The perfected life of someone who always had it well when they were young and now as an adult has it even better, sometimes leaves those of us who didn’t scratching our heads as to why.

Vicky Lee McClure is an English actress, best known for her work in the films of Shane Meadows. She played the title character’s sister Ladine in A Room for Romeo Brass (1999), and is featured in Meadows successful project and spin offs of This Is England.

She was once quoted as expressing, “I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky person. I haven’t got any dark tales, I didn’t draw on my own past, I’m from a very normal stable background and had an amazing childhood, and I haven’t got any complaints really.

Ah, the life of the happy go lucky.

Are they happy go lucky because things always went well for them?

Please try not to envy them.

Looking at and admiring the vibrant Indie Wrestler Shazza Mckenzie is easy to do. She’s young, beautiful, sexy and full of life and optimism. To be succinct……

She describes herself as happy go lucky. article, prowrestling.wikia photo article, prowrestling.wikia photo

I’m always happy-go-lucky, and people look at me and find it shocking that I could be depressed…….Terry Bradshaw

At the always reliable and informative we can see why Shazza is bright as the shiniest light.

She has a brilliant career and seems to be having a ton of fun propelling it. They express, “Allison began following professional wrestling at the age of 16. She cites Trish Stratus as a major source of inspiration with her combination of “toughness and sexiness”. Once Allison saved enough money, she devoted her time to training at a local wrestling school. article, photo article, photo

Once she completed her training in 2008, Allison worked her first professional match for Australasian Wrestling Federation. While most of her wrestling work has been generally based on the Australian circuit, Allison has wrestled for American promotions including SHIMMER and SHINE.”

Shazza was born in Sydney, Australia.

This Fem Competitor has also competed for MCW, Newcastle Pro Wrestling, PPW, ICW, SHINE, PWA and Wrestling Is Fun among other groups.

Seems like she’s having fun in all of the right places. article, article,

At her Twitter site she smiles that she works in Fitness and eats food too fast for her own good.

The respected industry site has great admiration for her as well. “Who’s the beautiful, blonde, happy-go-lucky wrestler making her way to the ring? Well, if you’re at an Australian wrestling event it’s most likely the perky and bubbly Shazza McKenzie! The flexible, high-flying McKenzie has been making a big impression on fans of the burgeoning Aussie women’s wrestling scene. Seems that the fans down under can’t get enough of the vivacious ring performer…and now North American and European fans are looking forward to seeing more of this lady in their own arenas. Shazza McKenzie: ready to breakout across wrestling rings world-wide!”

We can’t wait. The world is ready with open arms. article, article,

The excellent wrestling site speaks to Shazza’s propulsion. “Making the jump to PWA Australia in early 2009 opened many doors and created even more opportunities for McKenzie. She also earned her stripes, wrestling in virtually every state in the country.”

Once you open yourself up to the world, you also have to open up your brand to analysis.

The site with some very honest and well thought out evaluations,, provides this review of Shazza’s career in the ring. “Shazza McKenzie is a pretty decent wrestler. She’s not very flashy or in your face, but she gets the job done with her strong mat game. I will have to watch a few more matches from her, but from what I’ve seen, Shazza’s a strong willed woman that can fool her opponents with her quirk but turn the tables around and get a victory.”

When I was younger, I was always described as happy-go-lucky.……Michael J. Fox

We fans have become addicted to Shazza dazzling us inside of the ring and part of her success emanates from what she is doing outside of the ring. Our happy go lucky girl is a Zumba Instructor.

Once again, what is Zumba? Can someone help me?

Great. The nice reference source comes to the rescue. “A brand name for a fitness program consisting of dance and aerobic exercise routines performed to popular, mainly Latin-American music.”

Can’t you just see Shazza shaking and baking to that spicy, hot, pulsating beat?

We sure can.

She has a nice online store that is enjoyable to shop at.

One of the movies that unexpectedly spoke to the beauty of having a happy go lucky life which resonated with audiences around the world was the 1985 cult classic Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. article, warner bros photo article, warner bros photo

It was directed by a then little known director named Tim Burton who would later dazzle, impress and entertain us with Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Batman, Batman Returns Bettlejuice and other penetrating and often dark films which globally provoked discussion and thought.

The basic storyline of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure played uniquely by Paul Ruebens takes us on a journey with an eccentric child-like man, who loves his red bicycle and will not sell it to his envious neighbor.

While Pee-wee visits his friend Dottie (Elizabeth Daily), the bike is stolen. To find his treasure, happy go lucky Pee Wee takes all of us on one of the most unusual adventures on film. article, warner bros photo article, warner bros photo

At that time this writer had a really nice friend confined in a wheel chair from a car accident who later passed away and was completely enamored and mesmerized with the eccentric, quirky and happy go lucky Pee Wee.

At the time I didn’t understand his fixation.

I think I do now.

One of the reasons the starlets of the lady pro circuit around the world have endured for decades is that they allow us to escape into a happy go lucky world even if for just a moment in time.

This is why we are certain that despite the short comings of our past and present, the performances of the spectacular Indie Princess Shazza Mckenzie will allow us to feel lucky and make us extremely happy.

~ ~ ~


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