Savannah Fox and this writer have a common memory that we chuckled about.

Down on the farm. That was the expression that I used when I reminded her of the first time the industry saw her wrestle super star Cheyenne Jewel on Cheyenne’s farm.

Savannah grins broadly and cringes, “It sounds like a horror film.”

Well it could have been but fortunately for Savannah, Cheyenne is a pro and soundly defeated her but given her high skill level and experience, didn’t have to hurt Savannah to do it.

At that time, Savannah was the ultimately girlie girl complete with curvy baby fat. She looked like a beautiful deer in headlights and this writer wondered if we would ever see her again. article, photo article, photo

We did and she soon began to shed her cute jobber persona.

She’s come a long way baby. article, photo article, photo

Please take names and numbers.

This became evident when she competed at Doommaiden’s 2013 Event in New York. Among others she battled industry veteran Indra and though a friendly match demonstrated that her skill level was rising. There, she also took on then rising star Skylar Rene and it was evident that Savannah’s skills were improving.

Savannah’s rise is a reminder of the expanding roles of women and with application the successes that they can have.

Recently in the film industry, a much admired maverick and exceptional movie producer had passed.

Her name was Chantal Akerman.

The New York Times described Ms. Akerman as a Belgian director whose ruminative, meticulous observation of women’s inner lives, often using long takes, made her a pioneer in feminist and experimental filmmaking.

“Born in Brussels on June 6, 1950, to Holocaust survivors from Poland, Ms. Akerman was inspired to begin making films as a teenager after seeing Jean-Luc Godard’s “Pierrot le Fou” (1965), a genre-crossing depiction of alienation and romantic abandon.

She was 25 when she made her groundbreaking “Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles” (1975). That film, which runs more than three hours, follows a widowed housewife as she prepares food, does chores and receives a gentleman who pays her for sex. The minimalist repetition builds quietly to a traumatic climax.”

Another source, remarked, “While her work was often inward-looking, she also made several travelogues, including From The East, filmed across the south in the United States.

She rarely brushed up against the mainstream, but did make A Couch in New York with Hurt and Binoche as a pair who swap apartments in New York and France.”

The same source describes Savannah as well. “Slim and sexy 5’3″ brunette Savannah Fox was born on March 27, 1987 in New York City. Fox has three sisters and lived in Ireland for two years and Florida for three years before eventually settling down in California. Moreover, Fox worked as a waitress at a restaurant, as a massage therapist in a physical therapist’s office, and as a bartender in Florida.”

It was in the spring of 2014 at a Las Vegas event that Savannah Fox planted herself on the female submission wrestling map as a true rising star that was taking her craft seriously. Her first matchup that evening came against submission sensation Frankie Zappitelli in what ironically appears to be one of Frankie’s last matches. article, photo article, photo

On paper it seemed like Frankie would be a heavy favorite because at this point, Savannah had not had a signature win that we knew of. Instead of a Zappitelli domination it was a competition that went back and forth right up until the end. As I sat there and watched the match, this writer was stunned.

She would also face the extremely determined Jolene who says she always wins and that’s mostly true. Jolene is as tough as they come and the former Indie Actress often proves it’s not an act. Savannah did well against Jolene but understandably with those brutal scissors, it was Jolene’s to win.

Against Jolene who is one of the top submission wrestlers in America, both girls appeared confident with Savannah sporting a sexy lime green outfit. Jolene got off to a fast start but Savannah countered and even rolled her. One third of the way through the match Savannah caught Jolene by surprise and trapped her in a hard scissor. Jolene is very resilient and can with stand pain and refused to submit, eventually escaping.

Twice she had Jolene secured in a body scissor but couldn’t secure it. This is the difference between Savannah today and who she was a year ago. In 2015, the stealth version of Savannah finishes and gains the submission. article, photo article, photo

Ms. Fox would also compete against industry star Kara who is in the same league with Ariel and Isamar so it was expected that Kara would win but Savannah certainly earned all of our respect with the tough was that she competed.

Savannah Fox had arrived.

Her level had improved so much that newer girls didn’t stand a chance against her. As we can see from her matches in Nor Cal….they still don’t.

For those of us who have coached or competed at the highest level in sports, one of the most important axioms in that world is that you must defeat the people that you should beat and hope to defeat the champion at least once. Savannah had now reached that level.

Her weight was dropping as well and her body becoming stealth like.

By the time a 2015 event rolled around, Savannah was in her finest form. She was built like a warrior and now was entering her matches with the expectation to win. She could now take on some of the top names in the industry and you truly didn’t know who was going to win.

Savannah is big in Nor Cal

Great news was spreading out of Northern California where Savannah had easily defeated newer wrestlers but surprisingly soundly defeated Penny Barber who previously dominated Savannah in their first match.

If you want to session with Savannah, she wrestles men as well and having met her personally more than once, this writer can comfortably recommend the beautiful former New York resident.

It’s become clear that Savannah Fox is for real and another example of how if women put their minds to it that they can achieve anything they want.

The female submission wrestling industry is always hungry for serious wrestling stars and now Savannah is one of the wrestlers who has evolved to the point that when she steps onto the wrestling mats, victories will follow.

She’s not just a star on the rise.

She’s past that.

Savannah is now an established power.

~ ~ ~

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