International competitive female submission wrestling matches always present a certain flair because since both competitors reside in foreign countries, most of the time they have virtually never met one another in battle.

Fem Competitors from the same country often engage in what we would describe as company fights because of the limited numbers of wrestlers in our great industry, thus the fights can become a little more tepid because there is a certain pecking order among the group and you don’t fight a friend with the same fierceness that you fight a stranger in front of a live audience where not only your personal reputation is at stake but your country’s as well.

This match took place early in Karina’s career and while some of us had seen her wrestle in a semi-competitive scripted Lady Pro format in Russia, we weren’t sure how she would do on the big stage.

Karina has more than proven herself in the International matches in Germany against Thunder, Kassidy and Scorpion from England, Iron and Riona from Germany, Tonned Tommi from the United States along with Siberia and Diana from the Czech Republic.

She also fought Luna from England.

We have enjoyed both of their careers and published feature articles on them.

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Fem Wrestlers: Win Like Russia’s Karina, Stay On Top

Karina Gotika, Russian Goth Girl Grappler, Fun, Magnificent

So you can imagine our great anticipation when we purchased the match Luna vs Karina from the great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany.

The producer was excited as well.

He educates, “Karina is a tall girl from Russia vs very muscled and MMA experienced Luna from UK. It seems that Karina will get into big problems. Luna is very strong and the Russian girl is really new and no one knows her.

Let’s see how she handle this hard body opponent.

Okay let’s see.


Karina as we have learned is very aggressive on the mats and as the two beauties are introduced while Luna seems in a jovial mood skipping around on the mats, Luna, the newer girl so to speak is all business.

Once the engagement begins, Karina passionately pushes Luna to the mats and is on top of her but she had to stand up to do that.

Honey, former owner of London Wrestling Studio is the referee and she makes reference to that. It appears there is a no standing rule and you have to engage from the mats on your knees. Never the less, Karina is on top and drives the muscular Luna to the edge of the mats.

Karina tried pulling Luna’s head forward for a submission but the British girl is too strong and no closure is obtained.

They come back to the center of the mats and now Karina is forcing the issue and in a more elongated position is coming in for the smother.

Luna fights that off.

Karina now tries for the arm across the throat choke out.

Honey warns, “Illegal move.” And Karina backs off of the choke and to her surprise Luna flexes those famous muscles and flips Karina over.

Now it’s her turn to try and press a smother.

Karina is scrambling and fighting her off so hard that the mats are disrupted and scattered.

No company fight here., article, photo credit

For several minutes Luna is now the absolute aggressor and Karina is fighting her off from below.

It seems like a submission is immanent and just as Luna pulls Karina towards her for the patented side body scissors, the girls tumble off the mats.

They move back to the center of the mats.

Keeping the same position, Luna now seizes Karina’s neck and comes in for the kill. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

She succeeds, uses a legal choke and the dark haired Russian taps out.

The other aspect of the International fights that we love is that they draw a star studded crowd. In the background we can see Asha and Jenna from Hungary watching on while Mystique of England is sitting mat side.

Things are heating up.

In the next round, Luna is back on top and Karina is trying to apply a floor to upper body scissors of the muscular girl.

It’s not effective and once again Luna is closing in for a smother, choke submission and is on the verge of achieving it.

Karina escapes, presses the advantage and traps Luna in a brutal arm bar.

Luna submits.

Now 1-1, and the match coming to a close, who will gain the upper hand?

This one is a nail biter so if you are in anticipation, you can purchase the match at the below link.

What a match.

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Just like an International competitive female submission wrestling match between strangers meeting on the big event stage.

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