Independent films can be very eye opening and penetrating in how they examine, dissect and summarize real life situations without formulaic pathways.

When your own life reads like a well written Independent film, complete with one life disaster after another, coupled with a mid-way meltdown, you typically can take two routes to recovery.

One is to become a victim and survive.

The other is to re-invent yourself and thrive. article, photo article, photo

Blonde Nordic dream girl, Noora Kuusivuori is a Muscle and Fitness Model, Cover Model, Muscle Pharm Athlete, writer and Author with an MBA.

A true fan of our Nordic Princess, shares, “Born and raised in Finland, Noora is a true Viking girl with a never give up attitude. She has had the competitive drive from an early age, swimming and playing baseball on the national team. She has a true passion for fitness and health and enjoys breaking her own limits and helping others do the same.”

The informative site describes Noora’s contest history.

  • Northern Colorado Championships (2nd place, F-Class, 2010)
    • Colorado State Championships (1st place Open Figure F-Class, 1st place Figure Novice C- Class, 1st place Figure Novice Overall, 2010)
    • Arnold Amateur IFBB International Figure Championships (9th place, F-Class, 2011)
    • USA Figure Championships (10th place, F-Class, 2011)

Flourishing, prospering, burgeoning, blossoming, mushrooming, succeeding and doing very well, thank you, all describes Noora’s current life but it wasn’t always that way. article, photo article, photo

Noora says so in story form at her website

Here is an excerpt:

“My life is absolutely amazing in every area now. Looking back on some situations or parts of my life though, I have overcome things that could break a person. I’ll get personal and share a situation that I was in several years ago that I consider a breaking point. At the time I was married and my son was less than a year old. On the surface our lives looked perfect. We were a highly educated couple with successful careers, nice home, tons of travel to nice locations, a healthy baby etc. Reality behind closed doors was not as perfect.

Without making this entire chapter about the negative experiences, I’ll summarize how my world came crashing down and how the fairy tale came to an end. I came to find out that my husband had been cheating on me the entire duration of our time together so for 9 years, I had been living a life that wasn’t what I thought it was. When I tried to leave him, he would throw me on the wall, strangle me, beat me and lock me in the bathroom so I couldn’t leave. He ripped the phones in the house from the wall if I managed to call 911. He slashed my tires so I couldn’t drive away. He slashed the tires of the jogging strollers so I couldn’t go running with the baby thinking that that way I wouldn’t look attractive to other males. He tried to stop me from going to the gym and I wasn’t allowed to have any male friends. The last and one of the worst violent episodes happened after I returned home from a business trip with my infant son.

My husband hadn’t covered his tracks from bringing prostitutes into our home and I was beaten again trying to leave him. This time I managed to call the police for long enough for them to track the call and my husband was arrested and taken to jail. After putting the baby to bed, I sat on the living room floor opening mail from the time that I had been gone. The mail made me aware of another reality that I had not known about. My husband had not only not paid our mortgage and bills from our account for months but also put $100,000 of debt in my name and committed tax fraud worth another $100,000 over several years. All of it came as a complete surprise to me. The following day, I filed for divorce and a restraining order and in response, my husband quit his job and all of that debt, taxes that he owed to the Government, the overdue bills and taking care of our son was on me. As I got home from the Court House, more devastating news followed. I was let go from my position at my job at Johnson & Johnson due to reorganization. There were other horrible things to add that happened but you can picture that my world had crashed already at that point.”

Through all of that, Noora didn’t give up, become a permanent victim or constantly feel sorry for herself. It would be completely understandable if she did. Instead she reinvented her life and can be an inspiration for all of us today who had to overcome massive life setbacks. article, photo article, photo

Let’s travel to the icy sweet snow cone village that raised Noora.

Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east.

In terms of area, it is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union.

The fantastic travel site informs us of a view of the things you can do in a country filled with so much wonder. “The scenic national park consists of Haukivesi Lake and hundreds of uninhabited islands; the main activity centers around the largest island, Linnansaari, which has marked trails. As well as the seals, rare birds, including ospreys, can also be seen.

The best way to experience the park is renting a kayak and spending a few days exploring.”

The national tourist site also relates, “In Finland, nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be viewed in a range of purpose-built spaces from glass igloos to luxury suites. article, photo article, photo

The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – or every other clear night – in Finnish Lapland. The more traditional ways to go Aurora spotting are snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snowmobile and sled dog touring. If gazing at the dark sky in crispy winter air is not your thing, you can simply add comfort. Scroll down for places that have made it very easy to keep cozy and sleep well under the Aurorae.” article, photo article, photo

Well. Glass Igloos and luxury suites to view the Northern Lights. Who would have thought? article, photo article, photo

The Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village, in Saariselkä is who not only thought about it, but did something spectacular about it as well.

Koora certainly appreciates the good fortune of living in America as well. In an interview at, she smiles, “In the States, I love that I truly feel like I can accomplish anything and I can take my career as far as I choose. I love the fact that there are so many people from so many different places in the States. It’s such a richness to learn about all the different cultures, traditions and backgrounds of people. I love how there are so many completely different places in the country.”

Koora’s story certainly is an inspiring one. She’s determined to influence us to get and stay in great shape while enjoying life. Through the challenges of her life she taught us to never give up, become a victim or remain bitter. Instead, re-invent yourself, grow, strive and thrive.

You’ve heard it before, over and over, but we’re going to say it again. When life gives you lemons……

Make a sweet Lemonade Nordic Snow Cone. article, photo article, photo

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