Sexy Indie Wrestlers


Since the early days of professional lady wrestlers Mildred Burke, June Byers and The Fabulous Moolah to name a few, female Indie wrestlers have been supreme entertainers. Today the game has changed tremendously and we urge you to take notes and keep your eyes wide open. They are more fun to watch and sexier than ever. Femcompetitor Magazine has written some articles about them to share with you and given the exciting new landscape of the Female Indie Pro……….a lot more are to come. Please enjoy. 

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1. Deonna Purrazzo, Sexy Wrestler, Electric Jersey Girl

deonna 16382898252_88cd944551

2. Mandy Leon, A Wrestler On Stepping Stones To Success

mandy mandy

3. Niya Barela, Enchanting, Gorgeous Indie Wrestler

niya prowrestling.wikia.com445 × 600 Niya

4. DiDi Cruz, Indie Wrestler, Super Sexy Dynamite Entertainer

didi maxresdefault

5. Tessa Blanchard, Indie Wrestler Exceeds Royal Expectations

Tessa JSOvrsH

6. Heidi Lovelace, Indie Wrestler, Easy To Love, No Nonsense ..

heidi officialfan.proboards.com300 × 450 heidiLovelace

7. Sarah Backman, Grappler, Champion Arm Wrestler

sarah backman Sarah-backman-620x350

8. Evie, Indie Wrestler, New Zealand, Comfortable In Her Own …

evie evie-evie-051013-1430234633

9. Brooke Tessmacher, Star Wrestler, Model, Profile In Tenacity

brooke 12208334_1081976541813497_4005808959983819835_n

10. Santana Garrett, Indie Wrestler, Mega Star Still Rising

santana os-pictures-wrestler-santana-garrett-20131024-009

11. Jessie McKay, Indie Star Wrestler, Traveling Light And Very …

jessie INDIE PAGE jessiemckayredhot1

12. Kay Lee Ray, Indie Wrestler, Makes You Jump And Shout

kay lee tumblr_n50ipm6IXq1r1eqygo2_500

13. Kelly Klein, (Mary Elizabeth Monroe) Indie Change Merchant

klein Mary-Elizabeth-Monroe-111814


14. Toni Storm, Passionate Indie Wrestler, Confucius Would Be Proud 

toni toni 12241544_10206898808860744_6754000043842879767_n

15. La Rosa Negra, Indie Wrestler, USA-Puerto Rican Passion …

la rosa fivetowatch14_larosanegra2

16. Thea Trinidad, Indie Wrestler, Courageously Sought The Light

thea Thea-Trinidad-Rosita

17. Hania The Howling Huntress, Indie Wrestler, Spirit Of The …

hania tumblr_o08fqxqKTV1tjm2tyo1_540

18. Natalie Monet, Shapely Model, Wrestler, Warrior’s Pursuit

natalie screen-shot-2015-02-05-at-4-38-06-pm

19. Renee Michelle, Indie Wrestler, Best of The Old And New

renee michelle Renee_Michelle_-_MCW_Promo

20. Kacee Carlisle, Indie Wrestler, Old School Reincarnation Of …

kacee 479 × 720 6008723_orig

21. Seleziya Sparx, Canadian Indie Wrestler, Risked The Road …

seleziya seleziya1

22. Shazza Mckenzie, Beautiful Blonde Indie Wrestler, Happy …

shazza Shazza_McKenzie_1781070f

23. Brittany Blake, Energetic Indie Wrestler, Cosplay Super Hero

brittany blake gutbusterwrestling.com533 × 800 brittanyblake2

24. Crazy Mary Dobson, Indie Wrestler, Krazee Like A Fox

mary dobson Crazy_Mary_Dobson_2

24. Kat Green, Elegant Indie Wrestler, Changing Global …

kat green 10940484_334479203413144_3506742390356132608_n

25. Candy Cartwright, Indie Wrestler, Sugar, Spice, Sweet Girl …

candy 2 Candy_Cartwright_-_1798107

26. Jenny Rose, Sexy Indie Wrestler, Having So Much Fun!

jenny rose prowrestling.wikia.comJenny_Rose_WSU

27. Tiffany Roxx, Energetic Indie Wrestler, Eager To Win

tiffany roxx facebook 10414394_969737763113908_1106794580836558137_n

28. Rock And Roll Rock C, Indie Wrestling Star, Tennessee Rose

rock 100

 29. Sassy Stephie, Sexy Quirky Indie Wrestler, Fun Business As Usual

sassy stephie 12802884_1035603223163004_3036105962714457307_n

30. Nyla Rose, Indie Wrestler, Historical Past, Bright Future

nyla rose 228abf247be2ff6830cdfe6e1678eec5

31. Barbi Hayden, Indie Wrestler, Texas A&M Power Source

barbi 00009938

32. Scotland’s Viper, Star Indie Wrestler, Dynamic Export

viper received_1052130254859683

33. Jordynne Price, Sexy Indie Wrestler, Rough Muscle Girl

jordynne john j rupport photo photo 13335639_661278204027183_5904155805383880654_n

34. Dana Adiva, Indie Wrestler, Can A Woman Ever Be Too Beautiful?

too dana-adiva-twitter

35. Kat Von Heez, Shapely Sexy Indie Wrestler, Shining North Star

kat 10599224_515299958648572_2602770940508598044_n

36. Sonya Strong, New Indie Wrestling Star, Impressive Goals


37. Lady Yasmine, New Canadian Indie Wrestler, Lovely Gorgeous


38. LuFisto, Powerful Indie Wrestler, Shapely Canadian Beauty


39. Camron Star, Big Babe Blonde Indie Wrestler, So Bad, She’s Good


40. Kimber Lee, Sexy Blonde Indie Wrestler, Unpredictable Princess


41. Tab Jackson, Dynamic Lady Pro Wrestler, Pride Of Fontana, Super Girl


42. Marti Belle, Gorgeous Indie Wrestler, We’re Consumed By Her Fire

43. Maddison Miles, Canadian Pro Wrestler, Teen Queen With Staying Power

44. Leva Bates, Gorgeous Indie Wrestler, Feeling Blue Is A Very Good Thing

45. Kennadi Brink, Dynamic Indie Wrestler, Always One Step Ahead

46. Amber Nova, Sparkling Indie Wrestler, Classic Star In Motion

47. Nicole Matthews, Indie Wrestler, Canadian Dream Girl, Northward Career