Morphing into the fitness beauty that you would love to be is the ultimate fantasy when you are being inspired by the gorgeous Fitness Coach, Mindi Smith.

Just admiring her can make you break a sweat. article,

It can also make you break out in inspiration. She seems to have that effect on people.

No matter how consistent we are in propelling our success, at times we can all use inspiration to be propelled higher.

This is confirmed at the respected group Psychology Today. “It’s much easier to get and stay inspired when you’re working with others who have similar goals, or at least someone who is motivated to keep you on the right track. Working with others can also help you enjoy the experience more. It’s hard for most people to stay motivated for long periods of time all on their own. If you can, that’s great. But why not increase your odds of long-term success by hooking up with someone who is working toward a similar goal and who can reignite the fire when your flame starts to die down?”

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”… Ralph Waldo Emerson

Word has it that Mindy is originally from Saginaw, Michigan and grew up in a loving family and was always active throughout school, taking dance classes and playing sports.

As a youngster she starred in ballet, jazz, tap, and gymnastic classes along with running cross country, track & field, basketball, and volleyball until my senior year in high school.


This Mid-West beauty truly can inspire and ignite your fitness regime. One of her consistent themes is that she wants to be a top Fitness Model and Trainer, yet look feminine. Why don’t we do a full meet and greet.

At her site, she speaks in the third person. “Mindi Smith is one of the leading and most inspiring health and fitness experts in the industry today.

She is a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, national award-winning professional fitness competitor, magazine columnist, motivational speaker, actress, and fitness model.

Mindi lives by the motto “Find your stride”.

She has indeed found her stride and it has vaulted her to the top of the field. article,

Mindi has produced an expansive list of accomplishments and a heavy-weight resume that will continue to propel her career forward for years to come.

She has been motivating and inspiring men and women of all ages through her unique set of accomplishments in several aspects of her professional life.

Most recently, Mindi took her skills to the national stage of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (“IFBB”). Having never competed before, Mindi entered the world of the IFBB believing, as she always does, that the sky is the limit. In just one year of competing, Mindi was a finalist in 6 shows, and recorded four 1st place finishes. Mindi shocked the bodybuilding universe by WINNING 1st Place Overall at the National NPC Figure Championships. As a result of this meteoric success, Mindi achieved her IFBB Pro Card after only her second NPC show. Mindi is considered one of the fastest rising stars in IFBB’s history of 67 years!

Along Mindi’s journey through the fitness industry, things haven’t always come easy. She had struggled with her weight for years and also tackled serious health issues after competing in the IFBB. Despite these challenges, Mindi’s positive outlook, patience, hard work, and determination have remained the constants to her success.

In addition, these experiences have allowed Mindi to develop a special connection with her audience and greatly enhances the impact she has on her fans, colleagues, and clients.

Mindi has been sharing her one-of-a-kind skill set for over 15 years as a fitness expert and wellness coach. As a lifelong athlete, she discovered her passion for training and nutrition while competing as a teenager. Throughout high school, Mindi was a competitive runner. She broke several records and competed at the state level. Mindi holds a top NCAA accredited personal training certification from the National Council of Strength & Fitness (NCSF). She is also a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist.

Mindi attends numerous continuing education seminars keeping up to date with the latest training techniques and nutrition counseling.

Mindi defies the masculine perception of women in the fitness industry. article,

She is genuinely beautiful and feminine. Mindi has been showcased in countless fitness editorials, pictorials, covers, and features in all mediums from magazines to websites to television. She has been a frequent columnist and has graced the covers of magazines such as Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Muscular Development. Mindi has also appeared in numerous fitness commercials and DVD’s.

Mindi’s vast and loyal fan base follows her every move through her active social networking presence. This tremendous following is a testament to her pointed and cutting edge fitness and health insights that both men and women find of great value. Helping others reach their personal fitness goals is Mindi’s greatest source of professional satisfaction. In addition to helping clients via social networking and online advice, Mindi also works privately with her clientele one-on-one.

Mindi currently lives in Michigan with her daughter and three little dogs – yes, she loves animals! She grew up in Michigan where her family still resides. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, fashion, sports, and charitable activities. Mindi has hosted many charity functions including the Wounded Warrior Project, Beating the Odds Foundation, Children Uniting Nations, and the LEAP Foundation.”

Thanks for sharing Mindi! We sure are inspired.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”… John Quincy Adams

Mindi also loves doing photo shoots and if you would like to listen to her and feel like you are in the room, while it lasts, you can watch, listen and learn at her video on YouTube. She’s a natural in the gym.

You’re entertained and you are inspired. We can feel it.

Mindi has that effect. article,

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