“Friendship is essentially a partnership.”… Aristotle

For decades the Fem Competitors of the girl’s freestyle wrestling world, competing in their singlets, have provided the women’s grappling industry with the credibility it so badly needed. They are primarily student athletes on scholarships at smaller universities with women’s wrestling programs.

To many fans in the dignified competitive female submission wrestling industry, the freestyle girls are a fairly unknown quantity.

So are the BJJ Martial Arts girls. We will feature both.

Because of the very questionable past of the female submission wrestling world, the two groups were never going to publicly meet in engagement.

At Female Competition International, our co-operative, and here at Femcompetitor Magazine, we hope to change that.

If you have read our magazine during the past three years, we have written about and followed through on creating a cultural shift where virtually all of the indoor female sports are reported on in one respectable environment.

It’s a process. Please view our pages.

As the female sports world begins to unite where the Contemporary Dancers, Ballerinas, Cheerleaders, CrossFit Girls, Gymnasts, Curvy Models, Grapplers, Yoga and Fitness Stars are entertaining and promoting their brand in one great global sorority, we’re happy to familiarize you with the beautiful Female Freestyle Wrestlers who we hope to have join this dynamic club at the Dojo.

We’re confident that Female Sports will be united in one great global friendship. As Aristotle said, it essentially becomes a partnership.

Please click on the title and enjoy their stories.

June 12, 2020,


FCI FEMALE GRAPPLING EVENTS ARE COMING IN 2021,, fciwomensports, Gustavo-Fring-photo.

Female Competition International has now been publishing for 8 years. Where did the time go? Now we are finally securing enough funding to feel confident that we will put on events in the year 2021. We expect to have at least five.

We will know by September 1, 2020 when we have secured the final funding so please check back then.

If you are a graduate from a high school or collegiate female freestyle grappling program and are interested in being placed on our list for a contact, please email us at 

Very important

1. Please do not send a photo. We do not open photos over the internet.

2. Please show us the link to the website of the school that you attended so we can email your former coach. Emails that do not include that information will not be answered.

3. Compensation will be available for competing. That and event details will be provided later.

4. Unfortunately the events are not available to women who would like to give wrestling a try.

5. Dignified competition attire is leggings or yoga pants.,, fciwomensports, Gustavo-Fring-photo.

1. Victoria Anthony, USA Freestyle Wrestling Star Is Blazing A Trail

2. Scotland’s Sarah Jones Is A Wrestling Sensation! – FEMCOMPETITOR …

3. Kaori Icho Continues To Take Names and Break Records

4. German Female Wrestler Aline Focken, A Noble Champion

5. Maria Selmaier, German Female Wrestler, Higher Purpose

6. Sweden’s Sofia Mattsson, Wrestler, Shining Bright

7. Sara Eriksson, A Swedish Wrestler Who Sparkled – FEMCOMPETITOR …

8. Adeline Gray, Freestyle Wrestler, Power Of The Rocky Mountains

9. Senegal’s Isabelle Sambou, Great Champion On and Off The Mats

10. WCWA Star Caitlyn Chase For FCI – 2015 Collegiate Championships


11. Natalia Vorobieva, Wrestler, Russia, Warm, Fun, Outspoken

12. India’s Sonika Kaliraman, Outstanding In So Many Ways



15. Canada’s Erica Wiebe, Gold Medal Wrestler, Streaking To Brilliance

16. FEMCOMPETITOR MAGAZINE » Where The Elite Compete » Helen …

17. Kyra Gracie, BJJ Wrestler, Brazilian Princess, Humanitarian

18. Gabriella Gabi Garcia, BJJ Super Star, Towers Above The Best

19. Carmen Marton, Taekwondo Champion, We Never Can Say Goodbye

20. Sakshi Malik, Olympic Bronze Medal Wrestler, Daughter Of India

21. Wrestler Harmonie Roberts And Ukiah Make A Great Team

22. Braxton Papadopoulos, Star Canadian Wrestler, Surging Stock

23. China’s Sun Yanan, A Star Shining Bright And Strong – FCI ELITE …

24.  Ilana Kratysh, First Ever Israeli Female Wrestler To Compete At Olympics

25. Dori Yeats, Star Canadian Olympic Wrestler, Full Of Life And Surprises

26. Venezuelan Female Olympic Wrestlers, Hope Amid Social Challenges

27. Karen Antunes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Profile In Courage

28. Jessica Fresh, MMA Star, Exceptional At Waldorf, Even Better Now

30. Sara McMann, Super Heroine Of The MMA, Freestyle Wrestling World

31. Michelle Waterson, MMA Star Wrestler, The Karate Hottie, Most Preferred

32. Felice Nicole Herring, MMA Fighter, Wrestler, Marketing Dream

33. Jasmine Mian, Star Canadian Olympic Wrestler Blossoms From Adversity

34. Danielle Lappage, Star Canadian Wrestler, Pride Of Alberta

35. Belgium’s Cindy Dandois, The “Battlecat”, Star MMA Fighter, Wrestler

36. Jillian Gallays, Canadian Olympic Wrestler, Inspiring Profile In Strength

 The female freestyle world is flowing with endless talent. Please stay tuned. More articles to come.