Sometimes it takes getting stabbed through the heart the first time, and verifying that you want it to happen again, that let’s others know that you are actually very serious about realizing how precious every moment of life is.

It was 1993 when the, place a mirror in front of your face and you won’t like the reflection episode, “Tapestry” from the timeless Star Trek Next Generation brilliant TV series aired. The challenge for most of us who watched it, whether we care to admit it or not, was that the uncomfortable image in the mirror was not just reserved for Captain Jean-Luc Picard but also for those of us who had been kidding ourselves that we were living our lives to the full, filled to the brim with meaningful passion and calculated risks.

As Captain Picard found out when he went back in time to change his heart stabbing experience in the present, the new book on him was that, “He learned to play it safe. And he never, ever got noticed by anyone.”

Do that and instead of wearing the red command uniform, when you get back to the present, you get to wear the emotionally and physically devastating blue one.

The mind blowing female wrestler Scarlett Devine wears the red uniform, but then again you already knew that since her name says so.

fciwomenswrestling article photo

fciwomenswrestling article photo

And for good reason.

Some people, like Picard’s blue uniform wearing “dreary man in a tedious job”, go through life as a tourist, desiring the life thrill, deep satisfaction and rewards of being a risk taker with courage; but they attempt it on the theme park ride, complete with safety and supervision.

The risk taker who thrusts into her passions head first knows that safety nets and seat belts are not always an option.

You can’t have it both ways.

Scarlett Devine does not go through life as a tourist. She is a life participant Maximus.

fciwomenswrestling article photo

fciwomenswrestling article photo

Some people read the books; she reads (Anne Rice of course) and writes the books. The tourist travels to look at buildings while a Tour Guide gives them a kit complete with warm milk, pacifier and a baby rattle along with the phone number of the nearest consulate in case a native says “Boo”.

When Scarlett travels, she seeks out the natives, walls down, arms wide open. Some watch people wrestle. Scarlett engages people in wrestling. Some are scared of planes, Scarlett is constantly on one.

As she explained in an exclusive interview with FCI, “All of these places and the people I meet while visiting, keep my child-like sense of awe and well-being alive and flourishing.”

Her wrestling career is flourishing too.

She has taken on the likes of industry giant Wenona and battled it out with boxing Hall of Fame legend Hot Stuff Hollie.

Here is what others in the industry are saying about her.

The fun site exudes, “Scarlett is tall, beautiful and strong. At 5-11 145 pounds, 36D-26-38, with size 11 feet… she is a true amazon in every respect. While new to the wrestling scene, she knows the basics of wrestling and trains in kick boxing.”

Our fearless leader and industry legend Robin at smiles, “Scarlett Devine is a statuesque dark-haired beauty from Las Vegas.  Scarlett is 5’11 about 140 pounds and wrestled against the male members of her high school wrestling team before family made her quit doing so. Scarlett has a great deal of kickboxing experience and keeps in great shape with Yoga.”

fciwomenswrestling article, photo

fciwomenswrestling article, photo


Here is how the widely respected mixed wrestling site gushed like a star struck school girl. “It’s hard to believe that over the years has worked with more than 400 different ScissorVixens ranging from the girl-next-door, to fashion models, female athletes, fitness girls, female bodybuilders and well-known session wrestlers.  And it’s even harder to believe that we could have missed the opportunity to work with someone as popular as Las Vegas model and session wrestler Scarlett Devine!”

May we make a suggestion?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to session with Scarlett. If you are a tourist, it will make you think twice about being one.

Now it’s my turn to gush.

Do you want to hear my very honest experience?

I’ll tell you, but first you have to follow along.

Please sit at your desk.

Next raise your right hand into the air like you are in court. Then gently take your right hand, place it down on the corner of the left hand side of your desk and in one forceful motion…..SWEEP EVERYTHING OFF THE DESK!

Lock the door and start writing.

What surprised me was when we made the decision to write an article about Scarlett during Las Vegas Month, this writer had actually seen her work before……

As a tourist.

In a blue uniform.

I was writing about Hot Stuff Hollie and was taking inventory of all the people that Hollie had wrestled. One of them was Scarlett. Like a blind man I breezed through it to meet a deadline. Taking stats, running analysis and reporting back to my FCI Superiors. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

You see, the first time I met Scarlett, I was indeed a tourist.

After communicating with her, now she was the star of the story. When I went through the second time as a life participant with her as the focus…..WOW!

Not only had I not seen the forest for the trees, I had missed the lions, tigers, bears and Nausicaans as well.

May I speak as an emotionally detached writer because after all, at FCI, we are all professionals here with the highest of standards? So would you like my professional opinion?

This chick is freakin’ HOT BUDDY!!!!!!!

When I get excited, my Texas drawl comes out.

Is that direct enough? Is that professional enough? Has your blue uniform turned red yet?

The second time around, wearing my red uniform, I couldn’t believe how sexy this babe is.


Now, (in a commanding voice) it’s as though I see everything.

Let me clear my throat and stand on the bridge (heavy breathing).

This chick is hot like Kelly McGillis in Witness and Top Gun combined. This chick is hot like Sean Young in Blade Runner (hands in or out of pocket). This chick is hot like Alicia Silverstone in Crush (pretend she’s over 15). This chick is hot like Halle Berry in any James Bond movie she wants to star in (please keep the bikini on). This chick is hot, hot, hot like Melissa George driving her poor therapist played by Gabriel Byrne to seek therapy in “In Treatment”. This chick is hot like Amanda Seyfried in the thriller Chloe, where Juliet Moore’s character is ready to leave husband, country, planet and star systems for her.

Are you listening to me?


Don’t turn away. I’m tawkin here! I’m tawkin here!

Are you getting the point?

THIS CHICK IS RED HOT!!!! As we say in Texas, “I like her ah whole heck of a lot!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! That’s the sound of comedian Chris Rock when he was young, fierce and edgy pounding on his microphone to make his point.

This chick is hotter than Las Vegas in July!

I was hoping that she could make Femwin’s April 24-26 VIP Event because visions of her wrestling another statuesque goddess named Siblique came to mind like sugar plum wrestling fairies dancing around in my spinning head. No giggling. Fully competitive with long shapely beautiful legs in real struggle.

Unfortunately Scarlett won’t be in town that weekend.

Let me calm down, get some oxygen, watch scripted women’s wrestling so I can fall asleep, and let Scarlett speak for herself.

“At 5’11” in my stalking size 11 feet, 36D-26-38, I’m not petite by any measure. My avid fans prefer when I am in stockings, stilettos, and an impressive push-up bra. I am truly an Amazon in size, mind, and passion. I’m naturally strong, a nature-lover with a BDSM twist. It is my only goal to completely amaze, appease, and crush my willing victims, leaving them spent in the aftermath of a dominating, powerful woman who loves all manner of humanity and its various forms.”

What a sexy voice. Are you getting all of this down?

Okay Scarlett. Sweetheart. Please keep going.

fciwomenswrestling article, photo

fciwomenswrestling article, photo

“That’s all a cute way of saying, I get off on the power of surrender. I dabbled in Wrestling in high school, so I own the basics in amateur status, and while training in my own personal time, am eagerly awaiting formidable partners that would love to show off their moves and enhance my own. I kick box for strength, energy, and the sheer joy of it and have been a faithful yogi for the last fifteen years.”

Email her for more pictures and commentary.

Welcome to her playground.

Please don’t take my word for it.

Here is what an extremely satisfied customer had to say about our sweetheart. “I had the good fortune recently to meet with Scarlett for a two-hour session while she was visiting in Seattle. Although relatively new to the wrestling scene, she was everything I could have hoped for. Tall, beautiful, powerful, energetic, playful … Scarlett was just a delight to be with. Now I’m figuring out how to get to Vegas to see her again!”

It’s the beautiful risk takers like Scarlett that keep us addicted to women’s fully competitive wrestling. When we write about Scarlett, we don’t need a muse. She inspires you to live life as a full participant so when you watch “Tapestry”, since it’s exceptionally written you find it fascinating and entertaining for sure but glad the story is about some other poor frightened soul wearing a blue uniform that played it safe and blew it.

Not you. You engaged. You fought for your dreams.

You took important life altering risks with no safety nets.

Fortunately Captain Pickard received a second chance.

PICARD: You’re right, Q. You gave me the chance to change and I took the opportunity. But I admit now, it was a mistake.
Q: Are you asking me for something, Jean-Luc?
PICARD: Give me a chance to put things back the way they were before.
Q: Before you died in Sickbay. Is that what you want?
PICARD: I would rather die as the man I was than live the life I just saw.

Wait a minute.

I have an incoming message from the Captain. He’s wearing his red uniform and he wants me to give you an order. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Session with Scarlett Devine…….

Hold on. There is a little bit of interference. Okay, we’re back up.

Yes, do it now. Don’t wait until later. There is no later. Later is too late.

Scarlett is young, gorgeous and beautiful right now.

Always remember as Jean-Luc did.

Live life with passion now. Now is a gift.

That’s why it’s called “The Present.”

Message delivered.

We hope it was received.

~ ~ ~

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