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When fans of London Wrestling Studio (LWS) received an email from the owner Honey that as of December 31, 2014, she decided not to continue with LWS so that she concentrate on her university studies and future career, no doubt shock and sadness swept through the global female submission wrestling community.

She did give us hope that great female wrestling in London will continue with the high standards that LWS displayed by adding that she anticipated that the majority of LWS wrestlers will continue with session wrestling and that she was recommending to them all that they join her friend Pippa’s wrestling studio here.

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Let’s allow our talented grappler to introduce herself. “Welcome to The Submission Room. I am Pippa the Ripper and I have been wrestling since 2006. I owe a lot of my training and experience to the wonderful Honey, from London Wrestling Studio, who passed on her wrestling knowledge to me several years ago.

My passion for wrestling resulted in me opening my own wrestling studio – The Submission Room. We have lots of very talented and beautiful female wrestlers waiting to grapple with you on the mats.”

Female Competition International (FCI) has been a fan of Pippa for years and has always admired her efforts and her body of work. Here are some of the industry stars that she has wrestled against. The list includes Meteor, Miss Demeanor, Blue Angel, Duchess, Axa Jay, Thunder, Sable, Honey, Dragontooth and others.

Pippa’s wrestling career is one of evolvement.

When she faced a match tough Dragontooth on the red mats inside the previously often viewed wrestling studio in London, she was capable of getting Dragontooth in submitting positions but found it hard to close, even with the crowd cheering her on and her friend and fearless leader, Honey standing in the corner. Give her credit though. It took Dragon some time to submit Pippa with a chokehold.

Later sporting her famous doo with her hair cropped on the sides and long in the back, she faced Honey on the green mats at London Wrestling Studios. It was a nice touch in the new age of larger MMA trained warriors to see two beautiful, smaller, feminine gladiators do battle. This was Pippa’s to win as she often maneuvered Honey into positions where the LWS Owner had to submit to Pippa’s will.

She ventured a little outside of the sisterhood in taking on Blue Angel, a sexy blonde compactly packaged with sensuous feminine muscle. This proved to be a friendly struggle and I was impressed the Pippa who was now packing some muscle herself turned this into an attractive ground war.

She also faced a very sexy smaller girl with reddish brown hair styled in a pony-tail named Duchess. Pippa is in her element with smaller sized girls and though there were moments of aggression and back and forth struggle, at some point it was clear that Duchess had no answers for Pippa. In return Pippa provided her with no answers when Duchess finally asked what she was doing.

Pippa smiled and let her know that she wasn’t sharing the secret of her tricks. This was a match where Pippa demonstrated her expertise of locking the arms of Duchess behind her back and controlling the match.

Her reputation in our industry is stellar. The praise comes in from around the globe.

The Canadian company Femwin, a FVF industry leader had this to say about our British Torch Bearer. “One of the most skillful girls at London Wrestling Studios. This young lady is a tough match for any male or female opponent anywhere near her weight. She loves to wrestle, in any style of match, and is very determined to win!”

LWS explains why they loved to promote her matches. “Great looks and awesome strength make PIPPA THE RIPPER a real winner – check out those defined muscles in her calves and thighs. Our longest standing wrestler, PIPPA quickly established herself as one of our most consistently popular athletes. Whether it is a session or event, she possesses a real desire to win. Also take note – PIPPA holds the title of “LWS School Girl Pin Queen”!

Her great attitude makes her the perfect choice for all our fans.”

In terms of sessions, here is what a satisfied customer had to say in working with Pippa. “I met Pippa last year. She is a very skilled wrestler and great fun. She totally humiliated me, with a seemingly endless variety of painful and inescapable holds. The whole experience was exciting and fun, yet somewhat terrifying because she was in such total control.

I’m 6’2″ and 72kg – so tall and slim and although I’m reasonably fit, I didn’t have a chance: she was stronger, faster and more skillful than me. Pippa is pretty attractive. Highly recommended.”

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Good female wrestling is getting harder to come by. As of this writing in the United States we only know of Doommaidens in New York and Femwin of Canada they have an events on a regular basis.

This would be a great time to rally around Pippa and support her efforts. Given her past accomplishments, a successful future would be in keeping with a studio led by an established wrestling star that has friends in high places.

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