Can Mutiny be Canada’s next great one, if she chooses to be?

The question for a young Andre Agassi that hot sunny day after losing the first set 6-0 to a solid, big serving David Wheaton at the 1991 Lipton Tennis Championships wasn’t whether he could come back from the large deficit.

The question was whether he wanted to.

Agassi was always a Phenom and a star but the early years of image is everything produced mixed and often disappointing results. It wasn’t until he hired the masterful Brad Gilbert as a coach, shed the long locks and youthful fun is everything image that his true tennis abilities flourished to legend.

In watching the female submission wrestler Mutiny of Canada over the years, while I am enthralled by her beauty and always held spellbound by her sensuous movements, I’ve often been puzzled by her fully competitive wrestling results.

She is rich in talent, blessed with charisma, gifted with movie star looks and possesses solid athleticism. The question for Mutiny is not whether she can ever become a great, fully competitive female submission wrestler who energizes at a championship level.

The question is whether she wants to.

Mutiny fights out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In focusing on the magic of Montreal, a writer for shares, “I figured it would just be a Parisian New York or vice versa. Naïve as I was, I didn’t realize that I was in for a spirited, bold and complex mix of contrasts that completely defies comparison.

A shutterbug’s dream, you could snap away at warp speed and capture a new story with every click.  It doesn’t matter where you go on the island; every neighborhood is different and everyone stars in their own Oscar-worthy screenplay.

Montréal is as romantically traditional as it is cutting-edge innovative, as cosmopolitan dynamic as it is small-town friendly. Yet despite this diversity, an underlying homogeneity exists in this vibrant population who collectively and confidently “live and let live”—and do it well.”

The respected information Wikipedia provides the foundation. “Montreal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is the largest city in the province, the second-largest in Canada and the 8th-largest in North America.

Originally called Ville-Marie, or “City of Mary”, it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. The city is on the Island of Montreal, which took its name from the same source as the city, and a few much smaller peripheral islands, the largest of which is Île Bizard.

In 2011 the city had a population of 1,649,519. Montreal’s metropolitan area (CMA) (land area 4,259 square kilometers (1,644 sq. mi)) had a population of 3,824,221 and a population of 1,886,481 in the urban agglomeration, all of the municipalities on the Island of Montreal included.

French is the city’s official language and is the language spoken at home, as Québécois French, by 56.9% of the population of the city, followed by English at 18.6% and 19.8% other languages (in the 2006 census).

Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris.

Montreal was named a UNESCO City of Design. Historically the commercial capital of Canada, it was surpassed in population and economic strength by Toronto in the 1970s. It remains an important center of commerce, aerospace, finance, , technology, design, culture, tourism, gaming, film and world affairs.”

Here is how Mutiny describes herself at the dynamic site

“I’m a 30 year old girl from the suburb of Montreal. I’m a pro wrestler and I travel all around the globe to wrestle other ladies. I studied in psychology – zoo therapy and I also play softball all summer.

I am also looking for new talents for my wrestling website. Girls from the province of Quebec, no experience needed. All type of girls, all types of bodies. The only thing I really look for, are open minded girls.”

At her Twitter pages she relates that her interests are: Baseball, Boxing, MMA, UFC, Wrestling, Books, Psychology, TRAVELING!

As she successfully runs several websites, Mutiny is a walking conglomerate. At her flagship site she relates her favorite quote.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”……….Marilyn Monroe

Here is what one of many fans said about her after a session.

“It was one of the most fun times of my life, it was that enjoyable.  Mutiny is very beautiful and she has a great attitude.  She was very accommodating to what I wanted and she is also very fun and interesting to talk to.  Her scissors are very powerful and there is pretty much no escape from them when she locks them on.  She made the session very fun and I can’t wait to have another session with her again.”

If you met Mutiny and are in emotional want, it would be easy to fall in love with her. If you spend any time with her collaborating, I suspect you would want her to be your friend for life. If you are depressed, she can instantly lift your spirits with her sincere infectious laugh.

It’s her competitive wrestling where I’d love to see more attention.

In researching her matches, mostly pro and fantasy, from time to time a fully competitive match will emerge against a competitor not in her sisterhood. Like Jenn, Renee, Keri, Kira and their family of female warriors, I have a hard time watching sister fights. When Mutiny is the boss and wrestles one of her students, it sometimes feels that way as well. When she steps outside of her pond and ventures across the ocean as she did wrestling with Monica’s group in England, win lose or draw I enjoy and respect her courage. When she wrestled super star Robin on the master’s turf, I admired that as well.

Private wrestling companies have the responsibility to provide a beautiful star like Mutiny with more financial incentives to build a stronger resume of fully competitive matches.

The bold Canadian certainly has the tools to enhance her varied submission wrestling toolbox.

There’s no question with her talent and experience that Mutiny can rise to the elite level of the female submission wrestling world.

The only real question left, is whether she will want to.

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