She’s Nicely Curved


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At Femcompetitor Magazine we see all female competitive disciplines as one highly educated, upwardly mobile sorority who combined may attract corporate advertisers. We are from the competitive female submission wrestling world and are continuing to reach out to the Dance, Fitness, CrossFit, Pole Fitness and now the beautifully shaped modeling industry who compete for contracts. Our hope is that one day, all of the disciplines will perform and entertain at the same event and provide a powerful market to view advertisers products.

It’s a process. We are very encouraged.

Now that we have researched and written about nicely shaped, absolutely gorgeous models with everyday girl next door shapes, we were surprised to read about the controversy that continues to swirl in the modeling industry. There are some who feel that shapely models are a bad influence on young girls due to possible health issues. We understand. On the other hand we were saddened and shocked to find out how many thin super models have died from anorexia. You would be surprised at the numbers.

Our feeling is that life is balance and it’s up to each person and parent raising their child to find that balance.

Our female submission wrestling industry has been criticized regarding their wrestling attire. We get that too. Our goal is to find a balance where all of the Fem Competitors can compete in dignified attire at the same events and be compensated.

United this female group will be unstoppable. The new Romans.

Please enjoy these absolutely gorgeous beautiful models. Please click on the titles.



1. Denise Bidot, Her Curves Are A Beautiful Plus

denise Denise-Bidot

2. Katya, Model, Epitome of Variety And Successful Immigration

katya photo tumblr_lyry0zWNk41qzj92ao1_540

3. Ashley Graham, Model, A Fem Competitor Pursues Happiness

ashley hires-820879-20110313_AshleyGraham_0040

4. Chloe Marshal, UK Model, Curvy, Considerably Beautiful

chloe facebook 12308288_10153255764918806_7882897601974429537_n

5. Kristen Madison, Shapely Model, Visionary With A Great …

kristen image-02


6. Fluvia Lucerda, Gorgeously Re-Shaping Minds And Hearts

fluvia 77e8e722b3fcb514ed3a03b5dc50950b

7. Erika Elfwenkrona, Shapely Swedish Model, Brilliant Wisdom

erika tumblr_ljyrecBxR11qcl5svo1_r1_500

8. Justine LeGault, Shapely Magical Ice Princess From Quebec

justine body-talk-061

9. Gina Swire, Blonde Curvy Model, Nutritional Minded …

gina model-portfolios-blackpool-model-portfolios-liverpool-wes-simpson-photography-35

10. Nicole LeBris, Curvy Model, Confidence That Empowers

nicole tumblr_ms5whymo4u1qcl5svo4_1280


11. Bianca Mitsuko Davies, Curvy Model, Swimming Towards …

bianca 6c1680a02996f2ca8a12f46e8c5bcec7

12. Cleo Lima Fernandez, Shapely Model, Accepts Being …

cleo e90f9046387b7500fcd5f7661326fcd6

13. Olivia Campbell, Beautiful Shapely Model, Inspires Our Belief

olivia OliviaCampbellUk 12299336_989112351149001_6390385187442004383_n

14. Lizzie Miller, Shapely Model, Power of The Seemingly …

lizie jongordon.net800 × 1200 2015_03_06_Lizzie_Miller_04_255

15. Viktoria Manus, Curvy Cute Model, Historical Exploration

viktoria M ViktoriaManas1

16. Laura Wells, Elegant Curvy Model, Loves Our Earth

laura tumblr_n4v08f4XsT1ta8qfco1_500

17. Tinder Badhesha, Shapely Model, She Ignites Your Feelings

tinder 9e1b4acd7761dfe21ef9a5dc082afae0

18. Natalie Monet, Shapely Model, Wrestler, Warrior’s Pursuit

natalie tumblr_mm8nixSxAg1qcl5svo3_1280

19. Georgina Burke, Curvy Model, Australia, Beauty Redefined

georgina geo08

20. Nadia Aboulhosn, Sexy Curvy Model, Exotic, Magically …

nadia SimplyBe Summer Edit 19379492269_eaf98bffb6_o


21. Kelsey Olsen, Shapely Model, Small Town Girl, Global Vision

kelsey tumblr_l3ead47W9s1qa6w51o1_500

22. Kamie Crawford, Curvy Model, Blessed Past, Winning …

kamie 10538610_764203553618001_2316111517719423327_n

23. New Legislation Favors Shapely Models Over Super Thin …

Fringe-Bikini-Top-Womens-Plus-Size-abrazil t-West-and-Harlow-plus-size-swimwear-pink-back-separates-fringe-underwire-bikini-top-12

24. Andrea Spencer, Sexy Shapely Model, Leaves You …

andrea spencer twitter 591d4b64a57d063b071079e2b268926f

25. Saffi Karina, Beautiful Shapely Model, An Orchard Of ..

saffi 2 saffi



27. whitney-thompson-gorgeous-curvy-model-she-has-it-all article, photo

28. Jessica Milagros, Sensuous, Warm Shapely Model, Magical …

jessica milagros 46bb456c306bd98d98aeb0ea52acb864

29. Brazil, Trailblazing Country Promotes Shapely Models

cleo fdeff026a50cf7b0827e46f8296210c4

30. Laura Catterall, Gorgeous Shapely Model, Life In Focus

laura catterell pinterest 1d01e6fed4fa50ac5d247fa19c5d91f1


31. Style Like U, Docu-Style Video Portraits, Beauty Re-Defined

elly tumblr_mlfk3sORNa1s46f9zo1_500

32. Johanna Gray, Shapely Model, Parisian Elegance Personified

johanna 16f14365afea0b05274aa4d5d71d037f

33. Haley Hasselhoff, Shapely Royalty, A Princess Gift

haley CciQglQW8AAFD14

34. Emily Nolan, A Perfect Model Of Shapely Beauty And Wisdom

emily Cosabella-Plus-Size-Lingerie02

35. Robyn Lawley, Beautiful Shapely Model, Second Chance Personified

robyn instagram article-2639917-1E3AF68500000578-900_634x632


36. Erica Schenk, Malibu Shapely Model, Elite Accomplishments

erica pinterest 13b675ae11d3c69a05080b8a8bf6e94f

37. Alex LaRosa, Shapely Princess, Socially Aware Model

alex EpzOn1lI_400x400

38. Lorna Litz, Shapely Model, Activist, TV Star, Curvy Girls

lorna tumblr_mzylpjdPc51qhei8lo1_500

39. Sophia Adams, Greek Iranian Shapely Model, Perfect Blend

sophia sophia-3

40. Bishamber Das, Shapely Model, Her Work Is Not Yet Done

bishamber Chc8rrTW0AEVK-B.jpg large


41. Clementine, Sexy Shapely French Model, Fearless, Adventurous

clementine pinterest photo clementine-desseaux

42. Barbie Ferreira, Curvy Model, Youthful Spirit, Timeless Maturity

barbie body_positive_galore_mag-1024x684

43. Iskra Lawrence, Vibrant British Shapely Model, Perfect English

iskra matt agudo photo 35B99BF800000578-3662695-image-m-51_1467051653533

45. Carina Behrens, Germanic Shapely Model, Princess Effect

carina cb04


46. Louise O’Reilly, Elegant Shapely Irish Model, Integrity With Humor

louise swimwear-1

47. Shapely Girls, Go For It, Getting Into Curvy Modeling Suggestions

bishamber Ci4-zvgU4AApSD3

48. Gabi Fresh, Gorgeous Shapely Model, Life With Bright Eyes


49. Seana Sweeney, Mom, Stunning Blonde Curvy Model, Rising Star

2015-10-07_new_13528144_I1 seana

50. Diana Sirokai, Shapely North London Model, Beauty Personified

diana-2 diana


51. Lexi Placourakis, Shapely Model, Proof Greek Goddesses Exist


52. Catarina Moda, Karyn Johnson, Curvy Models, Sweet Canadian Dreams


53. Jennifer Enujiugha, Nigerian Shapely Model, Female Rights Vocal


54. Marquita Pring, Bright Shapely Model, Global Enlightenment


55. Liris Crosse, Gorgeous Curvy Model, Pride Of Baltimore


56. Gessica Carneiro, Sylvia Neves, Cute Curvy Models, Brazilian Brilliance


57. Jada Sezer, Stunning Elegant Curvy Model, Sweeter Than Chocolate


58. Julie Wills, Shapely Princess, Enhancing The Earth And Peoples Lives


59. Selini Angelini, Gorgeous Curvy Model, Perfect Greek Swiss Miss


60. Maria Mendes, Shapely Model, Sao Paulo Beauty, Most Fascinating



61. Genny Miliano, Sensational Curvy Model, Earned The It Factor


62. Sabina Karlsson, Curvy Swedish Model, Thrives Thru New Open Doors

63. Lisa Visagie, Sensuous Curvy Model, South African Jewel

64. Alessandra Garcia, Gorgeous Curvy Model, Royal Bloodlines

65. Diana Veras, Vibrant Curvy Model, Source Of Great Confidence


66. Bree Warren, Sensuous Aussie Curvy Model, Always Worth Discussing

67. Tabria Majors, Inspiring Example Of Curvy Perfection

68. Athletic Curvy Women Love No Bounce Sports Bras

69. Kat Dennings, Gorgeous Curvy Actress, Growing Expectations

70. Arissa Le Brock, Gorgeous Curvy Model, A Unique Identity That Inspires

71. Megan Jayne Crabbe, Sexy Curvy Model, Loves Her Purple Reign

72. Curvy Model Hunter McGrady, No Limits, Eliminate The Prefix