Renee is a Catfighter we would love to see more of in the fully competitive wrestling world.

If you are of the mind-set that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, there’s a survey that has vaulted out of England that will likely mix a pound of salt into those ingredients. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

On June 25, 2014, the respected British news site the reported, “Convention has it that women are the gentler sex.

But when it comes to relationships they are more likely than men to be controlling and aggressive, a study claims.

Increasing numbers of women can now be classed as ‘intimate terrorists’, meaning that they are verbally and physically violent towards a partner.

Psychologists at the University of Cumbria questioned 1,104 young men and women using a scale of behavior which ranged from shouting and insulting to pushing, beating and using weapons.

They discovered that women were ‘significantly’ more likely to be verbally and physically aggressive to men than vice versa.”

There is a ground swell of opinion in many circles, western civilization included, who believe that women should never be aggressive towards anyone.

As FCI tries to influence a cultural shift where we globally market the concept that women’s wrestling is a female sport like volleyball, swimming, lacrosse and not just a male pleasure product; we are finding that many are resistant to any idea, dignified or not, of females wrestling each other. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

So you can imagine if they feel that strongly about women grappling even in a dignified environment, ponder how they would feel about a more taboo form of engagement. What genre is that?

Catfighting!!! article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia


I know FCI will never endorse or produce cat fighting of any kind but the question I ask as we move into the new world is can catfighters successfully make the transition into a female wrestling culture that competes in a Dojo with submission and MMA rules?

To answer that question we need to peer very briefly into the world of the cat fighters. If we make the decision to do that then I think we should focus on one of the world’s best and that is Renee at the haven. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

I first became of aware of Renee back in the late 1990’s when this small company based in Georgia produced a sexy girl next door product that show cased some solid wrestling. Some of my favorite girls were Marie, Gen and Holly but my all-time favorite was a shapely feminine brunette named Kitty. They weren’t the thin model types or the super fit aerobics muscle toned cuties either. They truly looked like your sister’s friends complete with some butter and sugar.

Renee’s events were small and customer service friendly and the male patrons often got a chance to raise the girl’s arms in victory. I actually sat next to and spoke with one of her customers who owned a successful wood working shop, during Jackpin’s 2008 convention in San Diego. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

Her customer service through snail mail was exceptional as well and she even wrote me a personal note or two which actually meant a lot. I can’t say enough how I admired Renee.

I still do.

To be very direct, if you go to her site you truly will find some strong erotic catfight viewing but she also produced straight fully competitive wrestling as well even going as far as to invite some of Virago’s girls like Grace and Yana along with a few of DWW’s girls like Vera to travel down south to compete.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say, “Renee and her site have been a flagship of girl next door type catfighting for as long as I can remember…..she has been a real leader in the production and promotion of great catfighting material… an ever increasing field of really good catfight material that tailors to a host of styles that fall under the catfight banner.”

Watching Renee wrestle, she was one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen and when she wanted to, she could turn it up five notches and KO her opponent as she did in a garage against a shapely Marie. That Southern Belle can truly lay a beat down.

Having said that, the question that has loomed in my mind for ages is how would beautiful Renee do outside of her pond where she reigns as Queen? In her world she competes against girls she often knows and most important where she is the boss.

How hard can you really fight the boss?

I greatly respected Renee for opening her arms wide in terms of teaching other newer girls the business and taking them under her wings. This view comes from a distance and is located in my mind, so I’m not sure that they would agree, but Jenn from Pennsylvania, Keri Spectrum out of New Jersey and Kira in New York are all Renee disciples. Say what you will, in my opinion they have all been greatly influenced by Renee.

I remember Keri wrestling as Adriana at a well-respected South Florida club named Flamingo who produces fantastic 60 minute matches and cutting her grappling baby teeth there. She lost twice and later seemed to surface under Renee’s direction and then spent some time at Webringit. I thought to myself at the time that Keri was looking for a big sister to help her out and if that’s so then it seems Renee was the right person. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

Inside that southern fortress, the girls seemed tough but time after time once experienced visiting fem competitors came to fight, the visiting warriors often won. This was the case with a couple of girls from DWW including Vera defeating Holly.

I once met a sexy brunette named Summer at Jackpin’s 2008 San Diego convention and we sat near each other and spoke briefly about her experience at the Haven and she spoke very highly of Renee. Years ago and I had purchased a tape where Summer literally stepped out of the audience to wrestle because Renee needed a replacement and in one of the most erotic, jolting matches I have ever seen gave my favorite sexy shapely Kitty the butt whipping of her feminine life. It was mind blowing and very real. No fighting the boss there. When it was near over, hair disheveled and clearly stunned an exasperated Kitty would cry auntie.

Which now brings me to another Renee protégé stepping outside of the pond. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

The incredibly good looking dark brunette Jenn agreed to meet up with super star Robin and to put it mildly, as I have seen previously when Robin wrestled with Ron at Cal Supreme; when the hair stands up on Robin’s back, a good old fashioned domination is in store. Let’s just say when Robin met Jenn, all of the hairs on Robin’s back were standing at attention.

I have seen Faith and Marie compete at other sites with mixed results. I should mention I have also seen Jenn catfight at other sites and when she’s the frontrunner she does extremely well. On the other hand, like my San Francisco-San Jose bay area favorite, Olivia D’Angelo who I’ve worked with twice, when both girls are under dogs, they rarely score an upset.

This now brings me to one of my all-time favorites, Renee.

I have yet to see my sweet southern babe step outside of that pond and wrestle some of the other female warriors of the industry like Cheyenne Jewel, Isamar, VeVe Lane or Kara. Without sarcasm, I know Renee is super tough and she has some of the street fighter in her which is an extreme asset. My frustration before time runs out and we all get old is that if she wrestled any of those girls it would be the headliner of any event. Renee verses another established star is dynamite ready to explode.

Proof of that can be found at Renee’s site in the form of match number RCH61. The following is the heart pounding description.

“A tough match from the word go between two tough women.

Kristie has a size and strength advantage and is surprisingly quick as well. Both of them dish it out and take it with hair pulling, strong scissors and other grueling submission holds. Kristie pushed Renee to the limit and I believe Renee surprised Kristie with her ability etc. as well. This is the match in which Renee received an injury to her lower back that put her out of commission for 5 months. Feeling the strain across her lower back but not knowing how serious it was she continued on through the end of the match and even had one more sponsored catfight just a few days later.

“Yes, I knew I was injured at the time but the match had already been sponsored and I met my obligation to have the match. Had I known though how long the recovery would be I may have phoned the sponsor and worked something out as far as postponing the match.” This was Renee’s response to the question of “WHY?” when she went ahead with her match after being injured. All that did was aggravate the injury even more. Maybe not prolonging the recovery time but surely not doing anything to speed it up.”

As we say in the tennis world, this was one firecracker match.

To lure the great cat fighters into the more acceptable submission world is a worthy goal. The onus is not on Renee’s back, it’s on ours as an industry. We are getting closer to selling our sites to the corporations with growing female viewers and probably no ad pop ups or clutter to cloud their message. If we are successful than the money available changes tremendously and always these super fights come down to money.

If you didn’t know it already then now you do.

Renee form Georgia is a huge star. article - photo wikimedia article – photo wikimedia

Even though the world is changing and at least according to that cited study, women are becoming more aggressive, it’s probably safe to say that main street may never be ready for a steady diet of catfighting.


For the rest of us who would love to see Renee step outside of that southern pond and show up at a fully competitive event, hard work and a plan to attract corporate money could make that hope glide from fantasy into wrestling history reality. We just have to cross that finish line before age renders my favorite generation of female warriors only available at picnics,  reunions and retirement parties.

Hope springs eternal. We’ll keep it simple. Right now we just wanted to introduce all of you to Renee.

Renee? We love you. You’re sugar and spice and at least internally……….everything super nice.

~ ~ ~

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Sources:,,,, thank you Wikimedia Commons for photos.