After much sacrifice, public and private scorn, long term doubt and the fear of going into the unknown, unproven and untested; when it comes to important choices in your life as the singer Robyn emphasizes in her captivating song With Every Heartbeat……..don’t look back.

Rachel Sinclair is a sexy competitor that many of us have enjoyed watching wrestle over the years. Probably one of her more visible outings was when she wrestled Dia Zerva and Jenny Vaughn at Female Wrestling Zone. There was much that I knew about her. Then again there were some things I didn’t.

Rachel is pursuing an MBA. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Do you know what MBA graduates can make right out of college? The range varies but according to the well-read business site the highest salary right out of grad school was $375,000 and the median $100,000 a year.

Knowing all of that, listen to what our glamour girl Rachel has to say. “After taking some time off to focus on my professional career and my MBA, I have decided to get back into doing what I love.”

That is certainly good news for us. A pretty girl with a myriad of choices and options chooses at times to entertain us. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Let’s get a closer look at this exciting wrestling star and allow her to speak for herself. She exudes, “I have been modeling on and off since I was 19 years old, and am very familiar with the industry.  I have had an opportunity to work with some absolutely phenomenal photographers and video producers over the years.

I am easy to work with, always smiling, and 100% drama free.  I take my modeling career as seriously as I do my full time professional career and I will always be prompt, prepared, and ready to work hard!”

This writer knows many producers in the industry and heard very good things about Rachel.

Here are some examples.

Here is what the leadership at one of the premier mixed wrestling sites had to say about her. “Without a doubt Rachel Sinclair is one of the most sadistic girls we’ve had the privilege, and pain, of working with!  She will greet you with a genuine and friendly smile all the while giggling at your attempts of escaping her brutal scissors!”

Let’s not be content with that. The compliments come in droves. This superlative was expressed by the management at another great male vs female site “Rachel Sinclair is certainly beautiful. She is a freelance model. But her beauty can fool you… Rachel is very fit and quite talented at the fighting arts. Standing 5’8″ tall and weighing in at 130lbs, many opponents have found themselves as her mercy. Rachel is trained in boxing, Muay Thai and grappling. She knows how to effective strike and is a master of the one sided beat down.”

If you would like to session with Rachel here is what one satisfied customer had to say. “”I spent one unforgettable hour with Rachel.  I’m a rookie at this, but she is very attractive, accommodating, strong, athletic, and entertaining.  The fantasy gal I was hoping for.  I look forward to a rematch.”

You remember how in high school the good looking chicks always hung out together. We’ll in the female wrestling world, I’ve found out that the fun girls usually come from fun places and Rachel is no different. Why don’t we travel to Rachel’s playground, Orlando Florida? article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Our favorite staple site Wikipedia provides the fish dinner for us. “Orlando is a major city in the U.S. state of Florida. Located in Central Florida, it is the county seat of Orange County and the center of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area. The Greater Orlando metropolitan area has a population of 2,134,411, making it the 26th largest metro area in the United States.

Orlando is nicknamed “The City Beautiful” and its symbol is the fountain at Lake Eola. Orlando is also known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” and its tourist attractions draw more than 57 million tourists a year, including 4.1 million international guests.”

I’m impressed. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Let’s politely ask Crockett and Tubbs to please step outside of the speed boat and we’ll let another guide take over. The fun site that knows all the in things to do, is stepping on the gas pedal. “Whether it’s a trip for families, couples, single travelers or friends, you’ll find so many things to do in Orlando. Orlando offers unique experiences for every visitor to ensure an unforgettable vacation. Whether that means a week spent at theme parks or a weekend on the golf course, an Orlando getaway is whatever you want it to be.

From the classic Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Orlando® Resort, there’s a world for everyone to escape into! Experience a wonderland of ocean animals at SeaWorld® Orlando.  Discover fun for the whole family at LEGOLAND® Florida, one of Orlando’s newest theme parks.  And with multiple new projects on the horizon, even the most die-hard visitors to Orlando theme parks will always find new ways to create lasting memories, year after year!” article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Three is a charm. Here is what a group that always provides great advice, suggests. “From the Magic Kingdom to magical spa treatments, Orlando sparkles with the promise of adventure. Spend a day exploring the world-famous Disney theme parks, giggling with the dolphins at SeaWorld, or screaming your head off on a Universal Studios roller coaster. For a less adrenaline-pumping afternoon, enjoy the quiet natural beauty of the Harry P. Leu Gardens, or enjoy a seaweed scrub at a luxury day spa. Savor fresh and local ingredients at one of Orlando’s James Beard-nominated restaurants.”

You see what I mean? Didn’t I tell you that fun girls know the fun places?

My suggestion is that when you travel to Orlando, you should make a week of it and be sure to include a session with Rachel in your plans; especially if you want to be a little sore and get a good night’s sleep.

Life is great when we have choices and options. Our industry loves a star like Rachel who could be many other places and do a myriad of other things but instead, she’s made a choice to spend time with fans like us.

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