talented session wrestler from Brno, Czech Republic, who appeared in Fight Pulse videos in summer, 2014. She is strong and agile and her grappling is at a level where she can dominate much larger opponents. Her favorite hold is figure-four triangle choke.” article, photo article, photo

Like a Hollywood press release, while we appreciate all of the above, let’s take a look at Siberia’s video movie premieres.

They are sure to be action packed with huge box office appeal.


Siberia’s heroine skills have been enhanced by wrestling her Czech Republic Sorority Sisters in Alkaia, Lilith, Artemis, Katrina and Nica at Female Wrestling Zone.

While all of the girls are very talented with some experience, due in part to her stature, Siberia does stand tall among them. Nica stands 5’ 8” as well and was formidable in going toe to toe with Siberia.

In watching all of her matches there, she has strong mastery of the MMA holds and is very good at the rear choke and body scissors combination.

All of the matches are competitive sometimes with a sparring or practice feel to them inside of a beautiful Dojo.

Siberia seems to know most of the holds and applies a variety of them to sustain submissions.

As great as her matches are against her contemporaries, the key in any athletic field of endeavor is how you perform at the Big Show. You can have all of the great matches that you want on a local level which is fine.

Time however will remember and judge you based upon how you performed on the largest stage.

It’s time to view our Super Hero on the largest female submission wrestling event stage.



Sporting vibrant pink briefs, a black sports bra and ankle supports, Siberia is introduced to a nice round of applause in Troisdorf, Germany. She’s statuesque, friendly and super sexy.

Her opponent is Ultra from the UK. Very shapely and relatively unknown to most of us.

The match gets off to a rough start for Siberia as she is accidentally head butted. Mildly stunned she smiles and shakes it off.

The wrestling initially unfolds as we expected, but begins to take surprising twist and turns. article, photo article, photo

I think Siberia would agree that she found herself in a very unexpected tough match. article, photo article, photo

Life is full of surprises. Isn’t that why we love it?

Please enjoy the match.


Siberia proves that she enjoys the big stage when she takes on the wonderfully built and powerful German muscle goddess Sandra from Deutschland. article, photo article, photo

Have you ever watched an NFL game featuring to prolific high scoring passing offenses? It’s like a track meet from one goal to the other.

Siberia and Sandra engage in a very high energy match with one crushing and brutal submission after another. The key here is who can withstand the onslaught.

Last offense on the field wins.

As the sports battlefield expression goes, fatigue makes cowards out of all of us. This is one courageous girl vs girl battle.

Who will be the last woman standing? article, photo article, photo

AT FIGHT PULSE article, photo article, photo

Siberia is making a great name for herself wherever she goes. At the dynamic industry site Fight Pulse, she also battles Paloma and Veneris. article, photo article, photo

Siberia has proved that she doesn’t wilt under the bright lights of the big stage. Instead she thrives.

A great name she’s made. A great name she possesses. A wonderful wrestling future she can expect.

As for her name, Etymologists say that it derives from two Turkic words, si, meaning “water,” and birr, meaning “wild, unpopulated land.

The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups that live in central, eastern, northern, and western Asia as well as parts of Eastern Europe. article, photo article, photo

The land of Siberia is a vast Russian province encompassing most of Northern Asia, with terrain spanning tundra, coniferous forest and mountain ranges including the Ural, Altai and Verkhoyansk.

Please take note of this.

Lake Baikal, in its south, is the world’s deepest lake, circled by a network of hiking paths called the Great Baikal Trail. The Trans-Siberian Railway passes Baikal on its routes between Moscow and the Sea of Japan.

Throughout time, there have been sayings similar to we’re going to send you off to Siberia, as though that is a punishment. After all, like our beautiful Siberia, wrestling her can be rough terrain.

The Siberia we love is tall, slender, shapely, lovely and athletic sexy. In terms of having a session with and enjoying her energetic matches there is a contrast to the Siberian land and sea.

Our Siberia is someone that we hope and pray that we are sent to. Why?

She is a super heroine of statuesque proportions. article, photo article, photo

~ ~ ~