The movement to go green and make a lot of green in doing so, continues to explode.

Many of the more familiar innovative ideas for green products are in the area of housing, food, transportation and waste management but when asked about the subject, few tend to say deodorant first.

Given the sales data, deodorant is not only under people’s arms but on their mind as well.

At they report, “Deodorants and antiperspirants are in high demand in developed regions such as the Americas and Western Europe. With consumers there increasingly opting for products that contain natural ingredients, manufacturers have been reformulating their products to cater to this requirement. The growing implementation of daily grooming routines among teenagers and white collar professionals is also contributing to the sale of deodorant products.

To meet the growing consumer demand for multifunctional products, vendors are enhancing the basic functions of deodorants to include antiperspirant and skin lightening features.”

In terms of going green the informative site shares, “The growing concerns over the health hazards caused by cosmetics present a real opportunity for organic and natural deodorants. Manufacturers are therefore focusing on the development of products featuring certified organic ingredients free of parabens, polyethylene glycols (PEGs), and hormone-disrupting chemical fragrances and petrochemical ingredients. Products featuring organic ingredients like coconut oil, and essential oils are therefore forecast to witness maximum growth.”

Thus with many players in the organic deodorant market, how does one product stand out?

The name is helpful.

So, Piper Wai. Does that sound green and organic to you? article, photo credit

It does to us.

Time for a holistic meet and greet. article, photo credit

PiperWai is a tribe of rebels who believe natural is better, don’t accept the status quo, and chase their dreams. They’re explorers, inventors, and creators, with a passion for healthy living and doing things differently.

At their creative site their story unfolds. “It all started when Jess Edelstein decided she’d had enough of the struggle with harsh, chemical ingredients in typical deodorants that irritated her sensitive skin. There had to be better way to stay dry and odor free. So she set out to invent her own formula from completely natural ingredients that aren’t “powder fresh” and wouldn’t burn or rash. She found the answer in her own kitchen mixer, using activated charcoal, essential oils, and natural moisturizers.

To test it out, she shared it with her best friend Sarah Ribner who took it on a trip to South America. It held up trekking through the hot and humid weather, and by the end of her trip, Sarah was a believer.

Sarah and Jess banded together to share PiperWai with the world so that anyone seeking a natural, gentler alternative to their daily essentials could finally find it.” article, photo credit

Hmm, very motivating and intriguing.

What about how it works?

“PiperWai is the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant that uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor. Natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E soothe even the most sensitive skin. Our stain-free formula rubs in clear and won’t discolor your clothes.

Sweat secreted from your underarms glands is odorless, but starts to smell when exposed to bacteria. PiperWai’s natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh with a single application – even after workouts!”

Now for some independent reviews because after all, that’s what truly eliminates any smelly hyperbole.

At the nice stylish site they share, “PiperWai Natural Deodorant smells great, but it initially does not last as long as its “unnatural” competitors. It seems that the product’s creators anticipated that result. They acknowledge that some bodies may require an adjustment period as sweat glands become accustomed to not being “plugged shut” by the aluminum compounds typically found in conventional anti-perspirants.

I used it for a week and even though it smells great and feels very light, I had to reapply a touch every few hours to stay completely dry. Still, I find that PiperWai Natural Deodorant is most certainly an exceptional natural alternative for those who want to steer clear of ingredients that may be harmful.

I received PiperWai Natural Deodorant as a sample and I would purchase it in the future.”

That was helpful and very honest.

Let’s examine another one.

The entertaining site adds, “I’ve been searching for a great deodorant for YEARS!!.. I hate all the flower drug store options that tend to just mask odor instead of preventing it. No other product has worked this well for me. It has a “natural” smell and yes, you have to rub it into your armpit, but its so worth it. I feel fresh and clean all day and am no longer nervous when those hot days occur.”

They seem to speak for many.

Piper Wai pitched their product on Shark Tank, the venture capitalist television series. article, photo credit

Here is what happened afterwards.

The observant site summarizes, “Long before they appeared on Shark Tank or even started PiperWai, Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner ran a lemonade stand. Later on, they were unhappy with the commercial deodorants on the market. They were filled with unnecessary chemicals and toxins. The girls wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, but they were having a difficult time finding a natural deodorant that actually, well, worked. Jess researched ingredients and recipes and came up with a homemade natural deodorant all her own. Sarah took it with her on a trip to South America, and the new deodorant passed the heat test.

The girls have gone far since their appearance on Shark Tank. While PiperWai has experienced some growing pains, they are making it work. They recently appeared on a Shark Tank update where they met with their Shark. Jess and Shark relayed the challenges of growing faster than they could keep up. They had a backlog of 4-6 weeks. You can purchase the products from various retail stores, Amazon, and their website… But you might be waiting awhile.”

Super. That’s a nice problem to have. That’s how hot their product has become.

With ingredients that include Bergamot, Charcoal, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus and more natural gems, it seems too good to be true. The growing sales say that.

Some would look at their seemingly perfect deodorant product and in terms of its incredible results say “No way.”

We listen to their spirit and heart that clearly comes through in their product and we say, “Yes Wai.”

~ ~ ~