Wishing upon a star to have one important dream come true early in life is a massive accomplishment.

Having two dreams come true is absolutely spectacular. Especially if they do come early.

A pathway for many female entrepreneurs to unlimited wealth is the skincare industry. Enhancing your product with all organic and natural ingredients is a major consumer attraction.

Think about the two for one special. Build a global skincare company and not only can you financially live the great life, you can also use your own product and tap into the fountain of youth as well.

Today’s budding female business leaders should be inspired.

At money.cnn.com they report, “A record 145 women around the world are now billionaires, compared to just 22 in 1995, finds a study by UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers. They’re largely building their wealth in real estate, industrial companies and health.”

They might want to breakdown healthcare and add skin care to the list.

As shared at gcimagazine.com, “As expected, skin care is not slowing down. The global skin care industry is estimated to reach $121 billion in 2016. And by 2018, the U.S. skin care market will reach nearly $11 billion.”

They add, “There is a rising demand driven by natural and organic products with no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives or fillers.

This segment accounts for more than one-third of the $9.6 billion natural and organic personal care industry, says Nutrition Business Journal, and is growing even faster than the overall skin care market.”

Two sensational female entrepreneurs who have creatively and effectively tapped into this burgeoning market are NU Evolution Cosmetics owners Nadine Cormier and Sandra Anderson-Diaz.

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“The insatiable thirst for everything which lies beyond, and which life reveals, is the most living proof of our immortality.”… Charles Baudelaire

They have a spectacular product and an intriguing message to share that speaks to their success.

Reviewing their impressive website nuevolutioncosmetics.com they welcome, “Nadine Cormier and Sandra Anderson-Diaz are two successful powerhouse New Yorkers that bring the same level of drive and passion to their professional careers as they do to living healthy lifestyles. As beauty junkies and style mavens, they’ve always been drawn to the latest and greatest products and trends on the market. They are just as committed to living healthy lives and are very conscious about what they consume and apply on their skin.

Lotions, creams, fragrances, foundation and lipstick are part of an unregulated multi-billion dollar beauty and personal care industry. Companies are allowed to put almost anything in products, including known toxins that are linked to cancer, skin reactions, allergies, endocrine disruption, reproductive issues and other debilitating diseases. To make matters worse, they are not telling us about many of ingredients used such as lead, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

They don’t believe that the products they use to look stylish and beautiful on the outside should be harmful to them on the inside. They might suffer in stilettos, but they don’t want your health to suffer for flawless looking skin or highlighted eyes.”

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That makes simple and great sense.

Let’s see what motivated these two creative minds.

“After several people in their lives including themselves suffered from various health issues, they took a deeper look at every aspect of their lifestyles. Deeply impacted by these experiences, they were determined to get to the root of the problems. In a society that is focused only on treating symptoms, they wanted answers!

After years of research, they were shocked and disappointed by what they discovered. We all live in a toxic mess, and every day we are exposed to toxicity through our food, water, homes, skincare, make-up, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, and many other facets of daily life. They immediately embarked on a journey to remove all toxicity from their lives.

After experiencing the positive impacts of these changes, they were determined to share their experiences and discoveries with women all around the world, and do it as stylishly as possible.”

Here is why they are ahead of their time and leading the way towards a better organic cosmetics future.

“Knowing that more than 60% of what you apply to your skin is directly absorbed into your blood stream, they set out on a quest to find alternatives to the propylene glycol (also known as antifreeze!), phthalates, parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients used in most mainstream beauty products. As busy women who lead hectic lives, they were also inspired to find products that were not only effective, but reflective of their taste and personal style. They became frustrated with the lack of healthy yet stylish options, and know that there is nothing beautiful about the toxic ingredients in most products on the market.

This was the prime inspiration and driving force behind their need to create NU EVOLUTION. They believe that you can look fabulous, without putting your health at risk.

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Equipped with a wealth of professional experience, and armed with the knowledge gained through their extensive research, they teamed up with an expert chemist to create the perfect formulas.

Not willing to settle for anything less than what they expect from other brands, they set out to create a natural and organic cosmetic brand, with a color selection, innovative formulas and packaging that reflects their true passion for high fashion, beauty and pop culture from around the world.

They stand behind all of the ingredients used in the products. Simply put, what you see is what you get. Under no circumstances are they willing to sacrifice their health or yours for the sake of profits. They want women of all shades to be able to use the quality, stylish products they demand without compromising their well-being. And, that’s real beauty.”

Their success is admired by many. One of those admirers is Kristen Arnett.

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Green Beauty Team, Kristen Arnett has been immersed in the world of beauty for over 15 years, with roles ranging from product development to a career as an international makeup artist. She uses only the best in natural, organic, green makeup and skincare for her high-profile fashion and celebrity clientele.

At her well respected site greenbeautyteam.com, here is what she had to say about NU Evolution. “As a makeup artist I rely on only a handful of natural, organic brands, since (to be honest) the ones good enough for me to put in my kit are few and far between.

When Nu Evolution Cosmetics launched in August of 2014, they invited me to be one of the first people to try their line — and I went with my usual expectation to be underwhelmed.

To sum up my experience of Nu Evolution in two words, I’ll just say — I’m impressed. 

Their natural and certified organic ingredients, sexy packaging, serious performance, rich pigments, awesome textures and beautiful color selections are killing it!”

As we can see, dreams certainly can come true. Even two or more.

Nadine Cormier and Sandra Anderson-Diaz are inspirational proof of that.

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