This is not breaking news, but then again, maybe it is, but many of our competitive female wrestlers love to participate in CrossFit training.

A number of the global CrossFit stars are featured on Femcompetitor Magazine’s Fitness page and they all are nothing short of spectacular.

Two such beautiful wrestlers reside in the Czech Republic. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

On their bio, they make it clear that they engage in CrossFit training so let’s see why they got into wrestling.

Let’s visit the great mixed wrestling site Alpha Catz.

Judith SAID: article, photo article, photo

I’m against violence, but when pushed, I push back. I try to avoid getting in conflicts, but if stuff happens, I wanna be able to defend myself. I’m giving wrestling a try to see where it takes me!


“Judith has the size and strength. On the mats, she just needs to improve her situational awareness and perhaps actually try a little less and focus on the basics more, as we noticed her lack of coordinated attack plan once engaged in competitive wrestling was more evident than with the other new girls. She could be good if she sticks around long enough to learn!”

She’s not alone. The gorgeous Alpha Cat Sabrina is a CrossFit girl who loves wrestling as well. She’s new to the scene so let’s meet her.

Sabrina SAID: article, photo article, photo

Hi guys, my name is Sabrina, and I love all things physical, being it a good gym workout or a tiring long run. Trying out wrestling for the first time, I find it a captivating battle of power, skills, and wits, kinda like a more demanding game of chess, so to speak 🙂 Once I stepped on the mats, I took the plunge into it without hesitation. Wrestling is hard but learning it is so much fun! I will train to become good, I promise.


“Dear fans, have a close look at Sabrina. This sexy young athletic hottie looks like a total sweetheart, right? Well, she is. She does love to wrestle as well, tough! What a great combination of sexy model looks and strong athletic body, she is. Accompanied by a great attitude and lovely smile, she is a dream to watch on the mats, whether she’s winning or losing.”

Don’t they look fit as a fiddle?

If you are a female athlete, have you opened up your mind to participating in CrossFit training as part of your fitness program? Maybe you should.

We welcome a guest writer and owner of a CrossFit facility who encourages all willing to engage in this great fitness pathway.

Please enjoy.

7 Reasons Why Competition in CrossFit Competition Makes You Better

By Philip Gephardt

Competition in life makes you a better person, it is what the American society, and the world thrives best on. If you are trying to better yourself than it is most likely because you are trying to be the best YOU. It’s time we stop giving out participation medals, and seeking goals that are difficult to obtain.

  • Eagerness to not fall behind: Are you going to suck at first, of course. You can’t learn how to play chess first try. But if you do everything you can to get yourself “up to par”, you will grow much faster in your gym. No one wants to look like an idiot, and this drive to make yourself “one of the guys” will force rapid improvement.


  1. CrossFit gyms always have Others to Push You: Take it from someone who owns a CrossFit gym. I push myself as hard as I can so that I will have the top-score, but I am thrilled if someone can beat me. I will demand it out of my students. I don’t want it to be easy for me to be beaten, but that’s the point. Anything that’s hard is worth having, right? Members at CrossFit gyms are just like that. They want to push themselves past the next person, but if someone passes them, they want to get a better time to keep pushing themselves and the others in the gym.


  1. Competition in the CrossFit gym, makes you better at life: Think about your days back in high school, where you wanted to be the best quarterback or wrestler or jeez, tuba player. We live in a competitive society, and this is ingrained into our social consciousness. It’s time you embrace this. Find someone who is a little bit better than you in the gym… or life… and try to make your time (abilities) better than theirs. This won’t be easy, because they will be improving to, but if you have benchmarks and goals, than obtaining them is so sweet!


  1. CrossFit gyms give you a Better Knowledge of What the Body is Capable Of: Look around the gym, do you think there is any way YOU will be capable of pulling off the feats you see from the others during the day’s CrossFit WOD. Guess what, when they walked in on Day 1, they look just like you! Their CrossFit technique was terrible, trust me! I own a CrossFit gym, and while some learn faster than others, everyone looks like a goof on day 1. No one is judging you, because they looked like you their first day.


  1. CrossFit is Healthy and not unsafe: Not only will you be competitive in the gym, thus making you more physically fit. But those around you will be transforming the physical appearance, and their mental attitudes. You will see them going through the transformation and you will do whatever you can to transform with them. It’s a team atmosphere, and everyone is there to health. You’ll improve your mental health by having more friends, releasing natural endorphins and pushing yourself past limits you only dreamed of. You will improve your physical health because you will be increasing your strength and stamina, and will be surrounded by a crowd who eat right with the paleo diet.


  1. CrossFit competition is Fun: It just is! For all the reasons listed above. If you took state in high school, it was probably one of the greatest moment of your life, and if you didn’t take state, but strived towards that goal, than you know that it was A) Fun to chase that goal and B) Made you a better person. Don’t coddle yourself, embrace how fun the CrossFit lifestyle can be, and push yourself like you didn’t know possible.


  1. Not wanting to lose to a CrossFit girl: CrossFit girls are awesome! They are tough, competitive and just plain “one-of-the-guys”. The chances of you losing to a girl your first time in the gym is likely. Don’t worry, they are used to this and won’t make you feel inadequate. Your goal will now be to push yourself to at least their level and beyond. If you can catch them, they will respect you for it. Plus, CrossFit girls are so hot!


Philip Gephardt is a professional fighter and owner/founder of Factum CrossFit and MMA in Utah. Phil was a nationally ranked wrestler before switching sports and focusing on a professional mixed martial arts career turned gym owner.

To see more of his musings by visiting the Factum CrossFit and MMA blog

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