Sensuous, beautiful, strong, gregarious and feminine in spirit, when the new girl arrives into the established circle of associates, she’s often met with caution, probing, jealousy and among the opposite sex, accelerating sexual tension.

Part of the caution is due to the film industry’s depiction of the beautiful new girl introduced into the mix.

Sometimes she’s alluring and scary good and that can be frightening.

The epitome of this on film is Single White Female. article, Columbia pictures photo credit article, Columbia pictures photo credit

Single White Female is a 1992 American erotic thriller film based on John Lutz‘s novel SWF Seeks Same. The film stars Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh and is directed by Barbet Schroeder.

In that film, the new girl is to die for.

Gentlemen? Don’t worry. We have a gorgeous new girl in our female submission wrestling world that we would like to introduce to you and she’s very good in all of the right places.

Please meet Sapphire Storm. article, Brian Brown photograhy photo credit article, Brian Brown photograhy photo credit

Sapphire comes with the usual sensuous suspects.

She’s sweet, beautiful, shapely, professional and eager to take care of her customers in a session.

So as far as the movie thing?


Sapphire is well, like some of the other new girls that you meet on film. She sincerely bonds with you, seems wiser beyond her years, becomes a confidant and is easy to fall in love with. article, article,

Just look at her. She’s more like AnnaSophia Robb who starred in The Way Way Back, a 2013 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash in their directorial debut.

It’s hard to live with out her and you’ll never forget her.

We like that. Don’t you?

Always subject to change but who are her new roommates?

Pippa and the girls from the Submission Room.

As of this August, 2016 writing, we have the inside scoop that Sapphire will wrestle and be available for sessions under their guidance.

As you’ve seen on film, the new girl is hot and she always hangs out with the other popular super-hot chicks, like joining Alicia Silverstone’s gal pals in Clueless. article, Paramount Pictures photo credit article, Paramount Pictures photo credit

Okay new girl. It’s time for the meet and greet. The guys are waiting for you to say something.

We can feel the erotic tension swelling.

Sapphire now introduces herself. article, sapphirestorm krackers photography article, sapphirestorm krackers photography

At the energetic site she smiles, “I am a Professional, hardworking, creative and ambitious alternative and artistic nude model. Currently I reside in Kent, UK. I have worked as a photographic model in various areas in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Ireland.

I have also worked as a life-art model in Spain & the United Kingdom.

I can dance to a semi-pro level freestyle (street and hip hop).

I have been published three times in BIZARRE magazine and twice in ELITE ONLINE magazine. I’ve also been published in Ryze-up Magazine May 2013. I was recently published in NUTS Magazine twice in the ‘bedroombabes’ competition. I have also had many other online publications… ask me for full details or go to my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE search – Sapphire Storm- and in my ABOUT section there’s a huge list of all publications!”

That’s quite a resume. Very impressive.

Since we’ve been talking about gorgeous girls on film, new to our industry but previously involved in that celluloid world, what has our beautiful girl done there?

Sapphire leans forward, mischievously grins with those mesmerizing eyes and shares, “I have been featured in 5 music videos including Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘Rocks off’. ShaoDow’s ‘GAS MARK 10’ as the lead girl. Bobby Narcissit ‘Fresh Remix’ & Que Hunta ‘Sha kan kan’.

I attended the first pilot filming for Keith Lemon’s TV show ‘Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid’.

In Feb 2012, I took part in the filming of a documentary on the Human body- the company was called TOUCH Productions.

I walked in Alternative Fashion Week 2012 for designers from Newham College.

Alternative Fashion Week article, photo article, photo

I have worked with over 90 photographers in total since Jan 2010 when I first entered the modelling world. I am able to pose with or without direction and am always one for improvisation if need be. I will do all in my power to capture the shots that the photographer/client want and to surpass their expectations, this being my ultimate goal.”

Gentlemen, please remain calm. article, photo article, photo

We can see that you are panting to have a session with Sapphire but look, here at Fem Com we are going to make sure that the new girl is an ideal fit for you so she must come with references.

Wait a minute……here we go.

Wow, look at Sapphire’s glowing list of people who absolutely love her. She has also modeled under the name of Maez.

”Working with Sapphire was a great experience – she is adventurous and professional, allowing two way communication during the creative process. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.”…….. Koko Roche

”I had, today, the great good fortune to work with this delightful young lady. Apart from being an excellent model she is such an agreeable person to meet. I can only say that if you have not worked with her- do so and soon.” Nick Lead (x3)

”Sapphire Storm came to sit for my life drawing group in Spain and proved very popular with the artists – able to hold a variety of short and long poses. She was also happy to shoot a couple of photosets with me – one art nude & one bikini beach shoot – where she showed her professionality and experience to enable some good results. Whether photo or art work I think she has great future potential.”…… Martin Enterprises/Martin Robinson

Okay, okay, we are convinced. Aren’t you?

This is consistent with our communications with her. She’s very professional and easy to work with.

If you would like a session, her email is

What we also love about Sapphire is that she is symbolic of the new trend of female athletes from various competitive disciplines who are willing to promote their brand in new areas.

It’s not uncommon for Lady Pro wrestlers to try submission wrestling, submission wrestlers to brand as Fitness Models, Fitness Models who try CrossFit and the like.

Likewise Sapphire, the new grappler Fem Competitor, is willing to expand her horizons and double our pleasure.

It’s always nice to have a beautiful new girl in our industry that presents a new and improved fusion of talent, beauty, creativeness and sunshine.

As the erotic tension rises……super sexy Sapphire Storm? New girl?

Welcome to our world.

~ ~ ~


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