Youth, especially after high school or college, often presents us with forks in the road to pathways of opportunities, footsteps to mediocrity or undesirable pathways taken with long-term devastating results.

This plays out well in a famous poem by Robert Frost that symbolically or literally applies to virtually all of us.

Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 and lived to January 29, 1963.

He was an American poet. His work was initially published in England before it was published in America. He is highly regarded for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech. His work frequently employed settings from rural life in New England in the early twentieth century, using them to examine complex social and philosophical themes.

Here is a stanza of his famous poem The Road Not Taken.

I shall be telling this with a sigh, Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–

I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

You can say many things about the sensational Canadian Indie wrestler Seleziya Sparx.

She’s shapely and feminine muscular sexy. She has a great ring presence, is athletic and knows how to work an audience. She can take a lot of pain as witnessed on her many online videos.

You can stare at her beautiful form for hours.

One thing you wouldn’t say about her after researching her is that she is a person who plays it safe.

An example of that was found at on September 12, 2014. They reported, “Canadian wrestlers have traditionally had issues in crossing the border into the United States to work for promotions. Considering that it is classified as work, travelling south means that they require a valid work visa, but the costs of getting them (which go into the thousands of dollars) are seen as an extra expense that the promotions and/or talent feel they can do without and try their luck in getting through. Much of the time, they sail through without a problem, but there are occasions when it doesn’t work out and leads to legal issues. This story is about one of those occasions.

Canadian Seleziya Sparx experienced problems trying to get to Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s WrestleRager weekend of shows in Cleveland, OH on Friday and was turned away. She tried again the next day and the same thing happened, which has reportedly caused the authorities to come down hard on her.”

Seleziya is a person who does not meekly traverse the road commonly taken.

Her impressive wrestling resume speaks to that.

Seleziya Esho is her real name and she was born on January 1, 1992 in Toronto. article, prowrestling.wikia photo article, prowrestling.wikia photo

She works as an independent wrestler, and has wrestled for Canadian promotions including Pure Wrestling Association, Great Canadian Wrestling, Magnificent Championship Wrestling and Maximum Pro Wrestling, Squared Circle Wrestling and Smash Wrestling.

The informative site fleshes out her resume. “Seleziya Sparx is a Canadian female wrestler who wrestled for GCW, SCW, MPW, PWA, CCW, Smash, AIW, Diana & Reina (in Japan) and many other companies.”

Her titles include:

  • MCW women’s champion defeating Courtney Rush (October 22, 2011);
  • Conflict wrestling women’s champion defeating Jennifer Blake, Jewells Malone and Skylar Rose in a 4-way elimination match (August 29, 2014);

It’s time to travel to Toronto.

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada.

The city is a large, ethnically diverse region sprawling along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. A dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic CN Tower, it also features abundant green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and zoo.

The global travel site is very impressed. “Welcome to Toronto, the most multi-culturally diverse city on the planet: over 140 languages are spoken. The flavors, aromas, sights and sounds of almost every nation converge peacefully in the streets of Toronto’s many neighborhoods: microcosms of culture thriving in a somewhat hazy ‘bigger picture’ that proud locals defend regardless. You’re likely to feel accepted here: it’s estimated that over half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada.”

Toronto boasts so many positive attributes that is was awarded the 2015 Pan American Games.

The Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games, were a major international multi-sport event celebrated in the tradition of the Pan American Games, as governed by Pan American Sports Organization (PASO).

The games were held from July 10 to 26, 2015 in Toronto; preliminary rounds in certain events began on July 7, 2015. These were the third Pan-American games hosted by Canada, and the first in the province of Ontario.

The Games hosted 6,132 athletes representing 41 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the Americas, marking the largest multi-sport event hosted in Canada, in terms of athletes competing.

Femcompetitor Magazine notes a record 45% of the competitors were women, the most ever for any multi-sport event.

It is a fascinating village that formed Seleziya.

She is so impressive that an Independent Film documentary, Pretty Dangerous, was made in her honor.

Written by Dan Laera & Jeff Reynolds (2015), the story follows Seleziya and the emotional divide between her obsession for the sport she loves and the physical & mental strain it puts on her body and family.

Seleziya realizes that every time she steps into the ring she is literally bit by bit destroying her body.

Her father apparently is not a fan of his daughter wrestling.

This was a very moving portrait of a young woman who was encouraged to take the road more traveled and through the pain of disappointing the ones she cared about, specifically her father, she made a decision to pursue the road less traveled.

It was a powerful experience watching her honesty and submerged emotions play out.

Equally moving was watching her hang out with all of the other muscular male wrestlers behind the scenes and how she has become a part of the crew as she so often wrestles men. During the match they violently rough each other up but afterwards back stage embrace and comfort one another.

It was very revealing.

This is the challenge that virtually all of us face when we are young.

We have a chance to pursue the pathway that will lead us to the enormity of our true destiny yet so often we give in to the pathway of normal and responsible and living to please others and eventually receiving the normal reward of mediocrity, settling, anger, resentment, depression, envy of those who successfully pursued their dreams and quiet desperation.

That fork in the road when we are young is massive in terms of its ramifications.

To pursue what you absolutely love is often a risk filled road and you still have to do what the normal people do like saving up for your retirement, buying a property so your costs are fixed, getting medical coverage and the like.

Sometimes not easy, but necessary.

Having said all of that, for those of us who once made the mistake of playing it safe and choosing the one shoe size fits all road traveled complete with our life intense, painful and often humiliating breakdown.

Hopefully we learned from it.

The next time when life gives us a second chance, and it so often does, we are going to risk it all and do what we love, no matter the cost.

At Femcompetitor Magazine we research so many unusual beautiful women with fascinating stories and that is the one theme that is consistent to their success.

They chose the road less traveled but greatly loved.

In watching Seleziya’s story play out, initially the first chapter opened as a typical Indie tale but the closer we got, the more we could see her fight internally through the youthful turmoil.

One thing she makes painfully clear is that after years of not being noticed as a teen, she wanted to live a successful life where she stood out.

She was strongly tempted to take the typical path encouraged to travel.

Instead of doing that, she did something brilliant.

She ran off to join the circus.

~ ~ ~

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