Okay (say this in a Movie Producer’s voice), we need a beautiful statuesque goddess who possesses the girl next door look, a vibrant smile, mesmerizing eyes, elegance and an electrifying personality.

Hmm, who should we call?

Pretty girl, Mega Star, Heather Graham of course. That’s easy.

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Heather Joan Graham is an American actress. After appearing in television commercials, her first starring role in a feature film came in 1988 with the teen comedy License to Drive, followed by the critically acclaimed 1989 film Drugstore Cowboy, which gained her initial industry notice.

Noted for portraying characters with vast sex appeal, she often appears in magazine lists of “Most Beautiful” and “Sexiest” women.

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She also has strong social awareness. Heather is a public advocate for Children International, and supported the climate change campaign Global Cool in 2007.

We love talking about pretty girls so much.

Heather is one of the sweetest, prettiest actresses we know. Tell us that Heather Graham is in the film and we just have to watch.

It’s time for another casting call, only we are going to circle the country and focus on the newer pretty girls that sparkle in our female submission wrestling industry who star in the session world where you can enjoy your own private movie.

The FBB movement in the female submission wrestling world is the trend, but the feminine looking pretty maidens still abound.

The west coast is always a great place to start.


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At 5ft, 5 inches and a sexy 130 pounds, this Seattle pretty girl is ideal for a session to remember.

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She specializes in Light Fantasy to Competitive wrestling, Lifts & Carries, Fantasy Roleplay, Oil wrestling, Beat downs, Domination, trampling and Face-sitting.  Email and phone sessions are available as well.

She also allows videotaping of her sessions, for an additional fee.

You can email her at: the.native.tiger@gmail.com


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We drive inland to Nevada to meet another pretty girl who loves mixed wrestling.

She waves us over. “I am a very strong, dominant young lady from the South. I have been featured on many videos, notably Mixed Wrestling USA. I love to be worshipped and can also kick ass. My dominant streak is apparent although I have a very relaxed, calm demeanor.”

Based in Las Vegas, you’ll love the experience because there is so much to do.

You can email her at jazzstjames@gmail.com 


We’re going to keep heading east and stop off in the mid-west near the Chicago suburbs.

She has a name perfect for the movies and can provide you with a session worthy of any home movie.

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Anastasia has Mid-Western appeal. Besides mixed-wrestling, look what she also does. “Will consider requests? Yes I will wrestle your girlfriend or wife, private ring available.”

Sounds like fun. Her customers sure love her. Listen in. “I have been session wrestling for a few years and have wrestled the best in US and Canada. I have had several sessions with Anastasia. She is the hands down my favorite. Her scissors and breast smothering are awesome. She is beautiful with an amazing body and a great sense of humor. She made me feel very comfortable and was committed to making our session the best experience possible for me.”

We welcome another positive review. “Anna is new to sessions, but is a beautiful, sexy, fit and confident combatant. She is prompt and personable with communication in setting up the session. On the mat, it is abundantly clear that she thoroughly enjoys wrestling and winning. She has a crushing body scissors and tight headlock with a devastating breast smother. Her energy doesn’t waver and she weaves in a bit of good-natured trash talk. She has a bubbly and charming personality but in the ring, she is a determined and capable opponent.”

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Okay, please place that Polish Sausage on the table and we’ll give you her email.


What a great time. Let’s keep heading east, only make that South East, to the great football state of Georgia where breakfast loaded with grits, toast and bacon is king.

Andie Perez

fciwomenswrestling.com article, WB270.com photo

There is so much to love in Georgia if you are a sports fan. Bulldog football rules!

There’s now a new rule of thumb. If you travel to Georgia, you owe it to yourself to book a session.

Have you heard of Andie Perez? She’s a real pretty girl. Just look at her and salivate.

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She has something to share about her sessions. “Hey guys. Here is a little about me. I was trained by the renowned Psycho Sadist Eliza Divine and the infamous Devon D’amo. I’ve also studied Kenpo under Robert Ray and love stealing tricks from other styles and I never stop learning new styles! I am definitely a lot stronger than I look, but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.”

Andie that sounds like a great suggestion.

Her emails are Andiefights@gmail.com or fwawrestlemwa@gmail.com


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We’re fortunate to have a Fortunato in our industry and you can stay right there in Georgia if you want to meet her. She knows long time session girl Devon D’amo too and has a special offer for you.

“Hey guys. Are you ready to have some wrestling fun? I’m trained in MMA and boxing I’m very strong for my size. I have worked for fwafightclub.com and reality girls.

I have been a ballet dancer for 12 years so I have very strong legs to squeeze you until submit or KO! I’m only doing Double sessions with Devon D’amo for now. We are doing a discount double rate for you guys.”

Her email is: fwawrestlemwa@gmail.com or bellafights@gmail.com

Well, after all of that we’re pretty worked up over these pretty girls and that’s pretty unusual which pretty much sums it all up.

With the surge in the number of FBB Session Providers and Grapplers, it’s nice to know the pretty, feminine look is still available in abundance.


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A trip across America to session with pretty girls would not be complete without visiting the nation’s capital. There are so many sights to see and the region possesses some of the most expensive zip codes so driving by one beautiful home after another should be fun.

More fun is to come when you decide to session with Rosie Betz.

She has a vibrant message for you. “I am Native American and come from a long line of traditional American Indian Wrestlers.”

Wow that sounds so sexy. We wish that we could have covered some of those female vs female matches. Okay, we’ll be quiet and let her continue.

“I am currently weight training to participate in the NPC event. I train 3 hours a day!! My favorite super hero is She Hulk. I have trained for over 20 years, traveled with a wrestling outfit. I can bench around 175 and deadlift 200+ also 1000 pound leg press!! I trained with martial arts called Chung Do Kwon.”

Her email is shehulksessions@gmail.com

Aren’t these some of the prettiest girls in the United States?

The good news for you is that they are waiting for you to have a session with them.

If the movie industry can proudly present their pretty girls like Heather Graham, our female grappling industry is excited to present our pretty girls as well.

~ ~ ~

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