Sincerity in demonstrating the desired and sometimes unexpected positive attitude can save jobs, marriages and sports careers to name a few.

In many industries once an athlete’s time is up, it’s easy for them to fall arms flailing into the deep canyon of the forever forgotten. article, wikimedia photo credit article, wikimedia photo credit

Our competitive female submission wrestling industry is and will be different if Femcompetitor Magazine fulfills her goals. We so deeply appreciate the deep and rich library of women who have gone against the societal norm and decided to bless us by wrestling anyway, thus we are determined that as long as civilization exists, time will remember them.

So much of what drives us is their infectious positive and inspiring attitudes.

It’s unforgettable. They’re unforgettable.

Pandora in orange article, LWS video photo credit article, LWS video photo credit

One such beautiful maiden who decided to take the plunge and wrestle, cementing her name in female wrestling lore is Australia’s Pandora who wrestled at London Wrestling Studios. You can still purchase some of her videos to enhance your collection so let’s walk down memory lane by reliving two of her matches through the industry legend and fantastic video producer Honey of LWS.

PANDORA VS OCTANE article, LWS video photo credit article, LWS video photo credit

Two brand new girls in live wrestling action for the first time and boy what a match they gave us. High Octane is the brash Kiwi who has a great body and a desire to win and Pandora is the super slim Aussie who just loves to wrestle. They started at a great pace and each girl was determined to impress the cheering audience of wrestling fans. A few pin attempts and some nice submission holds by both girls. A great start to the LWS March event.

PANDORA VS KARA article, LWS video photo credit article, LWS video photo credit

The lovely leggy Pandora was impressing the audience with her attitude and ability and this match was going to be a real test for her. Pandora may not look like your average wrestler but she was in fine form. Kara slowed her down early on with strength holds but the Aussie was not giving up without a fight. Pandora had a couple of good pin attempts and only the power of Kara stopped her taking the victory. Fine action from two excellent girls.

This writer loved so many things about Pandora. That’s a story in itself. What was most likable was her positive attitude and willingness to compete and fight on despite being slender and less experienced.

She was always in tough, but remained tough.

Her positive attitude should be bronzed.

At least for now, Pandora’s memory with be immortalized.

Attitude on the wrestling mats and in life is paramount to how successful we are on our pathway. is evolving where we like to research the thoughts of other reputable writers for confirmation. We seem to have found one.

Please enjoy the following article that is positively enlightening.

Positive Attitudes Bring About Positive Results

By Rick Dayle

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking, and many have really tried to think positively but may not have noticed the results they desired. Read on and see how positive attitudes can bring about positive results.

A Positive Attitude Doesn’t Mean Ignoring the Obvious

Some people would like you to believe that you can change the world by merely pretending that everything is wonderful, no matter how bad your situation is. Positive thinking isn’t ignoring the obvious, but ignoring the obvious can be detrimental and demoralizing.

Positive attitude is instead, a process of finding something positive in every situation, even the bleakest. Looking at the positive side will usually allow you the clarity of thought to find new ways to move out of bad situations into better ones, and eventually to good or great situations. Conversely, looking at the negative side of a situation blocks creativity and thought, and generally leads to more negative situations.

Benefits to a Positive Attitude

Positive thinking brings about benefits that you wouldn’t at first imagine. A mental attitude that expects good or favorable results helps mold our behavior towards activities that create a positive environment. Generally, a positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and success in whatever endeavor you attempt. When you do encounter less than favorable circumstances, you will find you are more resourceful than someone that does not have a positive attitude, thereby helping insure your success.

Henry Ford was known to say “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.”

This particularly rings true when it comes to keeping a positive attitude.

Beyond Mere Attitude

Actually, calling attitude “mere” may be doing it disservice, as your attitude is the result of quite a number of factors, the least of which may be your conscious actions. However, it is clear that your conscious actions greatly affect your attitude. While you may not think so at first, you CAN affect your attitude through some very powerful tools that are relatively simple and easy to implement.

First, watch yourself and see how you talk. Back in the early or mid ’90s, I attended a series of lectures by Gregg Braden, and one of the things he brought up during one of the breaks was the concept of positive speech. With positive speech, you make statements that are positive in relation to what you do, want or need, instead of negative ones. This deliberate speech moves you to a more positive way of being that can radically affect your attitude. Yes, they are a form of affirmation. I was particularly interested in a habit he had of “canceling” phrases we use every day. Whenever he would say something that could be interpreted literally, such as “I laughed so hard I nearly died”, he would follow it with “cancel that thought” as soon as he realized it could have been misinterpreted. If you say “I want this thing” the universe allows you to want, instead of helping you provide it. If, as you watch yourself, you find that you are using a lot of phrases that could be considered negative, try to change how you speak. Every little change you make in turning your speech positive will help improve your attitude, and that will help make your life more positive.

Changing Your Life With a Positive Attitude

As you change your speech, you will find your attitude improves. To further help, try to avoid the habit of complaining about what isn’t right, or isn’t going the way you wish it would. The universe interprets your statements as statements of fact. If you state things in a positive manner as if they have already happened, they are much more likely to happen. On the other hand, if you continually dwell on the negative side, and complain (especially to others you think may share your pain), you only reinforce those negative actions and bring more of them to yourself. A positive attitude begins with positive speech. By avoiding speaking negative things, you can lessen the power you give to the negative and begin to move you energy to the positive. With each negative you no longer express, and each positive thing you do express, the closer you get to a better, more positive attitude, and with it, a more positive life.

I have seen many cases in my own life where the above concepts were proven true and effective, and watched others descend into relative pits of negativity because they were apparently unable to accept that positive speech and actions could make even the smallest change in their situation. I have personally been in more than one situation where I could find little positive to see, and had to be reminded by someone else outside of the direct effect to see even the smallest positive. Once I did find the first positive element, then built one upon another and before long I was out of the negative pit and back with a positive attitude.

The universe operates much as if it were this immense conscious computer, and our speech and attitude were the programming that determined what was to come. How and what we think has a profound effect on our individual future.

As a parting comment, I again repeat the words of Henry Ford:
“Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.” article, wikimedia photo credit article, wikimedia photo credit

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