Penciled in on the short list of an important WWE tryout, if you are an Indie Wrestler like Nicole Matthews from Vancouver, Canada, it is an indication that your career is heading in the right direction.

It’s understandable.

Nicole has the right stuff to make it big. article, nicole matthews photo via twitter The Georgia Straight

She’s sexy, feminine shapely, charismatic, curvy strong and can brawl with the best, brightest and meanest girls on the Indie circuit.

She’s had a very athletic past.

Nicole played volleyball and was a talented swimmer in high school.

Last report, she attends Simon Fraser University, where she is studying kinesiology part-time. article, photo via Canadian Business

Simon Fraser, as many of us know who have followed the girl’s freestyle wrestling world, is a power house at the collegiate level.

Nicole She previously taught swimming and worked as a lifeguard, before becoming a full-time Aquatic Program Supervisor.

The gorgeous Canadian Indie regularly wrestles for Shimmer Women Athletes and NWA: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling among other independent promotions.

She consistently teamed with fellow Canadian wrestler the now retired Portia Perez as the Canadian NINJAs, and the pair former two-time Shimmer Tag Team Champions.

As shared at her Facebook page, Nicole was originally convinced to try a career in professional wrestling by her friend, male wrestler Sid Sylum. She made her professional wrestling debut in February 2006 alongside fellow trainee Veronika Vice. article, By Tabercil – Own work wikimedia

Nicole sent a demo tape to Shimmer Women Athletes in December 2006, but was not signed to the promotion. In October 2007, however, Matthews was called to join the company when Portia Perez needed a tag team partner.

Our Canadian beauty has wrestled for other promotions as well.

In early 2009 Matthews took part in the first season tapings of Wrestlicious, which began airing in March 2010. In the promotion she uses the ring name Hope and forms the tag team The Naughty Girls with partner Faith, played by Portia Perez.

When you have a good thing going, you should keep it going.

Nicole keeps going and going and going, including traveling around the world to countries like Japan and Australia.

In Australia she faced competitors including Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay in Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance. She toured Japan with her Canadian NINJAs partner Portia Perez, with the duo facing opponents including Hiroyo Matsumoto and Saya.

Here are some of Nicole’s wrestling accomplishments:

That is one very impressive resume. article, nicole matthews photo via Pinterest

Fans around the world are very impressed with her as well.

At the fantastic industry site the reviews are in.

“The Locker Room Leader, The “SHIMMERTaker”, and in my opinion, as close to a complete wrestler on the female scene as there is. Nicole can be entertaining with her promos and one-liners, she can do comedy really well, she’s been in compelling feuds, such as with Jessie McKay and Madison Eagles, and the various feuds she’s had in her home promotion ECCW, and she’s an excellent wrestler against any sort of competitor, and especially against Joshi. It bemuses me why the top promotions have yet to consider her to bolster their women’s divisions.”

Here is another.

“Ms. Matthews, another young lady from the land of ice and snow who does a pretty good job in the ring. She has good size, power and skill. But for whatever reason she seems to lack the ability to gain highly exceptional status in wrestling. Perhaps because she does most of her wrestling in Canada with only sporadic appearances with SHIMMER or other south of the border promotions is the cause of her lack of exposure or name recognition to many US fans. Clearly her ability exceeds her notoriety.”

And one more.

“The CURRENT shimmer champion Nicole Matthews! But seriously I think Nicole is great and a bit underrated. I honestly can’t say that I’ve seen a bad match from her and especially her matches with Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay are Awesome. I sort of hesitated at giving her a 10 but what the heck she deserves it.”

Those were comments from the fans.

The respected wrestling site shares their praise, analysis and admiration too. “Hailing from Western Canada, Nicole Matthews is quickly making a name for herself on the North American wrestling scene. We wish we could say that she’s doing it by being a good, clean, technically-oriented wrestler. But, truth is, this cocky and arrogant lady is making her way to the top of the pro wrestling ranks using the old-fashioned shortcut method: she cheats! Whether she’s wrestling one-on-on or in tag-team competition as one half of the Canadian Ninjas with friend and fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Portia Perez, you can count on plenty of rule breaking from this nasty ring beauty. Obnoxious? Bratty? Loud? Irritating? Yup…that’s Nicole Matthews!”

We love what we are hearing.

We love her videos where she enjoys mixing it up and getting the crowd going.

We love what we are reading about her.

We want a closer look. article, nicole matthews photo via twitter

Let’s visit the Western Canadian hometown that helped raise Nicole.

Coquitlam according to the 2016 census reading has a population of 139,284).

It is a city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

Coquitlam, mainly a suburban city, is the sixth-largest city in the province and is one of the 21 municipalities comprising Metro Vancouver. article, By Greg_Salter (talk) (Uploads) – Own work wikimedia photo

As a bedroom community, the majority of Coquitlam residents commute to work in Vancouver, Burnaby, and other Metro Vancouver suburbs.

If you want to get a feel what it would be like to drive within the Coquitlam area you should check out this video that takes you there in a swiftly moving car. It is one great joy ride. We loved it. Fasten your seat belts. Remember, do it now, while it lasts.

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Driving Tour

If you’ve been to Vancouver, you know it is a very impressive place to live among the trees, fresh water and clean air. It’s simple, clean, has unique architecture and is neighborhood friendly with a strong sense of community.

Nicole is very fortunate.

We are very fortunate as fans. We can’t get enough of her.

In terms of her career, she’s very hungry.

In her interview with she smiles, “I am very loud, very obnoxious and very bratty. I have been a fan of wrestling for as long as I can remember. My brother got me hooked at an early age. I started going to local independent shows when I was around 16 and decided to give it a go at 18 when I got to see a friend of mine debut. I haven’t looked back since!”

Well said Nicole.

Our eyes are northward as your career hurdles towards the stars.

That’s why we keep following you, and in terms of your wrestling career, we will keep our eyes pin pointed and wide open.

~ ~ ~


Opening Photo article, nicole matthews photo via Wrestling With Words