Resolutions are what abound during reindeer season which blends into the New Year where promises to self are filled with great expectations and more often than not, a repeat of greater failures.

Part of the reason our New Year’s Resolution outcomes don’t match our initial expectations are due to how we use our time.

Yes creating a plan, committing to self-sacrifice, following through and measuring results are critical but believe or not, most often or not, it comes down to Time Management., article, photo credit

Our Female Submission Wrestling Industry is unlike many others in that for the women involved in most ways they are completely in control of their time but since they ply their trade in an extremely unstructured world, the question becomes, are you as a Session Girl using your time wisely and efficiently?

In our experience the mistake one can make is not to evaluate your daily decision making.

Typically our days are divided into three components of the morning launch, the afternoon engagement and the evening resolution and conclusion of the day’s activities., article, photo credit

We’ve found it is important to examine and evaluate after each six hour segment your decision making during the previous six hours.


Each decision is an investment in time and a marker of whether you are creating an ascending goal achievement future or one that is scattered with no real direction nor achievement foundation creation.

It is important after the six hours to evaluate each decision that you have made in the previous six hours.

It is easy to dismiss this approach but in the realm of a life without 9-5 boundaries, it is critical to do so.

At the end of each six hours, evaluate what you have accomplished based upon each decision. In the first three months, you should keep a diary reporting on what has happened over the course of each six hour increment.

After the three months you now have created a new habit.

Over time this micro management of your decision making and how you have utilized your time, similar to a gentle wave that has come to shore, visually expanding in the sand, will have increasing dividends.

In your session world, what can cut into this important segmenting of time?

It is allowing potential clients to waste your time with insincere requests for more information which may be a ruse for just wanting to spend time with you……for free.

You already know this but we are speaking from experience.

In our world as producers, FCI Women’s Wrestling and San Francisco Grappling Stars has never canceled a video shoot but we can’t say enough how during the recruiting process we speak with the girls who arrange the scheduling, discuss with us the other potential clients they have arranged to see that day and invariably guess what happens?

Their other potential client cancels.

They have completely wasted their time.

We can’t say how often that happens.

You know your business so we won’t explain the signs that signals that someone will not follow through on their promises because that kind of information you can easily receive from other girls in the industry.

Having said that, sometimes it is good to cross reference with others who are peripheral to that industry.

In our world we have reiterated over and over that what we are trying to create is a cultural shift in the female submission and grappling world to reduce the divide from our industry product from one that mainstream society watches in the dark, but not in the light.

A simple evaluation of that is to go to the bottom of the page of Femcompetitor Magazine, start on the page number furthest to the right, click on it and glance at the articles. Then slowly work backwards to the left, clicking on the slowly decreasing page numbers, and you will see initially our stories almost exclusively featured female submission wrestlers.

Some might describe it as a male pleasure product.

Now exit.

Then please start to the far left on our very first page and slowly begin to click on the pages, 2, 3 and 4, heading to the right and you will see that we’ve created a cultural shift where our articles are more female entertainment, business and sports oriented.

Our traffic is still increasing.

Our mission is to continually march towards a product that society, women and corporations will find more acceptable., article, photo credit

It is a process. We are not there yet but we are getting closer.

The primary reason we have evolved in that direction is because we are pursuing advertisers to help fund future events. Even now we have an opportunity to ad clicks per ad programs but are still evaluating if that is the direction we want to go.

Having said all of that, the other reason that we slowly waded away from a male pleasure product is because we began to experience men who engaged us in a lot of tiring tire kicking.

In terms of our video shoots, we would get emails where someone asks if they could attend our private video matches if they hold our camera. They would explain that they love women’s wrestling and they see it as a hobby. They never offer to pay us.

That’s a red flag.

A person who sees our business and yours as a hobby typically doesn’t want to spend money, is not committed in any real way and often wants something for nothing. They most likely go to adult sites and watch women’s submission wrestling for free.

“If you ignore the red flags, embrace the heartache to come.”
? Amanda Mosher, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

By re-imaging our product, we have virtually eliminated that personality profile from our incoming emails.

That is the power of constructive decision making during a six hour increment.

Another red flag is when someone emails us asking us how they can contact you.

Yes you Session Girls.

Let’s say that your name is Cindy and you session out of Omaha.

Why didn’t they go to the search engine of their choice, perhaps Google, and simply type in Cindy, wrestler, Omaha?

Since you are most likely listed on the female submission wrestler list, you should immediately pop up on Google. More often than not, your previous videos shoots and online participation will show up as well.

Then they often ask us how to contact you.

All they have to do is go to the WB270, look up your profile and get your email.

We are polite and perform customer service and do that for them once, but not twice.

What is the point?

When a potential customer contacts you and has a laundry list of questions whose answers can be easily found online and they have not made a time commitment to research you, more often than not they will not make a commitment to show up to your session appointment.

Stated another way.

If someone truly wants to have a session with you, when they contact you, they should already know everything about you that is available online. In your conversation, you should be preaching to the choir.

You already know this, right?

If you are newer to the industry, maybe not.

Evaluating your decision making during six hour increments will be tremendous in helping you as a Session Girl evaluate how you are spending your time.

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.”… Winston Churchill

Yes you have to do your grocery shopping, workouts and perhaps even work at a fulltime or part time job but, still in the gray areas, it will be helpful to evaluate what decisions in term of time management that you are making during six hour increments.

Let’s consider one more example.

Now that Femcompetitor Magazine has evolved into a product more acceptable to women we are started to receive more and more emails about collaborating and exchanging links to mutually increase the traffic on our sites.

In the early stages we would do that and to our surprise, after linking them up on our pages, they would virtually never link us up on theirs. This is not about fairness, it is about time management in six hour increments.

As a result, this is how we have altered our contact page.

“From this day forward, due to severe time constraints, we will only respond to emails where you have “already” linked on your Social Media expressing to your readers how you enjoy the website. Please provide us with that link.”

Believe or not, we still get emails asking us to collaborate and add a link to an article while they have not already linked to us.

Now? We ignore them. It’s all about time management.

In your situation are you finding that some of your prospects have a pattern of taking up your time in a certain way without following through?

A simple and polite addition of an instruction line making it clear that in order for you to respond to their inquiry, certain behavior must be adhered to will save you a tremendous amount of time in discerning who is serious and who is not.

If we are going to be successful in achieving what we want in life, we have to accept that so many aspects of it come with deadlines that require decision making.

We love the film industry and one such film that speaks to decision making and deadlines is simply entitled Brooklyn., article, Fox Searchlight Pictures photo credit

Brooklyn is a 2015 romantic drama film directed by John Crowley and written by Nick Hornby, based on Colm Tóibín‘s novel Brooklyn. The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, and Julie Walters. Set in 1951 and 1952, the film tells the story of a young Irish woman’s immigration to Brooklyn, where she falls in love. When her past catches up with her she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within them for her.

What we enjoyed about the film was that beautiful main character found herself in a flattering situation where she had potential suitors on two sides of the world.

She would have to make decisions in gray areas and at some point she had a deadline as to which life to choose.

In this life, whether we like it or not, we are all on time constraint deadlines, even in the unstructured world of sessions.

Financial success in this world of gray can turn into green if you make strong decisions about time management.

The methodologies of how to effectively use your time to achieve your goals are endless. We’re confident that you can find an article that will speak to your needs.

All we are saying is no matter what time management pathway or program that you follow we have a suggestion regarding the decision making for each and every day.

Summarize and evaluate your decision making in six hour increments.  

~ ~ ~